Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blacks Score Much Lower on Academic Tests

No, blacks are not intellectually equal to whites or Asians. Their IQ, Standardized tests, LSAT, MCAT, TASS, MSPAP, SAT and GRE scores are much lower---all lower than white test takers by about the same margin of 1.2 standard deviations.  Nearly 90% of black persons have IQ levels below the white average of 100. (black population median IQ=85, standard deviation=13).

This is the most denied and explosive fact of our day.  In a way, it's the most obvious thing in the world.  Nevertheless, the media continues to bend over backwards to show that blacks in America are doing just fine--showing black experts on TV, hiring black newsreaders to give the appearance of accomplishment and even shielding the first black president from any criticism of his mistakes or his poor performance.

It is politically incorrect to write any of these words.  Meanwhile, every night on the local TV news I hear about horrible crimes committed mostly by black perpetrators night after night:  robberies, violence and gun crimes.  Black males make up 6% of the population but commit 54% of the gun crimes in the US. Correspondingly black incarceration rates are about 7 or 8 times that of whites. Black families are in collapse with some 72% of children born out-of-wedlock with no father to be found.  This is just a brief description of complete collapse of black "culture" and descent into pervasive criminality.  Worse, white youth and media types have exalted "gansta" behavior as something "cool."  Yeah, everything's fine.  Let's just keep pretending that we have nothing to talk about to improve the situation!

But with the prevailing political correctness so divorced  from reality, there can't even be any discussion of appropriate mitigating measures to help the situation.

It is a fact that, in every exam measuring academic aptitude or achievement, blacks scores are about 1.1 standard deviation lower than white (and even lower versus asians).  This is true even after 40 years of affirmative action and various programs to try to close the gap. This was discussed in the books "The Bell Curve" in 1994 and "The Black-White Test Score Gap" book in 1998.  It's true whether the test is the MCAT or LSAT, the SAT, the GRE or TASS or the Maryland School Performance Assessment Program.  Regarding IQ scores, the median of the black score distribution is 85 or about 1.1 standard deviations lower than the white average of 100.

You can't blame "culture" either as the 1.1 standard deviation holds up even when comparing scores of blacks and whites vs family income or family education.  (See Appendix B below).  Test scores go up for all groups with family income or education level--but still maintaining the 1.1 standard deviation gap.  Besides, cultural differences usually mean a difference in native language which is not the case in the US.

The most striking things about this situation follows:
  1. If your IQ is 85 or less, you would be expected to qualify for fairly menial jobs with low skills.  This group is half of the US black population.  Sure enough, half of all black high school students drop-out ensuring themselves of limited opportunities.  These people have been filled with false expectations by  the media and government and blame others for their predicament.  They have an idea that they are victims of whites which is a dangerous situation. Their predicament is not really anyone's fault, but their poverty, criminality and cultural collapse is a reality.  
  2. With the distribution above, perhaps 12% of blacks are technically "mentally retarded" or at least very limited.  What as a society should we do with these people?  Do we even know what happens with these people?  Do they end up in prison?  Should we guarantee a minimum income for these people who are arguably "disabled?"
  3. 85% of black Americans have IQs less than the average white American. This is pretty astonishing. Black people are led by their leadership to blame white people for this.  The reality is that it's not anyone's fault.
  4. On the top end of the black IQ distribution is an extremely few blacks with an IQ in the gifted (>130) range. In fact, with the 130 IQ cutoff at over 3.3 standard deviations, blacks are about 50 times fewer than whites in the gifted range (see Appendix A).  Without affirmative action programs there would very few blacks in any of the elite colleges, law or medical schools. This is confirmed by none other than the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.  It is almost a certainty that Obama would not have been admitted to Harvard without reduced affirmative action standards.  See my blog Grad School: Lower Admission Standards For Blacks and Less Results
  5. Not only would there very few blacks in professional schools without affirmative action programs, the gap between black and white is widening.  See my blog Grad School: Lower Admission Standards For Blacks and Less Results.   Meanwhile the Supreme Court has called for a phase-out of raced based admissions standards in 20 years.  Then what?

