Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Kamala's Medicare For All: the March to Government Tyranny

What Kamala, Bernie and the rest of the shit-for-brain Democrats really want when they say Medicare for All, is that they want to make our medical system into the troubled VA System-for-all.

You see, the VA is truly socialized medicine in this country, meaning the government owns and operates these hospitals and all of the doctors, nurses and staff are government employees. And as with Socialized 'anything,' veterans are forced to use these facilities whether they like it or not.

Secret Waiting Lists and Higher Infection Rates Killing Veterans
But shit-for-brain Democrats are counting on you to forget all the horror stories of secret VA death panels causing loss of life in many of those facilities. Whistleblowers revealed in 2014 that some 9 Veterans Administration hospitals have 'secret' waiting lists that have resulted in some 167 deaths that we know of so far. And that's in addition to the deaths caused by higher rates of infection due unsanitary conditions and poor maintenance due to poor management. (Imagine that, poor management in a government-run program! Who would have thunk it?)  But this is what happens when the government tries to run a healthcare business (or anything else).

Massive and Inflating Costs With Declining Quality of Care
Then are the outrageous and out-of-control costs. More and more money is being spent per patient, so lack of money is not the problem.  A USA Today article detailed how VA hospital costs are exploding relative to the private sector and Medicare. The article also shows that it's not the cost of treatment of Afghanistan or Iraq war veterans either -- their treatment is cheaper. Those vets represent only 7% of the patients and only 4% of the cost. Also, the number of veterans has been decreasing for over a decade too.

It should be crystal clear that the result of socialized medicine is substandard (or even deadly) care and poor cost performance. And it's the same chronic financial and performance failures that you see from any government program, ie., the US Post Office, Amtrak, the Dept of Defense, etc., etc.

Then Come the Denials From "Officials"
But this is just the beginning.  After the death panels and deadly delayed treatment scandal erupts, then, characteristically, come the denials from the Obama administration. Obama exclaimed "We read it in the newspaper!" But there is an email trail that proves that Biden/Obama did know about this since their transition in 2008.  This country spends $160 billion per year on veteran's health care but we find out that they are killing our veterans due to delays in treatment.

Then Massive Retaliation Against Whistleblowers
Then comes the hammer down on any whistleblower or patient who exposes fraud or malfeasance. The weight and unlimited resources of the government then tries to strike down the whistleblowers despite their so-called "protection."  The Government simply cannot be trusted:
Medicare for all Will Lead to Massive Tax Increases and a Lifetime of Government Dependence
To pay for Medicare for all, taxes must rise to punitive levels. This leads to even more fraud, waste and chicanery at the government, but leaves the population unable to save for retirement. This is happening all over Europe and even Canada.  It renders the population completely dependent on the government for not only substandard and more deadly medical treatment but also it leads to the population utterly dependent on the government for retirement benefits (if they are available at all!)

Let's recap:  1) Government-run medicine is a cost disaster, 2) Government-run medicine is a disaster of corruption, higher death rates due to poor management, uncleanliness and "waiting lists" and/or "death panels," 3) If you complain, you're hounded or persecuted by the bureaucracy. The bureaucrats never get fired, and 4) YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!  Furthermore, 5) much higher and ever-increasing taxes to pay for this crap will leave most people unable to save for retirement. Then most people will be completely dependent on the government for medical care AND retirement money (IF it's available at all!).

The end result is complete and a lifetime of dependence on the government from cradle to grave with no way out!  And if you don't like it, you might be committed to a psychiatric ward.  Remember in totalitarian systems, if you don't love their wonderful system, you must be crazy!


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Great insight. - we already have government run healthcare. And it’s deadly. Proving once again socialism sucks.

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