Thursday, October 1, 2020

Democrat Nihilism: Anti-white, Anti-male, Anti-straight, and Anti-Faith

The Democratic Party is the anti-white, anti-male, anti-straight, and anti-Christian party.  Also, check out my post titled "The Anti-White Party" (credited to William Lind at  

Please see my important post entitled The Left Are "People of the Lie"--In a Dangerous Spiritual and Psychological Crisis saying: "People on the Left are evil because they are full of lies that they tell themselves and accuse others of the very evil that THEY embody. And as a group, they take comfort in repeating lies among themselves because it reinforces their delusions --because if they repeat them day after day, it begins to have the illusion of truth. That's their method of brain-washing their supporters. They live in their own bubbles of delusion in the capitals of Leftism on both coasts. Nearly everything they believe is untrue, phony or a lie--which is a warning flag of mental problems."

Democrats are the party that:  
  • supports the pro-violence terrorist organization BLM (BLM is the new Black Panthers or "America Taliban"), 
  • supports the kneelers at NFL and NBA games causing viewership and attendance to collapse
  • supports the violent Antifa (there's only peaceful protests, didn't you know?!)
  • wants to pack the Supreme Court with 4 or 5 more Leftists if Trump exercises his Constitutional authority in replacing RBG
  • is willing to add multiple states of Puerto Rico and DC to shift the balance of power to them
  • want to destroy the Electoral College because it failed to pick the "correct" candidate in 2016
  • is in collaboration with the Intel agencies, the FBI, the DOJ, the media, and former members of the Obama White House to spy on to overthrow the newly elected Trump government before and after 2016 
  • is in bed with the Left-wing corporate media complex, the DNC and Democrats want to silence all dissent and propagate their carefully coordinated "talking points" that are often/usually lies
  • is working to end law and order in this country. Defunding police is the new rallying cry.
  • Police kill blacks more!  (not true, and not true even though blacks are committing 6 or 7 times the number of crimes as whites) 
  • believes socialism is good for you, 90% taxes will solve income inequality (Yeah riiight. Cuba achieved income equality: the result is $30 per month wage for everyone except those "connected" to the regime),
  • believes climate change is a massive threat to your well-being and world and will only cost $71 Trillion to "fix" it.  It's a bargain! 
  • believes a Green New Deal is the answer to all our problems: will create massive new jobs and solve the horrible, scary and imminent climate emergency!  (But the Green New Deal is actually a massive Bolshevik power grab). 
  • believes that white straight men are toxic, a problem for the country and should be marginalized,  
  • believes that all immigrants, legal or illegal, have equal status before the law  and there needs to be no criteria for immigration permission, believes there's no need for the US to preserve it's cultural heritage.
  • believes STILL that Russia "hacked the election of 2016" (no evidence required and they MIGHT have hacked the DNC exposing nasty, tricky schemes and dirt).
  • believes that Russia (Vladimir Putin in particular) is bent on destroying the USA.
  • believes that Diversity is our strength
  • believes that National borders are inconvenient, cruel, and obsolete.
  • believes that Western Civilization is a malignant force in human history.
  • believes that Islam is “the religion of peace,” no matter how many massacres of “infidels” are carried out in its name.
  • believes that Blacks and Hispanics are intellectually equal to those with European descent
  • believes that welfare and income support have actually helped black people in the US
  • believes that women are are being intentionally paid less by evil businessmen. Not true.
  • believes that all discussion about race problems and conflicts is necessarily racist.
  • believes that the hijab is a device of liberation for women.
  • believes that there should be a law against using one of the 47 (and counting) wrong pronouns for people who consider themselves neither men nor women (recently passed by the Canadian parliament).
  • believes that a unifying common culture is unnecessary in national life (anything goes).
Comrade Obama in Cuba after giving
a cost-free lifeline to the Castro Family

If the Democratic Party is anti-white, anti-straight male, and anti-Christian, t
hen, logically, no white, male, straight, or Christian should vote Democrat. To do so would be to vote for their own persecution and eventual extinction in a country they created.  I don't think there is much sanity in being an anti-white party in a country of 65% whites. but his is the essence of cultural Marxism which has thoroughly "infected" the Democratic Party.  They have thrown in with Blacks in a big way. And blacks ruin everything: the Democratic party, the NBA, NFL, their own families, communities and countries.

From William Lind: "It is now virtually impossible to be a Democrat and not embrace cultural Marxism. That ideology condemns not only whites, but males, non-feminist women, straights, and Christians. All are fit only to be–what? Liquidated, like Russia’s middle and upper classes? From what we see on university campuses where cultural Marxists hold power, it seems there are no limits on how far their hatred of whites will go."

Marxism is basically their substitute religion --- with their "faith" in man and his institutions-- especially "government."  But the truth is that government is inherently evil. It is force. It is coercion.  It is, at best, it's a necessary evil. That's why our brilliant founding fathers were dedicated to keeping government small; to limit the scope of it's damage. We must have a government but also understand that it's a necessary evil. It's ironic that Dems want to defund and de-fang police since they are the "force" in government.

The Left, plainly and transparently Marxists now, has forever hated what is good and pure in America, They hated Ronald Reagan, the only other president in my lifetime, other than Trump, that was dedicated to preserving our cultural heritage which is based on 90% white Northern European culture and Christianity-- not Muslims, not African voodoo, Not Guatemalans or Hondurans. Thanks to Democrats we'd be lucky if we have 60% whites in this country now---and look where we are culturally.