Solutions Not Being Discussed Due to Racial 'Political Correctness' Problem

  1. Where's the discussion about "vocational" high school for low IQ whites and blacks who are clearly not headed for college and may be headed for drop-out status??  Why not teach reading, writing and arithmetic along with vocational skills that would lead to such vocations as a) electrician, b) plumbing, c) secretarial skills, d) cooking, e) nursing assistants, etc??  
  2. How about year 'round high schools?  How about spending some money on qualified tutors to help high schoolers in need?  How about an army of volunteers to tutor students who are struggling?  Think Peace Corps for education.
  3. Lower skilled and lower IQ people may not be worth the minimum wage.  Naturally, higher minimum wages limit jobs.  So, when Obama calls for a $9 minimum wage, he's showing that he has no knowledge of economics and hurts the very people that he's supposedly trying to help.  He's essentially advocating higher unemployment for many people, both white and black.  The minimum wage should be abolished.  
  4. From my blog entitled Academic Disaster in Detroit where young black's academic test scores are perilously close to zero results. Do you think any of those kids are worth $9 per hour?  If minimum wage is a "training wage" shouldn't it be less, not more?  How about eliminating the minimum wage altogether?
  5. Are more welfare programs helping or hurting African Americans?  
  6. Lower corporate taxes to reduce the incentive for businesses to relocate overseas. Chinese inflation has eliminated their cost advantages now.  Bring back millions of jobs that relocated to Asia over the past 15 years!  This will help everyone!  Economic sluggishness hurts poor people and low skill people the worst.  Why can't anyone other than the Republicans see this problem??  And they call the Republicans the "stupid party??"  See my blog Blog Series #2 Solutions to Big Problems.
Yeah, everything's fine.  Let's just keep pretending that we have nothing to talk about to improve the situation!

Appendix A:  Typical Bell Curve Distributions Showing Standard Deviations

The following is a chart showing a typical bell curve distribution and standard deviations.

For IQs, white IQ scores have a median of 103 points with a standard deviation of about 15 points. From the chart above, whites with an IQ of 130 or above (greater than 2 standard deviations) is about 2.2% of the population.

For black populations in the USA, their IQ scores have a mean of 85 points with a standard deviation estimated at 13 points.  The number of blacks with an IQ greater than 130 is some 3.3 standard deviations or less than 0.1% of that population.  In fact there are 50 times fewer blacks with gifted IQs (>130) than whites statistically.

It's estimated that sub-Saharan populations have IQs less than 75, but there are 'cultural' and language differences for this group. I suspect that those IQ estimates of 75 would be way too high.

Appendix B  Typical Data Comparing Black and White Standardized Test Results

Math SAT Scores Vs Family Income

Verbal SAT Scores Vs Family Income
In the graphs above, note that the best black performance is still below that the lowest income white test-taker.
Verbal SAT Scores Vs Parental Education

Math SAT Scores Vs Parental Education


streetsatdawn said...

You say that we can't blame culture and then talk about how the basic difference remains even when normalized against income and education.

But why would you leave out the one and only compelling piece of evidence that culture might be a major factor? Namely that for blacks that were adopted into white families, the gap closes significantly.

And even more compelling (though slightly counter-intuitive): by high-school the gap widens again. What's interesting about this is that cultural influence makes sense.

The above doesn't refute what you've written. But it seems weird that you wouldn't include it. I figure you either were unaware? Or just don't like to sharply focus on evidence that doesn't support your bias? Hopefully, the former.

Unknown said...

There is so much flaw and missing information that I would conclude that you might have an IQ of 57. Why did you even write this blog?? Do some more research on this 'cultural difference' and the bias of the exams that are given based off of the writers and socioeconomic factors that might hinder one race from answering a subjective question differently that of another race. There is tons of research on that.

Then you are comparing a subsaharan African population to a westerner based off of a European standard. I'm sure you would be pretty close to retarded if you took a test they made too while never being introduced to their culture.

Shame on you

Black American
Anesthesia Support
Bachelors in Biology
128 IQ

Doug said...

Kyle, yes it's difficult to measure IQ for Sub-Saharans since IQ was always about predicting academic performance. They would score very well in "hunting intelligence" for instance.

Your response is mostly just pure emotion. No where do you state any counter-argument. If you do, I'm all ears. You don't really have any. There are no real errors in what I wrote. It's all well-known stuff.

I am very clear that I was talking about a statistical DISTRIBUTION in IQ scores. There are genius blacks but they are very rare.

I'm glad you measure more than 2 deviations than the median, but even with so-called "higher IQ" US blacks, they still show a lack of logic and can not separate emotions from your reasoning. I find that even high IQ black brains don't seem to function well.

I think you should go over and live in the Sub-Sahara. Much of it is in a pre-historic, primitive state with all problems of pre-historic people. It's not to say that they are bad people, but 1000s of years of advancement in thought have bypassed them.

