Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cuba: A Country Hijacked By a Family Who Imposed Totalitarian Communism

After 58 years of their “glorious revolution” thousands of people every year are still trying to leave Cuba and risking their death in doing so. Many are still dying.

Cuba has virtually the identical situation that all the Communist East European countries had while they were still under the heavy yoke of Soviet communism. The predominant mood for the people there was hopelessness and so many had dreams of escaping. Why else did the Commies have to build the Berlin Wall? To keep the victims inside! And for what? For a absurd ideology that is and always will be a total failure.

Cuba is another country hijacked by a family like North Korea and Azerbaijan. In these situations, only a few at the top and those “connected” to the Castro family have any money. For example, Forbes has estimated that the Castro brothers have $Billions, probably in Swiss bank accounts. This is the norm in Socialist and Communist countries. It’s an evil situation because it can’t or won’t change and if you complain, you go to prison or a mental hospital for your opinions. The elites maintain their status quo using the thugs and guns of Stasi-like “security” agents. They are agents of repression.

Meanwhile most people make about $30 a month and the most qualified doctors recently received a raise and earn about $65 a month. This is what happens when you "solve" the so-called problem of income inequality: it becomes poverty for all.  This widespread poverty remains true even after every country in the world allows unfettered tourism to Cuba.

The people don't benefit because virtually all of the tourist dollars flow right to the top. There has been some slightly improved "freedoms,"ie., some local citizens can provide tourists alternative accommodations to the government-owned (ie., Castro family owned) resorts. But I wouldn’t be surprised if those people are shaken-down by the regime thugs — especially if they are very successful! If anyone is too successful, their business will be seized and given to someone else since you don’t have any property or any other rights or protections. This is an evil place.

This is why I hold Obama in such contempt for giving Castro Inc a lifeline.  Every Leftist leader will make everyone worse off. This includes Jeremy Corbin, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and many others.

There was an article the other day saying that a Cuban man interrupted the most recent May Day parade by running along the parade route waving an American flag. He was beaten badly by all the plain clothes police for such an affront.

Later I read that he was put in a mental hospital because he kept talking about God and he professed his belief in Jesus. This happened millions of times in the USSR too. If you dared say that you didn’t like Communism, you were considered crazy not to love their wonderful system. But, in the plainest truth,  it was their “system” that was crazy.

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