Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Green New Deal is Part of Democrat's Bolshevik Power Grab

There is now a desperate effort by Democrats to steal this election, to gain power in order to institute a Socialist (or Bolshevik) Green New Deal.  It's a huge power grab to subvert your freedoms, take your guns (of course), take over the economy through higher taxation and controlling all aspects of your life. Democrats aim is to overthrow all of your freedoms by enshrining a radical Left-wing Socialist Green New Deal.  

In a way, it's the Socialists last gasp, as Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and others are very elderly and on their way out. It really now or never.

This attempted Communist coup, currently underway in this country, has been gaining ground for quite a long time. The Left's agenda is really about control which slowly evolves into total control and power over your life, ie., Marxism or Bolshevism. 

First, let's put to bed the first and biggest lie of the Green New Deal.  Slight global warming can't be fixed and won't be fixed. Period. Just to halt the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere would require a gargantuan reduction of CO2 emissions of 50%. First, it can't be done. Even if it COULD be done, it would NOT roll back temperatures or CO2 -- just halt any more slight increases. Such reductions would cost $10s of Trillions in the US alone and cripple our finances and economy. Al Gore himself put the cost at $70 Trillion 20 years ago. With or without the spending, the effects on the climate would be imperceptible: A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

It amounts to financial suicide. No country like China or India would commit economic suicide either -nor should they.  Oh, and even if you could scrub power plant exhaust stacks (you can't), no one knows what to do with the massive volume of captured liquid, high pressure CO2!!  But there are basically zero people in the world who have even the slightest idea of any of this, least of all idiots like AOC.  They have no idea of what they are talking about. In a few decades the problem will fix itself as the end of the hydrocarbon era is already in sight. 

Back to the power grab aspect of the "Green" New Deal:  from my post "'EPA Carbon Regulation Power Grab," I talk about the unlawful abuse of the Clean Air Act by the courts to regulate an essential and natural trace gas in the atmosphere, CO2. They did this under the phony guise that carbon dioxide is "harmful or threatening to human health."  But unlike other gases such as man-made sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide is an essential and naturally occurring trace gas at about 0.040% in air, and it's absolutely essential for all plant and crops that require it for their photosynthesis. To call such levels harmful to human or public health is a vast overstretch that must be reversed. But it's part of creeping Socialism/Communism and a huge power grab.

Notice that Left-leaning courts are all part of this creeping Bolshevism. (Add universities and schools of all levels to the institutions long-controlled by the radical Left.)

But in regulating CO2, it opens the door for bureaucrats to regulate every business in America to "enforce" CO2 emissions controls and new taxes. In my post Nice Sounding' Liberalism Leads to a Police State, I indicate that there would have to be a new, vast and costly Federal agency for "Carbon Emissions Policing" which would require armies of 20-something, know-nothing Socialists as carbon police with powers over every business, ranch, and any and all enterprises that use energy, ie., everyone.  All this for nothing, just raw power. 

Then, for Socialists, there would have to be "Equal Pay" police to stop the non-existent pay discrimination against women. And another phony cause, "Hate Speech" laws would require censoring all communications between every human by know-nothing 20-year olds to enforce only the "correct" speech, ie., against anything remotely "conservative" or against the approved Leftist Democrat talking points. 

We're already have this in spades at YouTube, Twitter, Google. Idiot little boys and girls sit in Silicon Valley and impose their idiot ideas on the masses. There is massive censoring against Conservatives, Conservatism or anything that contradicts the Left's agenda (lies) -- all to illegally manipulate the outcome of the next election. You know these little shit-heads are over their skiis when they muzzle Dennis Prager of all people, one of the most tolerant, educated and highest integrity man in this country.

And don't forget the never-ending pitch for the beauty of socialized medicine. We already have true socialized medicine at the Veteran's Administration: government owned and operated hospitals for veterans.  The result is always massive cost overruns and poor care: veterans have been dying due to higher rates of infection caused by unsanitary conditions and poor maintenance due to poor management. And don't forget that others are dying due to delays in treatment thanks to secret lists that delay treatment. Horror stories of poor care abound. Oh, and this poor performance is covered-up by the bureaucracy and hospital management that persecute any whistle-blowers brave enough to come forward. It's really an Orwellian nightmare. And because it's "government" it can never be fixed. Socialism can't be fixed!! There's no cure for stupid or Socialism.

Kamala's Medicare for all, really Medicaid-for-all, would impose all of problems at the VA for EVERYONE.  The result is total government tyranny over every aspect of your life.  This would provide justification of much higher taxes to pay for an even bigger government. Then, no one will be able to save money for retirement, so you'll become a "ward of the state" from cradle to grave (like Europe) where you depend on Government for your medical care and your retirement money. And if you don't like it, then you will be considered crazy like in the Soviet Union and institutionalized in psychiatric wards.  If you're conservative, medical treatment can be withheld entirely. Kamala, Bernie, AOC, Omar are all unabashed Communists who want power and money for themselves and a platform to impose their communist views on YOU.

