Saturday, July 4, 2020

We've Already Spent $7+ Trillion on Black 'Reparations' -- It Failed

The 99% idiot "Black Caucus" in the House of Representatives is going to take advantage of our current social chaos to divert (waste) even more money to blacks for "reparations." More "march of the morons" since we'd be paying people who were never slaves by people who never owned slaves!

The reality is that we've already spent at least $7+ Trillions in black "reparations" in the past 56 years and it didn't work.

Lyndon Johnson launched his "war on poverty"in January 1964 in an effort to reduce poverty in this country. He sold it as a temporary support to blacks to give them a leg up.  After $21 Trillion in expenditures and a vastly increased cost of permanent government bureaucracies, it hasn't worked. In fact, it has done much more harm than good.

At least 30% of this $21 Trillion, or $7 Trillion, was spent on the Black population in a very real attempt at "reparations."   (See my post Blacks, Hispanics and Illegals Dominate Welfare Spending.)  It was also the beginning of "free stuff" for blacks to keep them voting for Democrats. There's TANF, Section 8 housing, Food stamps, Medicaid, AFDC, Head Start, hiring quotas, set-asides, sharply lowered standards in police and fire departments. Sharply lowered standards for college and grad school admissions. "Free money" student loans that will never be repaid. We have free breakfasts for black children and even free lunches.

Taken together, US Blacks live in a state of "Custodial Care" by Whites because they can't take care of themselves.

Nothing has worked. Nothing ever will. This money is paid to the most unworthy people in the world -- by the most worthy people in the world.  Until people take responsibility for themselves and their own families and communities, nothing will ever work.

All this because our society cannot admit that black intelligence is too low, they hold too many bad ideas, have little logic and black criminality is far too high to support any kind of higher level of civilization

But what's worse is that all this money and it's perverse incentives (to break up marriages) has WORSENED Black life in America since 1964 and we can't admit THAT either!

Since the start of the war on poverty, black kids are NOT doing better in school, housing projects built for ghetto blacks are all slums (a complete lack of personal responsibility), and drug violence, gun violence, incarcerations, STD infections and black abortions remain at epidemic levels.  Black high school completion rates are about the same as ever, ie., ~50%.

Black culture is actually much worse now.  Black culture is in virtual collapse with 72% of black babies born without a father in the house. Compare this to only 25% when the "war on poverty" was started.  I can't think of a single more devastating statistic to describe a cultural collapse than the 72% figure; indicating that the institution of marriage has collapsed.  Single parent families are nearly all in a state of poverty. That's where we are after 56 years of "reparations."

"Reparations" has help cause a complete and utter Black cultural collapse.

The result of the cultural collapse is evident from appalling crime statistics, the fact that 70% of new AIDs cases are black, gonnorhea infection rates are 13 to 18 times the white average, and black men commit 56% of homocides even though they are 6.5% of the population. Blacks commit crime at 6 to 7 times the rate of whites (higher in urban areas) and are incarcerated in that same proportion. Now we have "flash mob robberies" and "knockout assaults" that are overwhelmingly black crimes.

You can throw all the money in the world at social programs for people, but if there is laziness, addictions, bad attitudes and bad decisions, low intelligence and little impulse control, high levels of violence, it will over-ride any and all social programs. Of course the Left never wants to hear about personal responsibility when they are the most irresponsible.  They want to blame our economic system, take more and more of your tax dollars and piss that money away on programs that aren't working.

Black kids will never be hired when they often can't speak right, they often can't dress right, when they often have no self-respect, no discipline and no education. This is the problem today, yesterday and 50 years ago.  No amount of money spent, no government bureaucrat and no bureaucracy can fix this.  Why don't we admit that we've failed?  

Why can't Blacks admit that they are failures?  Instead, you get 100% denial, 100% of the time and a punch in the face.  A little humility would go a long way with me.


Anonymous said...

You can’t shine shxt! .... reparations (aka: even more free shit ) WE all saw them stealing flat screen TVs , sneakers, and liquor!! Like savage cockroaches.... Looting and so so proud of it! What a complete and National embarrassment!

They are the Sodom and Gomorrah of the Bible.

Every major US city has been ruined from this Negro scourge.... no exceptions...And Yes!; as you point out, it’s only getting worse!

Just Watch A&E’s The First 48 Hours ...mostly of all the shows are all Afros drive- by killings and neighborhood shooting! Every lying, greasy, dirty, rapist, Negro has got his head down sleeping in the interrogation room...Cops have his DNA all over the scene... “I was just chillin at home” ... you know what I’m saying ... playing video games.... I didn’t do nuffin...” ....OK! Sure!...25 to life....

They are a subculture of useless mostly uneducated animals not fit for this society. Dumb as a 1850 field Negro but with cell phones and semi-s.

We have a dream too... Our White Privilege to send them all back marked as “defective farm equipment! “ ...with no exceptions!

OilFieldExecutive said...

Once again and again you have nailed to the BARN WALL PERFECTLY!!! And once again I have shared this on Facebook which equals