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Numerous Incidents of Black Mob Violence Not Reported

There's a rash of black mob violence occurring in many cities in this country and the stories are not being reported by media.  Most of these incidents of black mob crime are not being reported by media or "white-washed" to avoid revealing the racial nature of the crimes.  These episodes are so shocking, violent and disgusting that the media shies away from the true story.

A journalist named Colin Flaherty has written a book called "White Girl Bleed Alot" to expose the surprisingly large number of violent black mob crimes in many American cities and where coverage was suppressed in the media.  It's happened recently in Schenectedy NY and 70 other American cities,  From the story in FrontPageMag "White Girl Bleed Alot:"
It is easy to see why the powers that be want to keep a lid on several episodes of black mob violence in downtown Schenectady, NY.
This is the same kind of violence that caused people to flee places like Schenectady, Flint, Wilmington and hundreds of other cities around the country. Replacing vibrant, small town centers of commerce with hollow, dangerous hulks.
Now that investors are back, trying to rebuild Schenectady, the last thing they want is anyone talking about a large group of black people assaulting patrons in the shiny new downtown movie theater.  But that is what happened: The beat down. And the denial
I've personally seen reports of gangs of dozens of black men robbing stores in Tokyo by overwhelming the store owners with mob action.  The Japanese already have a very bad opinion of black people as it is.   They are tired of the crimes and rapes committed by US soldiers (both races) in Okinawa.  If put to a vote, the Japanese people would vanquish the US troops toute suite.

Here's Colin Flaherty's 9 minute video with his account of numerous black mob violence incidents at numerous cities around the country.  Many incidents are not being reported by media.  You'll see why---it's disgusting and revolting---people acting no better than animals. The sad truth is that these people ARE like animals.  But this is a insult to animals!  Have a look and make up your own mind (alternative link here)

Interview With Colin Flaherty, Author of 'White Girl Bleed Alot'

I don't enjoy reporting this.  I do so because of the false Liberal narrative that wants to paint a false picture that all is well in this country---while US inner cities are collapsing with black violence. It's a good example of a "head in the sand" quality that so well characterizes liberals.

Here's a few excerpts from the complete interview with Colin Flaherty who discusses his book and what he's discovered.  (Here's a link to a good extended radio interview here):

"Flaherty: My brother and I were doing a talk radio show in WDEL Wilmington, Delaware when I read a story about something called a flash mob on the streets of Philadelphia.  This was two years ago. Then it happened again and again. Finally I looked at it on YouTube, and the violence and mayhem I saw on video was totally different than the antiseptic account I read in the newspapers in Philadelphia.  Everyone involved was black. So I asked a few reporters: “What’s up with this race riot in Philadelphia?” They said it was not a race riot and I was imagining things. “Did you see the videos?” I asked. “Well, everyone is black but race has nothing to do with it.”

The riots kept happening, in Philadelphia and elsewhere. I kept asking people what was going on. They kept denying anything was going on.

So I decided I would write a book for the people who denied the reality of this horrific racial violence and mayhem. 

FP: Give us an example of the lies. 

Flaherty: Sure, Chicago. Memorial Day 2011. Chicago had been the site of a series of black mob attacks in all different parts of the city. In the downtown, the gay area, the public transportation, and the beaches, to name a few. So during the Memorial Day holiday in 2011, hundreds and hundreds of black people descended on North Avenue Beach and starting beating up people, knocking them off their bikes, wreaking havoc.  The next day, the city closed the beach. They said they did it, not because of the mob violence — they denied mob violence even took place there. They said they closed it because  it was too hot. A local radio station got the 911 calls, and people who were there called the station, and that showed that the beach was the site of a big civil disturbance, and the police administrators were not telling the truth about it.

I documented hundreds of examples in more than 70 cities. And here is what happens. I hear about a riot or a mob and I check it out and learn that it was a large group of black people creating havoc. So I write the details. In the course of reporting it, or after the story comes out, I almost always hear: “That’s been happening here a long time.”  But reporters are afraid to write about it. City officials are afraid to combat it, or call it by its name. So it goes on. And it is not just the places where you might expect it: Chicago, Philly, Boston, Baltimore. It’s in smaller places in the Midwest as well.

FrontPage: Like where?

Flaherty: Ames, Iowa. They had a “Beat Whitey Night” at the State Fair.  Peoria, Illinois. They had almost a dozen episodes of racial violence and lawlessness by black mobs over the last year. Milwaukee. Minneapolis. Seattle. Portland. And on and on."

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