Notice that everything about the Leftist agenda is a lie??  Everything is phony, false, lies, and propaganda with the Democrats. And since every corporate media outlet is controlled by the CIA and DNC, you have unending propaganda supporting all these lies. Every cause that the Democrats uphold are fake and all lies:  Black Lives Matter is all based on lies. Hands up, don't shoot was all lies. That the US is still a racist country is a lie. That police kill blacks disproportionately is a lie. What BLM stands for now is a lie. Welcome to Nigger Nation, where everything is a false meme, an outright lie or a manipulation. Communists are the greatest liars in human history and that's exactly what we have with the Democrats and we're seeing it every day in America.  

America is under attack by both internal and external globalist enemies to IMPOSE their loser world views on you and overturn freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution. These people are all about power and control.  Of course, they know that only those in power have money in Socialism, so in reality, they are really trying to get rich AND impose their views. Most of these people are stupid or sociopaths and could barely survive in the real world because they are such idiots. Look at AOC, a dip-shit bartender, who thinks she's so brilliant, is a foolish know-it-all, truly an idiot, steeped in Socialism at University and completely full of shit.  She wants to rule YOUR life and impose her child-like ideas. This is Generalissimo Cortez, a little tyrant in the making. She's only one of many. 

Can't you see where Leftism and Democrats are headed? 

Only a Brutal Purge of the Left Can Save Us

The degree of corruption in Washington, on a scale of 1 to 10, is a 12. Nothing is working properly in Washington or the Fed. government. We can't even trust the Judicial system as so many appointees are  Obama- or Hillary-loving political hacks. We don't have ANYTHING functioning in Washington. The vast majority of the "deep-state" in Washington (mostly Democrats) is committed to the treasonous removal and reversing the Constitutional election of Trump and preventing his re-election. 

You have to understand that a subversive war is already underway RIGHT NOW in this country by the most devious, unsavory and power-mad people in the world. The fight is already on.

I propose that Trump invoke the Emergency Powers Act to bring in the military, military police and prosecutors to arrest all of the actors in the Russia Hoax scandal. They are all traitors. Jail them all. People like Hillary, Obama, Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller, Podesta, Rice, Brennan, Clapper, Adam Schiff should be arrested for Treason or Sedition and/or other applicable crimes and sent to military trials--since the US justice system is now totally failed as is every other part of the government. Only the military can be trusted now.

With the Emergency declaration, military police could seize control of both the DOJ, CIA and FBI by locking down these entities, lock down the computers and servers, and begin to interview and look to prosecute all of the traitors in these departments involved in betrayals. Everything would be locked down for investigation and for evidence.

There should have already been a torrent of indictments after so many years of investigation by the DOJ after the disastrous Sessions. The DOJ doesn't even "work"anymore. Nothing works in Washington except the money printers.  Personally, I think the whole Federal collossus should be burnt to the ground to start over with a government based in St. Louis, MO for example.

The military should also be supervising this next election since it will likely be the most fraudulent election in American history. There should probably be military observers at every polling station. Trump should demand today that an audit-able paper trail be generated for every vote cast in every precinct so that election results in any district CAN BE AUDITED and validated. Put the Dems on notice NOW. If the election must be delayed for this plan to be implemented, then so be it.

I know that you think I'm being insanely radical here, but you have no idea of the desperation of the Democrats at this time. They desperately are trying to control the narrative thru the lying Media and plans are afoot to steal this election.  From Martin Armstrong, he says that Podesta and other Democrats are planning scenarios to seize power:  
They had four possible scenarios, which even include one that looked like 2016 where they would lose the Electoral College. Mr. Podesta played Mr. Biden, and he responded that his party wouldn’t let him concede as Hillary had done alleging voter suppression. Podesta then persuaded the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan to send pro-Biden electors to the Electoral College to change the vote.

They also played out a scenario where a Trump victory would lead to California, Oregon, and Washington moving to secede from the United States. He also played that if the Electoral College could not make a decision because of the delays from the mail-in votes, then the House leader, Pelosi, would name Mr. Biden president. The Senate and White House would reject that and support Mr. Trump. At that point, Podesta would turn to the military to remove Trump.

Never in the history of any election, has there ever been such a political war game played. This warns what our computer has been forecasting about the rise in civil unrest and the risk that this will prove to be the most corrupt election in American history.
Leaders of sanctuary cities should also be arrested in this Leftist Purge, where they have knowingly obstructed Federal Law. Send troops into American cities that have been decimated by radical Leftist BLM, Antifa, governors and/or mayors. 

The current Status Quo can not stand. This country must be saved from a Communists coup by violent and deadly purges of the treasonous, seditious opposition, if necessary.  If Trump does what I propose, he'll go down in history as the 2nd Abraham Lincoln -- who similarly saved the union. We're in a civil war right now!  Look around you! 


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“ We're in a civil war right now! Look around you! ” / Yes!! We most certainly are in a political Civil War right now!!!!

OilFieldExecutive said...

You have it nailed down perfectly once again and I’m posting this several times on FASCISTBOOK.