Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Obama Has Smashed Black Incomes, But 85% of Blacks Still Support Him

Let's refresh our memories for a moment.  Detroit was run by Black and Democratic (of course) "leaders" for nearly 60 years.  It still is, except, a judge and an army of lawyers are involved now that the city has declared bankruptcy.  I suspect most of those are white.

Stupid, crooked, incompetent politicians ran the city and the community into the ground.  And the whole time, African Americans continued to vote for more of the same -- they voted for more crooked, corrupt and incompetent black "leaders."  They got what they voted for!  They never learn!  It's not only Detroit either. The same pattern exists for mostly black Washington DC.  See my blog The Corrupt World of African American Politicians.

So, who's responsible for Detroit's mess?  BLACK PEOPLE ARE!   They are proven to ruin themselves -- like lemmings jumping off a cliff en masse.  Survey the situation in Camden, NJ or Ferguson, MO or Detroit.  It's the same situation.  There are shockingly few competent and honest leaders in black America.  Will it ever change??

The same unwavering support for damaging and incompetent black "leaders" is happening at the national level.  Everyone (except black people) knows that Obama is a wrecking ball for the US economy (and everything else) but he is wrecking the black community the most.  The chart below shows that income for Africans Americans under Obama have sunk nearly 8% in real terms (adjusting for inflation).  And black unemployment at 14% is double the average unemployment; 6 years after the recession ended.

But, despite the ongoing damage, black support for Obama is unwavering at about 85%, repeating the same pattern as in Detroit. They can't see the connection between their chosen "leaders" and the results!!   It's so bad that they'd support any black politician -- even if he were in jail. 

These people will never learn.  No amount of money spent or speeches given will change that. 

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