Monday, August 24, 2020

Marxism is Coming at Breathtaking Speed

The “woke culture” is simply Marxism writ large. It’s been with us for at least two generations, educating our children in the West with neo-Marxist ideologies. They’ve simply become more and more egregious. It started with gender studies, black studies and feminism studies. 

[Doug in an aside here, bullshit majors like "Gender studies" or "Racial studies were created because indiscriminate government student loans and affirmative action crap is putting huge numbers of unqualified kids, mostly minorities, in "college" which have now become glorified high schools (or sandboxes). Intellectually deficient minorities are prime targets for Marxist indoctrination, so colleges have really done a number on this country. Now we're seeing the "bitter fruits" of their concerted efforts all over the TV stations in brainless riots, statue toppling, mindless violence. And never mind that none of these kids will pay back even a penny of these loans. But the loans continue to be made by the government, who doesn't have any money to lend!]

We’re at the point now where we’re having debates around whether two plus two should equal four—because it’s a white supremacist ideal.  It’s the notion that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, also known as STEM, is a white, male patriarchal construct that should be abolished.  [Doug here: see my post Welcome to Nigger Nation!!]

I don’t know about you, but when I drive across a bridge or walk into a building, I’d like to know that mathematics and science have played a part in constructing that.    I don’t want to drive across a bridge built by somebody who won’t acknowledge that two plus two equals four.

So, what are the ramifications? Where do I start?

I had a conversation many years ago, which only came back into my consciousness three or four years ago. I was still about 20 years old at the time. I met a gentleman who said something about how to figure out where our country is going.  He was an asset manager who I just bumped into while doing a hike up Table Mountain.

He said, “If you watch what’s taking place in the universities, if there’s a very strong zeitgeist in one way or the other, watch that. Whatever that zeitgeist is, you’re going to find that, within five to ten years, in the country.”

The reason is that the leaders of the country—the CEOs, the people in management, in politics, in the courts, all come from those universities. If you look at what has been transpiring in the West over the last decade at least, in the universities—it is frightening.

It’s not a surprise now that we find these people are in positions of power. They’re instituting their vision of how the world should work. Their ideology—their zeitgeist—is Marxism. So, this woke culture is just Marxism.

Unfortunately, it is now in the DNA of the West.

As much as I want to believe that the universities can properly educate students, meaning teaching principles that adhere to civil liberties and the like.   But these people don’t believe that at all. So, we’re seeing it now coming into the political landscape and the legal landscape. They like to create chaos.

The ramifications are that the West is committing suicide. If you realize that the Bolsheviks are coming—which they are—realize that they will come after anybody with any wealth.

Because there is this desire to create an equal society, what they call equity, which is really just is a redistribution of wealth. There’s one thing, having the ability to see what sectors can benefit and investing in them. But it would be a tragedy to do that only to find that the Bolsheviks come and take it away from you.

Firstly, the savings will be taken away via an inflationary impact. That’s fine; you can protect yourself against that. But certainly, they’re going to come after anybody that is deemed to not be with the revolution.  [Doug here: The next step will be President Harris (after the Biden bait and switch) seizing all of you IRA assets and putting government bonds in your account----for your "safety" of course.  You'll get 0.2% interest rates while inflation is soaring 3 or 4%. This is the nature of governments. They WILL screw you over so that THEY will survive.]

“We’re all in this together?” The hell we are.   How many politicians that instituted virus lockdowns simultaneously lost all of their income?  But that is essentially what they’ve forced many millions of people globally to do. They’ve forced them to lose their income.   But politicians don’t lose their income. They still earn their big fat salaries, their perks, proceeds from bribery and their travel allowances.

Yet they stand there saying, “We’re all in this together.” We’ve seen this playbook before. It is now coming down the train tracks at breathtaking speed. And you needed to prepare yesterday.

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