Democrats hate Amy Coney Barrett too, who is some amazing woman with an amazing family. Tucker Carlson said that because Amy Coney Barrett is a an extremely impressive (white) person that exemplifies the best of America, that's why she's being attacked by Democrats. The other reason that they hate her is they can't accuse her of rape--which is Democrat's normal modus operandi with male conservative candidates.
Family of Amy Barrett

Rolling Stone, a long-time bastion of Leftism always hated musicians like John Denver or The Carpenters. These artists were roundly panned by the Rolling Stone. Yes, these artists were vanilla-flavored but dedicated to creating beauty and meaning. They might have been vanilla-flavored but vanilla is a great flavor! America loved them, but not the haters at Rolling Stone! Instead, Rolling Stone adores all the horrible and horrifying rap music which is part and parcel of a devolved, thuggish and criminal black "culture" in this country. Blacks literally worship criminal thugs. And look at where they are at culturally.

Democrats expose themselves as being nihilists:  a view that deep down life has no meaning or value and that the individual or even the entire human species is insignificant, without purpose and unable to change the totality of existence. Nothing matters. All is empty. Nihilism would reject the idea that there is an ultimate reality that transcends our physical world. There is no God. There is no worthwhile history. There is no transcendental basis for ethical behavior apart what we think (today). Anything goes, nothing matters, nothing has meaning. Religion is just the opiate of the people. 

But, doesn't "nothing matters" and "anything goes" describe our current culture on the Left? The Left is unhinged, unchained from any history or tradition and they reject the very thing that is exceptional: white Northern European Christian (and certain East Asian) culture and ideals.   

Lack of a faith is a very real problem with The Left and therefore our Nation. They denigrate people of faith while they don't have a good answer. Instead, they dangerously put all their faith in "man"-- or man's institutions -- which lead to inevitable disappointment and even disaster.  Look at China, like any communist country, it wants to stamp out any religious faith and substitute faith in "man"  and his institutions (the Communist party collective). It leads to disaster every time and no change is allowed!! If you don't like it, tough.

Lack of faith is what makes Leftists fundamentally haters, not lovers. They aren't happy people. They tend to be angry, frustrated, sometimes hysterical or cynical busy-bodies who want to control YOUR life because they think that they know best. They are cynical and pessimistic--even Malthusian. Cynicism and unhappiness are the fruits of a lack of faith. 

For example, they obsess that the slight Global Warming is our biggest problem because it's going to kill us all!  It used to be overpopulation and peak oil in the 1970s that were the crises des jours. Climate cooling was also a popular hysteria in the 70s.  

But climate change is not even our biggest problem. Big government and politicians are clearly more dangerous. But despite the non-crisis, Democrats insist that to fight it we must have the totalitarian Green New Deal!  But the Green New Deal is a huge power grab to install someone like Generalissimo Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (or someone less honest) as dictator. You do know that a 29 year old, know-it-all Latina bartender knows what's good and right for you. correct?  

These people want to cancel YOUR opinions, remake the entire culture and economy based on the whims and fads of today. They would ignore what has worked in this country for about 200 years (until about 1971), subvert your freedoms, take your guns (of course), take over the economy through higher taxation and controlling all aspects of your life---and would eventually make the US just like failed and corrupt Puerto Rico in the case of AOC or shit-hole Somalia in Ilhan Omar's case. 

These people never see that more freedom is the right answer. But freedom implies a high degree of individual competence and accountability, something that is the most robust attribute of the self-organizing descendants of Northern Europeans (and East Asians), but much less in Latinos and not at all in Africans. 

Minorities are generally less competent in managing individual freedom in self-organizing, prosperous communities, so they tend to want someone or a government to control their lives, like in Cuba. Communism can be viewed as an escape from freedom. A lot of (black) Cubans love their Castro overlords. Even now, most of the black leaders in the USA,including Obama, BLM and Hollywood and black actors adore Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Never mind the misery that they've caused and the deaths due to starvation now in Venezuela. They can't see it! They WON'T see it. They want state control and institutional caretakers. It's because many/most blacks can't handle freedom and the day-to-day demands of a truly free economy. Many blacks in America live in a state of custodial care in America. Welcome to nigger nation; a nation of niggers of all colors.

America, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand escaped from Communism, but for how long?


Speed Racer said...

This anti White movement is evil , take away the White people that came here and created the USA and you would have NOTHING! look at ever y country that’s not White, they’re backward, ignorant, diseased, corrupt etc ,and rely on foreign aid from us, if it weren’t for Whites the world would be like Africa, backward and lost

Speed Racer said...

This anti White movement is evil , take away the White people that came here and created the USA and you would have NOTHING! look at ever y country that’s not White, they’re backward, ignorant, diseased, corrupt etc ,and rely on foreign aid from us, if it weren’t for Whites the world would be like Africa, backward and lost

Doug said...

Speed, thanks for your comments. Are you new here?? Obviously we are total agreement about the superiority of Northern Europeans and their ancestors, but also some East Asian cultures and their ancestors have created some pretty spectacular cultures too. But the creativity of the Europeans and descendants has really been off the charts.

Was that index I did useful to you ??

See my tongue-in-cheek