Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Big Government Failure: Welcome to VA Death Panels, ObamaCare Death Panels Next

When will the average citizen in this country realize that nearly everything the Federal government touches becomes a failure?  Worse, the failed programs never end and government spending just ramps up ever higher -- whether there is tax revenue or not!   (The big spending/big taxing Democrats have had the politically friendly Federal Reserve printing money to buy most of that government debt.  Could things get any more screwed up?)

And after all of the failures and waste of money, why would we want more and bigger government?  

When will civics students in high school again be taught that our Founding Fathers, the Constitution itself and all of the documents surrounding the Constitutional debate at that time (the Federalist Papers), declared that government is, at best, a necessary evil and should be extremely limited with a small number of "enumerated powers?" 

Now, we have a surveillance state with dozens of agencies, spending $100s of billions to "protect" you -- where your Constitutional rights are under severe assault, a judicial system that dares not "check" big government overreach, a permanent military-industrial complex, new programs on top of programs that fail but never end, and an out-of-control Federal Reserve whose official policy is debasement of our money and even HIGHER inflation.  I could go on and on.

Take the latest fiasco of Obamacare.  The failure of Obamacare is already a reality: the rollout was a big failure and it's an inferior, one-size-fits-all product at a very high premium price.  Only desperate or low-information people would buy it.  But many of the "desperate" ones are the victims of the law itself because their previous coverage was summarily CANCELLED by the law itself.   Nothing like a coercive government to force you to buy something that you don't want at a much-inflated price!  And we're told that there's no way it can be reversed!  Worse, there will be "death panels" as Sarah Palin and others have warned.

Veterans Administration Death Panels

There's already examples of death panels in the VA scandal news.  Whistle blowers have come forward and they reveal that some 9 Veterans Administration hospitals have 'secret' waiting lists that have resulted in some 167 deaths that we know of so far.  There will be more to come.  Interestingly, the media is reporting this for a change.  But this is what happens when the government tries to run a healthcare business.  Expect the same thing from ObamaCare oversight. Be forewarned! (again)!

From the administration, characteristically,  come the denials. "We read it in the newspaper!" This administration never know what was happening.  This administration never knows anything!   You could correctly say that this is a know-nothing administration, I believe it!!  They prove that everyday!    But there is an email trail that proves that Biden/Obama did know about this since their transition in 2008.  This administration is just a pack of Leftist liars.  Actually this administration and Democrats are a bunch of arrogant know-it-alls who actually know nothing.  After all, liberalism must be imposed by lies, incorrect lessons of histories and other twisted truths and tricks

This country spends $160 billion per year on veteran's health care but we find out that they are killing our veterans due to delays in treatment.  Welcome to death panels!   Get used to it if ObamaCare is not repealed!  It will be exactly the same.  And with the IRS in charge, if you're an opponent of whatever administration, you might not get the treatment that you need.  Hmm, that's a good way of "disposing" of your political opposition!  It's not that far-fetched!

And nothing will change except spending more and more money by the arrogant 'know nothing' 'know-it-alls.'  It is what happens when the Federal government tries to do anything! 

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