Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black American Cultural Collapse Reaches White House

I recently wrote a blog that Arab/Muslim culture is in collapse.  African American culture is in collapse as well.

The "black culture" in the US is a trainwreck of stupidity, corruption, sexual depravity, immorality and criminality.  It's a trainwreck that envelopes the entire community; responsible citizens included. Worse, our liberal culture now suppresses horrifying news of the widespread criminality and systematically portrays black people in an unrealistically favorable light.  In part, because of that subtle propaganda, the black American trainwreck has reached to the highest offices of the land.  And the result is that the Obama administration is also a trainwreck of incompetence, corruption and stupidity.

Personal Anecdote Witnessing the African American Trainwreck
I used to know about 6 black adults ranging from 21 years old to mid-40s who lived in my condo complex.  Most were friends of a black couple who rented a unit here--one was employed and one was a serious pot-head and unemployed.  Even though they were renting, they made a rash decision to remodel the unit, tearing out appliances (that didn't belong to them).  Soon other impulsive decisions led them to abandon the apartment and leave the apartment wrecked. (with the owner left with the uncompensated damages).  During those few short months, I also met their friends who were also caught up in their own dramas.  One 21 year old guy was recently infected with HIV.  His partner, who infected him, stabbed him one day in a rage and put him in the hospital.  None of these people were criminals but, by their bone-headed, stupid and reckless actions, they ended up committing crimes. 

Black American Culture is a Complete Trainwreck    
72% of newborn black babies are born to a family without a father. (link)  That is by far the most devastating statistic. It wasn't always so bad. Children born without fathers was 16% in the 1960s.  From the NYT,  “the simple, tragic truth is that a large number of young black men do engage in violent acts and other forms of criminal behavior and over 80 percent of black children have been abandoned emotionally and, usually, economically by their fathers,”  Sadly, their fathers had been abandoned too. So, it's an inter-generational problem.

Gonorrhea infections are is 18 times the rate of infections of whites.  Black men represent 70% of new HIV cases or 7 times the rate of whites.   The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that black women accounted for 35.4% of all abortions in 2009 but only represent 12.5% of the population.  Abortion rates for black women is 4 times the rate of those for all other women.

Black America Criminal Trainwreck
Some 37% of blacks aged 20 to 34 without a high school diploma are in prison.  Comparing all males aged 20 to 34 yrs old, black rates of incarceration in 2010 is 10 times that of white Americans. (link

Blacks make up nearly 50% of our nation's prison population (link).  Black men commit about 56% of the gun murders   Homicide rates by blacks is 7 to 8 times that of whites. (here)  And 90% of that crime is directed against other black people.   Even nice, well meaning black folks are afflicted by the the black community's criminality and stupidity.  It's dangerous to be black in this country but nobody seems to care.

"Knockout" Attacks Are Overwhelmingly Black Thug Crimes
Take the media's recent  coverage of "knockout" crimes where young criminals are attacking innocent bystanders, often elderly or Jewish or even children, to try to knock them out with a single punch.  See here, here and here for example.  Then they walk away laughing.  What is not being reported is that these attacks are almost entirely committed by blacks.

'Flash Rob' Crimes Overwhelmingly Black Thug Culture
There has been a quiet but widespread epidemic of black "flash robs" where groups of black thugs mob innocent (white) victims in the street or rush into retail stores, rob them blind and run out the door.  The national media, as usual, is generally not reporting on this.  I reported about it on my blog Numerous Incidences of Black Mob Violence Not Being Reported.   Here's a video describing it: 

Real Black Male Unemployment Rate is Actually 21%, Not 13%
According to the latest employment report, only 7.3 million black men are employed with 1.1 million out of work, with an indicated unemployment rate of 13%.  The reality is that there are some 0.8 million black men in prison and are not counted anywhere.   If you added them to the ranks of unemployed, you would have a 21% unemployment rate.  Black women are doing better.  But like I said, even if you're a responsible black citizen, you're most often caught up in the community's dysfunction and criminality.

Black High School Graduation Rates Reported at 50% is Misleading
Even the dismal graduation rate of 50% is better than actual.  The problem is that there are so many young blacks in prison who are not counted.  That 50% graduation rate is too high because they are not counting the young people in prison! 

Black Politicians Are Nearly ALL Stupid and Corrupt
Black politicians are routinely elected and re-elected regardless of record, regardless of qualifications, regardless of corrupt and criminal wrongdoings and regardless of criminal indictments and even jail time.   Just look at the sorry record of Black Democratic voters and the politicians they support in Washington DC and Detroit: Marion Barry, Vincent Gray, Kwalme Kilpatrick, Charlie Rangel and Jesse Jackson Jr.   It's all dismal.  And you think Obama and Holder are any better??
We elected Obama because of he was black and "seemed" intelligent.  But the results are entirely predictable. There are no domestic or foreign policy successes and nothing but failures, corruption, lawlessness, dysfunction as far as the eye can see.  Dodd Frank is a flop, ObamaCare is a disaster, the "stimulus"was a joke of pork spending and no shovel-ready jobs, most of our of our allies (and opposition party) are now alienated and/or insulted by this ignorant administration.  While we snub our historical allies, now we are empowering our enemies in Syria, Russia and Iran. Witness the crappy deal to appease Iran's criminal mullahs for the sake of a political"victory." Get ready for 3 more years of failures from this incompetent, lame-duck administration.

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Unknown said...

I am partly Black, British Citizen.
What you have said, is True. I can testify, to what art you have said.
I strongly believe that 90% of blacks have very low IQ,and responsible for their dysfunction
All my life, I have experienced, pain and suffering around blacks
I could tell you happenings, that would wonder if they are reLly human.This blog would not big enough for me to relate the stories about them. Of course, there might be about 1% percent of blacks, but are really white people with dark skins.
There are always an exception.