Thursday, July 23, 2015

Failures of Big Government are Everywhere

Democrat's cling to the dream of ever more big government despite the fact that government failures are all around us. Like Socialists and Communists, they worship at the church of big government.

Defenders of big government cite the "success" of Medicare and Social Security.  But, the Democrats refuse to acknowledge that Social Security and Medicare are in the late stages of a demographic crisis where the number of workers compared to beneficiaries is rapidly dropping toward 2 to 1 (from 16 to 1 at conception).  Both entitlements are already in deficit and will be for as far as the eye can see.  No one can even talk about reform. And how can you fix them when Democrats refuse to admit there's a problem?  (Answer: vote them out!)

If that's not bad enough, ObamaCare sold by promises that are all proven false, and will also add to the deficit forever going forward. Big government types don't care. They'll spend with borrowed money unto crisis. Never mind that ObamaCare has created a huge cost hardship for 98.5% of Americans vs the 1.5% newly covered. Liberals always will raise more taxes (look at Western Europe). But, did you ever notice that even after tax increases, deficits never seem to close? But that's what happens when the real problem is spending. Democrats will never admit to that either.  Notice a trend of reality-denying?

It's not just health insurance costs that the government is inflating.  Government guaranteed student loan debt is fueling a huge and unsustainable increase in college tuition costs. That bubble has reached $1.25 Trillion, enslaving an entire generation with debt.  The whole thing is blowing up as delinquencies have reached 13% and rising. Proving that government never fixes anything, they are still enabling more and more of this debt -- despite evidence that the bubble is bursting!

Or how about the line that Hillary and Obama spout; 'they didn't build that." That's the most ridiculous bunch of reality-denying, history-denying bullshit ever. They DID build that and they did it while the government was as small as the Constitution envisioned. The plain truth is that the likes of Ford, Edison, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Morgan and countless other entrepreneurs built this country. In comparison, the government hasn't done squat. Big government apologists cite the national highway system as a big contribution of the Federal government. Good, but it could have a system of toll roads and done by the private sector.

Government caused the financial fiasco in 2008 that is still causing lasting problems. FHA, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae helped create the great housing crisis and resulting bust. They have required numerous taxpayer bailouts as these programs under-priced mortgages and continue to do so. Regulators at SEC and the vast Central bank bureaucracy all failed to regulate. What good are they?  Over 6 administrations or more, US government policy encouraged housing ownership. Mortgage interest deductions and favorable capital gains boosted housing all along. Artificially low interest rates, engineering by our Federal Reserve, really got the housing bubble going in the early 2000s. What a mess!

The Government and the Federal Reserve have caused the past two financial crises and will soon cause another.  They have learned nothing and have, in fact, they have doubled down on failed policies. Bubbles in the stock and bond market are pretty obvious here and abroad. Zero interest rates are creating dangerous imbalances everywhere. We're close to having the 3rd financial crisis in 15 years. It's coming.

Look at the failure and deception of ObamaCare. The VA shows that socialized medicine does not work,  and the failure of "the war on poverty".  Amtrak is worse than the rail system in the old USSR. Amtrak crashes are killing passengers. The VA is killing patients. How bad does it have to get for people to recognize that Big Government doesn't work?  Privatize all that!

Add the collapse of black American culture to the list of Big Government failures. Rather than helping, too many government giveaways have created more problems than they've solved. Black American culture is worse and more violent than ever. They are committing violent gun crimes and murders (and incarcerated) at 7 times the rate of whites. The collapse of families augurs for a much worse future. African American culture is in collapse.  Poverty is at all-time highs.  Children in poverty is higher than ever. Black unemployment is double that of the White population. Why? Thank Democrats.

Democrats used to be a reasonable party. JFK called for income tax cuts to help the economy and improve tax revenues. Even Bill Clinton was a good President because he adapted and worked with a Republican majority. But not Obama. Noooo!  The Obama Democrats over-regulated and overtaxed an already weak economy in 2009 and hurt black persons the worse.  Black people obviously don't know what's good for them, as they voted for this incompetent administration at about 85% despite worsening conditions. This is reminiscent of the 60 year reign of black Democrats in Detroit that bought nothing but failure, corruption and financial collapse to Detroit.

Democrats are hoping illegal Latinos will be similarly hooked on government. Why do you think they've created a border crisis and are trying to let illegals vote by blocking voter ID laws?

Even one of the few enumerated duties of the Federal Government -- the US Post Office, is in financial crisis and unfixed. Privatize it!

The failures of big government are evident not only here, but in Europe. The truth is that Leftism destroys countries and cultures everywhere.

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