Saturday, August 8, 2020

Welcome To Nigger Nation

[By definition, I'm referring to any person as being a "nigger" when they exhibit low intelligence and/or poor educational achievement (meaning dumb as fuck), people who are substantially brainwashed by the Leftist media outlets, have poor to non-existent logic, who are wrong about everything and generally full of shit. It's no longer a black racial slur because we now have many white niggers now running amok across the country. Most niggers in America are at home in the Democratic Party.]

White Niggers in Action
There's so much wrong, it's hard to even begin. 

We might even have a bunch of niggers in the White House and certainly in CONgress. I'm watching the Dow trade up 330 points this morning, spurred by massive and intentional US dollar destruction by the idiot Federal Reserve. And the administration and CONgress are trying to figure out how to piss away even more $Trillions of dollars to prop-up unworthy entities like big corporations with a few scraps thrown to ordinary people. Mind you, the US doesn't have any money to spend. We're frigging broke. All that's left is borrowed or "printed" into existence.That's why the US dollar is tanking. There's little hope of anything but higher and higher debt until she blows up!  She's going to blow, captain!

On Wednesday, Donald Pump was working hard again to pump up the stock market as the nation is still  in a full-fledged Depression of our own making. He said a "big number" is coming on Friday with regards to the employment situation. But last month's number was a huge lie. The BLS reported last month that 17.8 million people were unemployed and said the unemployment rate was 11%. This caused a huge rally in stocks since then.

In reality ~33 million people are on Federal and State unemployment benefits---meaning that 33 MILLION ARE NOT WORKING (not 17.8 million)!!  The labor force used to be about 164 million in February 2020, so 33 million unemployed works out to be 20% unemployment, NOT 11%. AND, there are about 3 million more not counted as unemployed but have left the workforce out of despair no doubt. Our country is decimated.

What are we, China??  Is our government like the lying Chinese communists??  I used to believe that only communist governments were liars. They are all liars now. The Media are liars, Politicians are liars, Bankers are liars and cheats.  We're drowning in a sea of lies.  Welcome to 3rd world America; ie., Nigger Nation. I predicted this: see here, here, and here

This election season is (another) total joke. Dementia Joe is being kept away from the public spotlight as anyone with a pulse can see that his mental faculties clearly show advanced dementia. I hear today that he'll accept his nomination from his basement. Debates with Trump will surely be ruled "unsafe" due to the coronavirus.  

Somehow it's a fitting situation for the Democrats to have a brain-addled, dementia-afflicted, old fart Presidential candidate. We got this way because the DNC screwed old fart Bernie again out of the nomination because he's too obviously an outright and unabashed commie--ie., too honest

Speaking of niggers, Joe Biden has promised to select a woman of color as a VP nominee.  The problem so far is that every Negro woman that he looks at is an avowed Communist (that even the DNC knows that won't work well as they showed in pushing Bernie aside).  

Democrat black celebrities, politicians and actors have always had a special place in their hearts for Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. See my post Socialist Paradise of Venezuela is Burning, but Obama and Black "Leaders"are Silent.  I said "unrepentant communist-lovers Jesse Jackson, Harry Belafonte, and Danny Glover, Naomi Campbell, Sean Penn and Oliver Stone  all sang the praises of Hugo Chavez and successor Maduro. Similarly, a truckload of US black leaders including Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters welcomed Fidel Castro in Harlem in the early 1990s with thunderous applause. Surely Obama would have been there too if given a chance (and were old enough). All of these black leaders are frigging idiots. They only bring ruin to this country -- or any country!"

It's all part of their devious plan in nigger nation. 

The Deep State now really, really loves dumb Presidents so they can carry on their subversion, treason, worldwide political manipulation ("meddling") and personal enrichment from their positions of power. It started in earnest with the really, really dumb George Bush Jr. It was either dummy Bush or dummy Kerry in 2004. Both were intellectual rejects and therefore considered fully acceptable for the Presidency. Nigger nation!! They hooked-up Bush with Neocon Cheney to actually run the White House while the Deep State was running the government, the country and the world. 

Dumbo Obama fit the dumb-ass bill very well too.  He never had a correct idea in his life. He likely never wrote his autobiography (he's too lazy). He was a dumb-ass promoted all his life for the color of his skin. In fact, it's entirely possible that his entire rise to political office was a CIA project. I told you that the Deep State loves dummy presidents. CIA and DNC-run media assured us that Obama was brilliant! (so how come we never saw his academic records since prestige degrees were the only thing of substance on his resume?)  His wife Michelle was similarly promoted, probably without sufficient merit, into Princeton. She admitted in her recent biography that "she didn't test well." Those are code words for not having high enough SAT scores for admission without affirmative action. She also said that she never felt comfortable at Princeton, like she didn't belong.  Hmmmm, maybe it was because she didn't belong?  

