Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Detroit is the Result of 'Progressive' Democratic Policies

Detroit used to be the most prosperous city in the country and is now is the poorest.  Black people and Democratic policies have ruined Detroit. 

Democratic policies and politicians, over time, have brought complete and utter ruin to this city.  Why?  Because dumb-ass black people keep re-electing dumb-ass, incompetent and criminal black Democratic candidates who rape the city's coffers and implement ruinous "progressive," pro-union policies!  There hasn't been a Republican administration in Detroit since the Eisenhower Administration (which coincided with 'peak prosperity' there).  

In a similar way, 81% continue to support Obama in Washington D.C. despite his embarrassing and utterly incompetent administration.  This is the same sort of 'group-think' that brought Detroit to ruin.  Democrats NEVER see it.  They remain immune to facts.  These idiot people are doomed and no amount of money thrown at them will change that fact.   Black people never get it.  If Detroit is any guide, they never will---even in the face of utter ruin!    

Black people and the Democratic party are doing a great job in bringing down America itself.   Do you have any doubt that Obama would ruin America if given enough time?  Thank God for term limits. 
Let's chronicle the road to ruin by black Democratic politicians in Detroit (helped here by Kevin Williamson at National Review):
  • Unionism drove away the automobile industry to foreign lands and to the less-unionized US South.  The automobile industry is alive and well in America, but not in Detroit.  Who is the party of unionism?  Democrats.
  • Despite having the 8th highest spending on public (and unionized) schools in Michigan, Detroit students barely score above random guessing in academic testing:  the result of dumb people, dumb teachers and dumb public unions-----turning out even dumber students that continue to vote for more dumb Democrats!   Who is the party of unionism?  Democrats.  Which party is supposedly the champion of black people??  Democrats.  But Democrats are ruining black culture, not helping. They will NEVER acknowledge it because their heads are in the sand.  They are immune to facts to such an extent that it rises to the level of a sickness.
  • Unionized workers in Detroit don't fix street lights, provide police protection or provide even basic services.  Who would want to be a bus driver in Detroit?  Who caused Detroit's bankruptcy? Dumb-ass Democrats and dumb-ass black people. Oh, and dumb-ass public unions.
  • Good luck in finding a grocery store willing to stay open in crime-ridden Detroit.  Yeah, nearly everyone in Detroit is on food stamps.  But what good is food stamps when there are no stores to spend them?
  • Good luck in finding Medicaid doctor in Detroit.  What's the point of having Medicaid when no doctor is willing to accept Medicaid patients?  
  • The so-called "Progressive" culture has come to full fruition in Detroit where 4 out of 5 black babies are born without fathers in the house.  That signals complete and utter cultural collapse.
  • Other than premature births, murder is a leading cause of the death of children in Detroit.  The rate for murder of kids under 18 years old in Detroit is 3 times that in New York City.  Shameful!
Detroit is the city of corrupt, incompetent and criminal black DEMOCRATIC politicians who have brought nothing but ruin to that city (and in other cities too like Memphis, New Orleans and Washington DC).  These politicians are elected and re-elected by dumb-ass black people.

Black people are doing more than their share of ruining America too.  It's already happening under the disastrous Obama administration. 

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