Friday, September 1, 2017

Victimhood And The Utter Devastation of US Blacks

The recovery in Texas is well underway. The search and rescue stage rapidly transitioned to a rebuilding stage-- all done through civilized people organizing themselves and doing what's necessary. There is NO Federal involvement at all in these most important hours. The State of Texas quickly activated the National Guard and shelters sprang up thanks to the City of Houston and private agencies to house the flood-displaced. Locals have turned out in droves to assist. But the Feds haven't done anything. And that's a good thing!

Texas shows what happens what a civic-minded  populations (Whites and Hispanics) do when there is a need: they get off their ass and start doing something. I call it "spontaneous organization." It occurs where people show up and band together in a common cause. The "Cajun Navy" took it upon itself to show up and got to work with the rain still pouring down! The "Texas Navy" also showed up!

Compare this to the pathetic response of Big Government (FEMA) to Katrina where it took the Feds one week just to show up. During that week, the local black population at first did nothing but wait, complain and starve to death. Mind you, all of these people were told to evacuate days earlier, but blacks don't respect anyone in authority--white or black. Then they immediately descended into a criminal, violent mayhem. They literally have no idea of working together nor any understanding of a common good. Whites in New Orleans might have helped, but they knew to stay miles away from these people. Soon thousands of blacks fled to Houston (and other places) causing the Houston crime rate to skyrocket. In short, they aren't civilized people. And they aren't anywhere else in the world either.

The combination of Blacks and Big Government (Democrats) is beyond pathetic. It's harmful, toxic and ruinous. And they want to extend this ruin to the rest of the nation too.

A couple of friends of mine went to volunteer at one of the large venues in Houston used to house displaced persons. They were sweeping and cleaning while able-bodied blacks sat and watched and played the victim card. They didn't lift a finger. Mind you, none of these people were injured, just displaced by water in their dwellings. My friends were rightly furious!

We've seen this before on a larger scale too. Both Detroit and Pittsburgh lost 50% of their population due to the de-industrialization that was permitted by both national political parties over 40 years. But Detroit's decay was also caused by 60 years of corrupt, criminal and incompetent black Democrats voted-in by a stupid electorate (repeated in a similar way in many major cities). Detroit ended up in moral and economic bankruptcy thanks to Blacks and Democrats. Now it's in the hands of white attorneys and white bankruptcy judges who have finally started to turn things around. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, after it's economic devastation, picked itself up, recovered and was recently voted the best city to live in the US. The difference? Pittsburgh is 90% white and Detroit is 70% black. The difference is literally black and white.

There is little evidence that any majority black community or nation on earth can adequately manage themselves and/or govern themselves. This is as true in Baltimore, New Orleans and Detroit as it is from Africa to Brazil. Black populations only tear down and rarely "build up." They literally ruin everything.

Black majorities elsewhere in the world are failing and collapsing -- and very few ascending. Every black majority city in the Americas (both North and South) is highly dangerous due to murders, crime, chaos and have poor health, lower life expectancy and widespread poverty. This is true even in the US after massive transfer payments for decades from the government to help them! The war on poverty has failed because black culture has failed; in part, because of this government intervention. The US has "helped" black people like they "helped" Native Americans.

Johnson's war on poverty, with $21 Trillion pissed away (and paid for by OPM), has ended up causing more poverty than ever. It turns out that Johnson's "war on poverty" was just a scheme to buy votes -- and it worked! 90% of blacks still vote for "free stuff." That Hillary was the most corrupt person to EVER run for President didn't matter. And evidence of her $100 million bribery scheme was never reported by the Left-wing scumbag media. Blacks, who never know anything, blind to everything, turned out for her in droves. They literally don't know what's good for them. Or it's never dawned on them to vote for the good of country -- not their free stuff.

And Democrats have emphasized to their faithful followers that they are victims and they are correct to blame the white man for all their problems. Their state of victim-hood is complete. The result is utter devastation.

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