Some 50 years after desegregation, busing, US blacks are not showing any improvement in academics. But there has been achievement in athletics! That's good. But I now see US blacks devolving into a haze of emotion, poor to no logic, very little reasoning and very little impulse control. Just look at any black majority area in this country or Brazil or Haiti. They are all dangerous, murderous, uncivilized areas. That's just the way it is with low median IQ populations. It's in stark contrast to high IQ populations.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Good information, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very enlightening on this topic. I am a liberal, and I've always tried to convince myself that the difference in educational performance between blacks and other races was due to economic differences resulting from discrimination.

However, now I am seeing that that is probably wrong. Blacks are naturally of lower intelligence on average. We do them no favors by pretending otherwise. They need a simpler education tailored to simpler employment. Those individual black students who are intellectually gifted should go to college, the rest should not. Trade schools or, at least, remedial HS should be their limit.

That doesn't mean they should be condemned to poverty. I am a firm believer in a universal livable wage. Anyone who works full time should be provided enough for a comfortable (but not extravagant) life.

Doug said...

Anonymous, we really do need trade schools for every student (regardless of race) who is not "college-bound." (If they want it.) We used to have them in this country. We need post High School "colleges" who teach book-keeping or basic accounting, culinary skills, wood-working, carpenter skills, etc. Right now, colleges of any kind are outrageously expensive including Art Institute, Devry Inst, etc. It would be good if local governments created these schools ---like High Schools---to teach job skills for those not "college material." There is a desperate need. Or there could be high schools for job training who teach basic reading, writing and arithmetic. THEY DON'T EXIST BECAUSE ALL OF THE STUDENTS WOULD BE BROWN OR BLACK. Our PC cultural bullshit is actually preventing something useful.

The military trains many young people both professionally and in other ways too.

Zero F said...

"Pure emotions"?
He gave fair criticism of your research. If he showed any slight emotions it doesn't make his criticism any less correct. Not only have black Americans improved in education and stability, but even black immigrants are doing well. Despite the difficulty of discrimination, they have it better since the last 50 years. So what do you mean they haven't improved after desegregation? What is any of this even based on? I feel like you just copy and pasted this from some Altright site.

Doug said...

ZeroF, nothing has improved. Much less than 50% of blacks are graduating high school. And even these statistics are exaggerated because NO ONE IS COUNTING ALL THE BLACK BOYS/MEN THAT ARE INCARCERATED. This is skewing all statistics for blacks including unemployment, high school graduation rates, etc.

Of the REMAINING black kids graduating high school, very few are "proficient" in 12th Grade skills, but 70% are taking government loan money to go to "college." Of course the schools are accepting all this money and creating bullshit "black studies" or other bullshit majors. NEARLY NONE OF THESE LOANS ARE BEING REPAID OR WILL BE REPAID. It's all a massive scam to keep these kids busy since the politicians and government have ruined our economy. See for more specific information.

You obviously haven't read any other blog that I've written since this post.

Yeah, there are a lot of good students coming from Ghana and Nigeria and of course US black kids are pissed off about that because US blacks are a bunch of miserable, entitled "victims".

Any improvement is just on the surface. When the government money runs out, we'll see the reality. Blacks are getting 3 times the rate of government redistributed money compared to whites. It's not going to last.

Quit living in a dream world. As is typical of blacks, you don't know what you're talking about. Nearly none do. I don't even listen to black people anymore because they don't know anything. Why bother.

Anonymous said...

oh so true , Heres something scary...A patient in a healthcare setting had a very high sodium rate above 149, the black nurse practitioner ordered one liter of 0.9% NSS via peripheral line at 100ml per hour. Yes, the genius ordered sodium for a patient with a dangerously high sodium level and the patient received the entire liter. I came in, just a basic nurse with a bachelors, said to myself, "What the ???? if they don't stop pushing these people through nursing and medical school law suits will never slow down!! I called the doc. He yelled at me, why didn't you stop her? I yelled back, its not my job to babysit her and teach her what a basic idiot could figure out on their own" Yes, I was very unhappy and decided long ago I'm not saving their asses anymore and apparently I'm not the only one considering the covid deaths from ventilators because they don't know what they're doing and blowing out peoples lungs. All people better wake up, it could be your kid, spouse, mother, sibling under substandard, pushed through college care for numbers.

Alex said...

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Anonymous said...

Doug, once again you nailed it!