Monday, October 22, 2012

Palestinians-100+ Years Of Hatred

The Palestinians are a "made up" people. There never really was a "Palestinian" identity for the Arabs living in the British Mandated Palestine region at the end of WWII nor was there was never any call for a "Palestinian" state at the time of Israel's creation in 1948. When the British left the region, the West Bank was absorbed by Jordan and Gaza was absorbed into Egypt. Even the name "Palestinians" was first used only after the 1968 Arab-Israeli war. And their claim to "ownership" of the land now part of Israel is a fiction used subsequently to promote the destruction of Israel by Israel's enemies.

A Century of Palestinian Rejectionism

There is a long history of Jew hatred and self-inflicted misery by the people in the area formerly known as Palestine. The current Palestinian movement, founded in the 1920s, has a sordid history including an alliance with Hitler and European fascism. In a recent book review of Sol Stern's book A Century of Palestinian Rejectionism in Real Clear Politics website, Siegel writes:
At the center of his account is the neglected and little known -- yet central -- figure of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Haj Amin al-Husseini. As the grand mufti of Jerusalem, he was the leader of the Palestinian movement from its inception in the 1920s in the wake of the British Balfour Declaration, into the 1950s, after which he was succeeded by his nephew Yasser Arafat......
Like Arafat and Abbas after him, time and again the mufti rejected any compromise. Driven by a sense of Islamic entitlement and Arab resentment of the West, insensible to the economic growth made possible by the relative prosperity of the Jews, the mufti urged his followers to embrace implacable hatred.
Siegel writes about the book:
In the Arab revolt of the late 1930s, Islamist crowds stormed through the streets of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter shouting slogans such as “Muhammad’s religion was born with the sword.” The mob killed, looted and burned. Two years of low-level war left the Jews stronger than ever and the local Arab economy in ruins, a scene that has recurred time and again. But the mufti saw hope for his cause in Hitler’s war against the allies and the Jews.
The Mufti of Jerusalem joined the Nazi's in Berlin during World War II and that by 1948, the British left the region and the state of Israel was founded, the
Arab Muslims living in that region were joined by Nazis, Polish reactionaries, Yugoslav Chetniks, and Bosnian Muslims flocked [into Palestine] for the war against the Jews to exterminate them. In the wake of the 1948 war, the West Bank now claimed by the Palestinians became part of Jordan and Egypt took Gaza. But there was no thought in Egypt or Jordan or the larger Arab-Islamic world of creating a Palestinian state.
So, the "Palestinian issue" is just a canard for a long history of hatred by Muslims and radicals who gathered in the region to fight and kill Jews before and after WWII. There is no change as of today.  Hatred rules. Compromise is an anathema.
Palestinians are bound by official agreements to negotiate directly with Israel and that they have twice in the last decade refused the very state they’re now asking for from the U.N.  In 2000 and 2008, Israel agreed to the creation of a Palestinian state with virtually all of the territory it had before the 1967 war. Unfortunately, Palestinian leaders have never been, and are not now, prepared to permanently give up the claim to all of the land first laid out by their Islamist leaders in the 1920s.
Any opportunity to make peace with Israel, in recent history, has ended in failure with Palestinian intransigence. They simply can't tolerate peace!

Forget the political correctness, Islam itself needs a radical reform. Otherwise, there will be wars fought against evil people who wrap themselves in the name of Islam. Unfortunately, there is little chance of reform or self-reflection.

We all reap the harvest of what we sow. Mature people accept that they themselves are responsible for their happiness or unhappiness. This applies to entire peoples.  Instead, Palestinians always blame Jews for their problems. On any fine morning the Palestinians could have decided (especially before walls were built) to give up their hatred and work with Israeli people and benefit from the only democratic and prosperous economy in the region. Yes, I said it, just give up! But instead, they are behind walls in a living hell, and ruled by thugs,

The "Palestinians" would starve except for International aid. This aid or "welfare" allows them to cling to their flawed and ruinous beliefs and hatred.--still blaming others for their suffering.  As it turns out, this misery extends back 100 and maybe 1000 years.

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