Tuesday, September 26, 2017

MSM Lies Has Led to NFL Protest Insanity

The current NFL nonsense of disrespecting the National Anthem claiming systemic racism -- or something like that --has it's roots in a long string of misrepresentation and propaganda from MSM outlets and politician's (most notably Obama) propagating this same incorrect information from about 3 years earlier.

The entirely justified shooting of proven thug Michael Brown is the source of the bullshit "hands up, don't shoot" protests and part of the Black Lives Matter nonsense. It's all bullshit and both of these "movements" are based on lies.

The lies came from Media propaganda race baiters and politicians that keep repeating these lies for years. That's the Left's modus operandi: keep repeating lies or falsehoods often enough and it begins to have the feeling of facts--- even when it's not true. As a result, there's been frequent "hands up don't shoot" protests for the past several years and as far away as in London but it's all based on lies.

The Black Lives Matter was based on widely perceived unfair shootings of black suspects by white cops. There have been some outrageous cases of police acting illegally, but the CDC database shows that police, when interacting with the public, police are twice as likely to shoot and kill a white person compared to blacks. This is true even though police are interacting with Blacks at 7 times the rate of whites--which means that police have more interactions in total with Blacks even though they are 5 times fewer in number! And the CDC has the largest and most definitive database for this kind of information, so, anyone claiming that blacks are being unfairly attacked by police is wrong. I know it feels that way, but it's not factual. It's lies.  And no media outlet would ever report facts that correct these prevailing falsehoods, so the lies have taken on a life on their own.  This suits the Left Wing media's goal of attacking police and white people while hiding the despicable nature and huge numbers of black criminals and shocking levels of crime in black areas. They never expose the virtual war zone that police operate in when confronting black suspects.

Then there's the highly despicable Michael Brown case, where a young and fat black thug robbed and roughed-up a convenience store clerk just minutes before his attack on Officer Wilson in Ferguson. What's really despicable here is that ABC News was running with the entirely made-up story that Michael was an angelic guy headed to college even days after video was widely available about his robbery and assault at the convenience store.

Then protests erupted based on false reporting and black businesses in Ferguson were destroyed and black people were injured. If it were left to the black politicians, black race- baiters and protesters, they would surely pursue mob justice. But in civilized white America, we have rule of law and due process. Months later the Grand Jury declined to indict Wilson.

The Ferguson riots became a media circus full of poseurs and race baiters. The whole story really fell apart but black people clung to the racist charges because that's what they are taught.

I read the transcript from the Grand Jury inquiry into the Michael Brown shooting. First of all, witnesses confirm that Michael was assaulting officer Wilson while he was seated in his car. (his 2nd assault in 20 minutes!)  He was enraged and completely out of control. Michael was trying to gain control of Wilson's gun by reaching into the car and wrestle away the gun. Can you imagine? Brown WAS insane or had a death wish. Then, most witnesses said that Michael at first was walking away then turned and charged at Wilson causing the gunshots that killed him. This charging was confirmed by forensic evidence. He might have had his hands up as Wilson commanded but he still was charging. So, the media lies and never corrects the record.

So. fast forward 3 years, and idiot Kaepernick started to protest alleged racism at football games. Did anyone ask him to be more specific??  I doubt it. Now you have entire black-dominated NFL involved in this idiotic protesting -- all based on false stories and fake news. The MSM must be proud.

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