Expect a great bait and switch if Biden wins. He's promised to pick a black woman for VP.  Within weeks or months of his election, the 25th amendment will be used to declare Biden incompetent to clear the way for the first nigger woman President. You can be sure she will be the absolutely dumbest person alive--the dumbest yet!! That's saying something after the empty suit of wrong-headed Obama!. But this is what the Deep State wants. They want dumb and malleable so they can carry on with their agenda to enrich themselves unmolested. Trump was an outsider who they had to remove!  And they almost succeeded with lies,criminal abuse of FISA, criminal abuse of their office, Left-wing media propaganda and Obama judges.

Even in college football and basketball, at least 80 to 90% of those admitted into college don't have the intellectual skills to be bona fide students. It's really just another scam to promote unqualified blacks (and others) into college so that they can make the colleges rich through their athletic programs. It's all about the money. 

Colleges are experts in academic cheating when it comes to athletes-especially minority ones. They'll give them a degree in return for making money for the colleges and universities.  It's not a bad deal for most of these students that end up in professional football or professional basketball. But remember, they were promoted by lies, falsified grades, falsified degrees, falsified diplomas. Nigger nation is all about lies. The Democratic Party are the "people of the lie."  

Speaking of lies,  Black Lives Matter is all based on lies. Hands up, don't shoot was all lies. That the US is a racist country is a lieThat police kill blacks disproportionately is a lie. What BLM stands for now is a lie. BLM is rapidly being turned into a "terrorist" organization in deed, thought and practice. They are promoting violence, thuggery and destruction along with Antifa across the nation. This is to be expected. Blacks ruin everything. So it's no wonder that BLM is now a criminal and violent source of anarchy across the nation-- all because they believe in a bunch of lies!!

So, it's particularly annoying that so many respectable organizations have brought into these same lies and have endorsed "kneeling" to disrespect our flag. All of this fawning of black lives matter by NBA, MLB, PGA and all of the media outlets is truly disgusting.  All of these people are frigging idiots who have allowed themselves to be manipulated by our Communist Presstitutes. 

In the BLM website, there's a lot of nice words that mean nothing. Nothing can cover up the real intent of these people. They think Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Eric Garner and Michael Brown were all "murdered" without reason despite the result of trials and due process that say something entirely different. All these "victims" were so upstanding and angelic according to Left-wing media. Michael Brown was a horrible and violent thug who committed suicide by cop after robbing and assaulting a convenience store clerk just minutes before attacking officer Wilson TWICE! Ferguson shows what a total disaster that black community was, when Obama's DoJ found out that 16,000 out of 21,000 residents in Ferguson had outstanding arrest warrants! Do you really think it's any different in any or ALL the other black shit-holes??  These people cannot exist in any kind of civilized society. And why was Zimmerman even working at Martin's complex??  Because of rampant crime in that community of course! Crime is rampant in every black community. 

Blackness is the problem--worldwide.Wherever there are blacks, there is violence, murder, property crimes, poverty, gun and drug crimes. 

Police bodycam footage of the George Floyd arrest has been leaked and confirm that George was resisting arrest, resisting officer commands, squirming to get away, lying like hell about anything and everything the entire time.They never were able to get him to sit in the squad car. He started complaining about "not being able to breath" early in his interaction (actually a continuous wrestling match) with the police. Since they couldn't get him in the squad car, they had no other option but to pin him to the ground like a wild animal. If you ever watched Live PD, you saw that this is pretty much the norm for police interactions with black persons. It's because blacks have so much to hide from police and themselves--and them being forced to confront all their fuck-ups is too shocking for them. They freak out! That's why stop and frisk works--if you stop any black man on the street, there's a decent chance that he's doing something wrong or illegal--an excellent chance in urban settings. It's another problem with Blackness: not being able to be honest and realistic about one's self, ie., 100% denial. Blacks can't even deal with blackness.

From the video in my post The Left is Pushing Systemic Racism Again,But the Problem is Low Black Intelligence and High Criminality, it appears to me that the officer, as a last resort, is restraining Floyd with a knee to his neck, but that the officer's weight is only partially on Floyd's neck. Chauvin went too far. But don't be surprised when Chauvin explains to a jury that he had no other option to keep Floyd pinned using an approved method of his department and that he kept the pressure on Floyd's neck at a minimum but enough to restrain him. It's highly unlikely that he'll be convicted of murder and the 3 other officers will be acquitted.  

George Floyd had high levels of fentanyl, along with methamphetamine, cannabis, Covid-19, poor heart health and died due to drug intoxication and heart failure with the stress of arrest--THAT HE CAUSED. Remember, the police were called in the first place because he was trying to use counterfeit money at a convenience store! What a total frigging mess. 

