Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Michael Brown Rushed Officer in Ferguson, ABC Nightly News Continues "Saint Micheal" Meme

ABC Nightly News again trotted out 'angelic' photos of Michael Brown from when he was about 14 years old, continuing the narrative that he was a lovely, innocent little boy soon heading to a university.  All of this nonsense is apparently intended to continue media propaganda campaign about the wonderful state of the black community and how lovely and deserving these people are.  This while hothead black thugs burn and rob their neighborhood.  Soon, Ferguson might soon be like Detroit where the people get food stamps but there are no places to spend them since businesses naturally flee the out-of-control criminality.

Diane Sawyer, who has the intellectual capability of a kindergarten school teacher happily reads in a sing-song voice whatever ABC News wants her to.  What kind of shit are these people trying to pull??  

In my recent blog, we found out that Saint Michael, weighing 300 lbs and 6'4", was robbing a convenience store and roughing-up the store clerk minutes before his fateful encounter.  The video version of that same scene is out in certain media outlets despite Eric Holder's attempt to suppress it.  What kind of shit is he trying to pull?   As for going to college, that arrogant prick was headed for jail -- not college.

Now, in another blow to the "black is beautiful" media propaganda, dozens of witnesses have now corroborated the police officers report.  From The Blaze:
More than a dozen witnesses have backed up the account of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the controversial shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, police sources reportedly told St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Christine Byers.

The woman called into TheBlaze TV host Dana Loesch’s radio show on Friday, claiming that Brown “bum-rushed” Wilson moments after pushing him into his squad car, punching him in the face and trying to grab the cop’s gun.

“Michael and his friend turn around. And Michael taunts him… And then all the sudden he just started bumrushing him. He just started coming at him full speed. And, so he just started shooting. And, he just kept coming. And, so he really thinks he was on something,” the caller added. “The final shot was in the forehead, and then he fell about two or three feet in front of the officer.”
Eventually the truth comes out, although it's difficult when the media and the government are continually in 'spin' mode.   Black people -- especially black men -- remain a huge burden to this country.

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