Saturday, August 29, 2020

Only a Brutal Purge of the Left Can Save Us

From my post The Green New Deal is Part of Democrat's Bolshevik Power Grab, I ended with the need for a full-on Leftist purge by President Trump using the Emergency Powers Act to round-up and prosecute the large numbers of traitorous and seditious persons in the Federal Government. I figured that this prescription really needs to be a unique post due to it's importance. 

The degree of corruption in Washington, on a scale of 1 to 10, is a 12. Nothing is working properly in Washington or the Fed. government. We can't even trust the Judicial system as so many appointees are Obama- or Hillary-loving political hacks. We don't have ANYTHING functioning in Washington. The vast majority of the "deep-state" in Washington (mostly Democrats) is committed to the treasonous removal and reversing the Constitutional election of Trump and preventing his re-election.

You have to understand that a subversive war is already underway RIGHT NOW in this country by the most devious, unsavory and power-mad people in the world. The fight is already on.

I propose that Trump invoke the Emergency Powers Act to bring in the military, military police and prosecutors to arrest all of the actors in the Russia Hoax scandal. They are all traitors. Jail them all. People like Hillary, Obama, Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller, Podesta, Rice, Brennan, Clapper, Strock, Page, Schiff and many others should be arrested for Treason or Sedition and/or other applicable crimes and sent to military trials. It has to be the military--since the US justice system is now totally failed as is every other part of the government. Only the military can be trusted now.

With the Emergency declaration, military police could seize control of the DOJ, CIA and FBI by locking down these entities, lock down the computers and servers, gather all significant information that they've been hiding, begin to interview and look to prosecute all of the traitors in these departments involved in betrayals. Everything would be locked down for investigation and for evidence.

There should have already been a torrent of indictments after so many years of investigation by the DOJ and CIA after the disastrous Jeff Sessions. The DOJ doesn't even "work"anymore. Nothing works in Washington except the money printers. Personally, I think the whole Federal colossus should be burnt to the ground to start over with a government based in St. Louis, MO for example.

The military should also be supervising this next election since it will likely be the most fraudulent election in American history. There should probably be military observers at every polling station. Trump should demand today that an audit-able paper trail be generated for every vote cast in every precinct so that election results in any district CAN BE AUDITED and validated. Put the Dems on notice NOW. If the election must be delayed for this plan to be implemented, then so be it.

I know that you think I'm being insanely radical here, but you have no idea of the desperation of the Democrats at this time. They desperately are trying to control the narrative thru the lying Media and plans are afoot to steal this election. From Martin Armstrong, he says that Podesta and other Democrats are planning scenarios to seize power:
They had four possible scenarios, which even include one that looked like 2016 where they would lose the Electoral College. Mr. Podesta played Mr. Biden, and he responded that his party wouldn’t let him concede as Hillary had done alleging voter suppression. Podesta then persuaded the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan to send pro-Biden electors to the Electoral College to change the vote.

They also played out a scenario where a Trump victory would lead to California, Oregon, and Washington moving to secede from the United States. He also played that if the Electoral College could not make a decision because of the delays from the mail-in votes, then the House leader, Pelosi, would name Mr. Biden president. The Senate and White House would reject that and support Mr. Trump. At that point, Podesta would turn to the military to remove Trump.
Never in the history of any election, has there ever been such a political war game played. This warns what our computer has been forecasting about the rise in civil unrest and the risk that this will prove to be the most corrupt election in American history.
Even Leftist leaders of sanctuary cities should also be arrested in this Leftist Purge, where they have knowingly obstructed Federal Law. Send troops into American cities that have been decimated by radical Leftist BLM, Antifa, governors and/or mayors.

The current Status Quo can not stand. This country must be saved from a Communists coup by violent and deadly purges of the treasonous, seditious opposition, if necessary. If Trump does what I propose, he'll go down in history as the 2nd Abraham Lincoln -- who similarly saved the union. We're in a civil war right now! Look around you!


OilFieldExecutive said...

I couldn’t agree more with everything you said and this is definitely going on FASCISTBOOK.

Vic said...

cant disagree more. the military?

surely u jest. making it to any position of real authority in the military means that in all likelihood you were vetted to get with the program.

Doug said...

Vic,then we're fucked. I guess you presume that as well.