He was intoxicated with multiple illegal substances, had poor cardio-vascular health (his death was ruled a heart attack), did everything wrong during his interaction with police and now he's suddenly Saint Floyd, the great and honorable martyr to mythical racism?  No telling how many black businesses were burned this time with that familiar lie. Total scumbag Michael Brown was also declared a saint and martyr.  Niggers have a very weird idolatry for criminals and thugs. They love their criminal rappers who wear their criminality on their sleaves and tattoos as badges of honor. Rappers have the lowest life expectancy in the world as they're constantly shooting each other. Their problem is a profound absence of sound intellectual functioning all around.

When Chauvin and the other 3 officers are freed un-indicted by a Grand Jury of their peers, expect mindless, un-informed protests by Niggers of all colors all over the world as the Communist media continues it's misinformation campaign. Expect more bullshit, unrest, burnings, shootings probably led by the terrorist Black Lives Matter that the NBA, PGA, NFL are so proudly supporting!  NIGGER NATION!! 

This is truly Nigger Nation. It is here and now.  Personally, I'm making plans to go live in another country that is not so insane. I can't stand it anymore.


OilFieldExecutive said...

Every word you use is the truth including the title. But because it’s the truth, the title, you know as well as I do that FASCISTBOOK will not dare let me post it. Speaking of truth,

“It's because blacks have so much to hide from police--their being forced to see their screwed-up reality of and all their screw-ups is too shocking for them. They freak out! It's another problem with Blackness: not being able to be honest and realistic about one's sorry state, ie., 100% denial.”

I’ve been saying this for years. These idiots live in such denial that it is unbelievable. And as long as they stay among themselves in their shit hole of a community and among their shit for brains peers, they can get away with it. But once they run into reality-WHITENESS, They do freak out. Their minds can’t handle it. The truth. Reality. These idiots can’t even run there own country. Look what they did to their own country in South Africa once came back the power. Flat out ruined it. Btw,

One of the regular black commentators on Sean Hannity has been pointing out all last week this. The vast majority of BLM protesters in Seattle NYC, Portland etc are white. Lol. And he’s right. Go look at any pictures of them. Young useless shit for brains white college age kids that the vast majority come from solid middle class or upper class families. Just imagine how blacks are preying on them IN REALITY, When the cameras are not on. Blacks are PROS at PREYING upon whites. I will close with this.

Go on any Breitbart article pertaining to these riots, BLM. ETC. Scroll down to the comment section and you’ll see so many times people post comments about 2nd amendment this 2nd amendment that. Show many comments you’ll see so much bravado using words like it’s time to lock and load. What horse shit. Such brave whites. ONLINE. ONLY.

We have stood back and watched statue after statue come down riots have this country apart. On and on young shift for brains white trash doing destruction. And yet not one time have you seen a large group of white people IN FORCE march out against it. Not a fucking one!!!! i’ve told many of these fake bravado online only how full of shit they are.

The last time you saw a large group of conservative white people get together was during the tea party days and that’s even over. And now you don’t hear any of these people that was screaming back when Obama was financially bankrupting our country, you don’t hear them open their mouth’s you don’t hear Sean Hannity’s say shit about Trumps insane spending. He just doesn’t fucking stop spending!! Buy hypocrisy out of soooooooo many WHITE CONSERVATIVES Is what gets me. For eight years when President Obama was in office they didn’t shut up about the spending now they won’t dare say shit.

Speaking of countries to move too, Poland / Hungary especially Poland is a proud WHITE NATION. what do you think of moving to Poland?

Doug said...

Thanks for the kind comments. Yes, 100% denial is a big problem. Everyone is so equal! I wish it were true. They must routinely disregard their Standardized test results in high school. It's got to be tough on them as I noted in my August 5th post. Sadly, I think Native Americans score even lower. Academics are really not their thing, so we should figure out a way to adjust to that, like vocational high schools that teach just basic reading, writing and arithmetic plus practical vocational skills. Either no one is smart enough to propose it or, more likely, we can't have those because there would too many black and brown faces. And that would violate all the rules of propaganda and we can't have that!! (would probably be 45% white boys/girls and 55% non-white or 50/50 as there's a lot of white kids who are not "college material.")

I'm going to go down to Ajijic, Mexico soon and get a monthly airbnb rental. It's a nice small, rural and upscale enclave on the shores of Lake Chapala. It's nearly all expats from Canada and US. It's kind of a little rural paradise about 35 miles south of Guadalajara. Mexican retirement visas are so simple with no strings or stipulations. Manzanillo is 130-ish miles away as is Puerto Vallarta.

Inexpensive monthly airbnb rentals are available all over South and Central America from $350 to $550 per month--all furnished, private, with kitchens and wifi. I could see staying in Buenos Aires for 2 months, Pucon/Villarrica in Chile for 2 months, then 2 months in Ajijic. I guess I'd keep my little condo here for the other 6 months.