Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Obamacare "Success"

The President of the United States is the biggest spin artist of all time.  Nearly everything out of his mouth is a half-truth or a lie.  What would expect from the Left?  They have to lie.  Liberalism must be imposed by lies and tricks since people won't accept their agenda otherwise.

This administration has continued to call Obamacare a "success" by constantly touting it's "benefits" and the high enrollment numbers.  This after everything said to promote the law has proved to be untrue.

First, the enrollment numbers are way below those projected. Second, polls have consistently shown that most people don't like the law and it's been that way since it's inception.  Why? Last year, healthcare insurance premiums went up nationally an average 38%!  That was more than the previous 8 years COMBINED.  Now, we are hearing of 19 to 50% increases in some states for next year.   From Slate on July 9th:
Last week Oregon’s insurance commissioner, Laura Cali, announced that the state had approved a 25 percent premium increase for the largest health insurer on the state’s exchanges. The second largest insurer...received permission to boost its monthly charge to consumers by 33 percent.
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee requested an average 36 percent price increase for the plans it offers—after receiving a 19 percent bump last year. And that sounds like a relative bargain compared with Minnesota and New Mexico, where the BlueCross BlueShield family is looking for increases of more than 50 percent.

Overstating Enrollment Numbers

After touting "sign-ups" of over 11.7 million in recent months, the CBO announced that the number of people who actually paid for policies was only 10.2 million -- significantly lower.  Then, they spin the gross numbers as newly insured but it's not true.

We know for a fact that at least 5 million persons had their health insurance policies canceled (outlawed) by the law.   It is safe to assume that those people had no choice but to sign up for Obamacare, meaning that only 5 million people are newly covered at a maximum.  In a nation of about 310 million persons, those 5 million represent only 1.6% of the population.  So, for that 1.6%, the rest of the 98.4% have had to suffer large cost increases, higher deductibles, less access to their preferred doctors & hospitals as they are forced to buy an inferior one-size-fits-all policy that the government mandated.

It's easy to call your program a success when all other options are outlawed and people have no other choice but to enroll -- whether they like it or not.  And most don't.

Now many people are 'priced-out' of the health insurance market, thanks to governments, and forced to accept government subsidies.  But more government spending in the insurance market (already about 50% and rising due to Medicare and Medicaid) will continue to drive prices higher and higher and force ever higher government spending on subsidies -- until everyone, including the government, is broke.  This is occurring at the same time that Medicare and Social Security are in deep deficit FOREVER.  This country is on a path to financial hell.  

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