Friday, September 14, 2012

US Foreign Policy Weakness Bears Bitter Fruit

Flashback to the campaign in 2008 when Obama was sure that some good ole' sweet talking from a newly apologetic chief executive would do the trick in all of our foreign conflicts. The President must have really believed in his own magic.  It sounded good to "the masses" but extremely naive to others like myself.

But the subsequent foreign policy pursued by this administration is best characterized by a) appeasement of enemies, for example, Russia, b) unilateral withdrawals and concessions (withdrawal from Afghanistan and not placing defensive missiles in Poland and Czech Republic for example), c) a grossly naive characterization of Islam as peace-loving (they're not!), d) strange misunderstandings of historical alliances (France is our strongest ally?!?) and an alienation of traditionally strong allies (Israel, Britain) and e) Isolationism and multilateralism; a pulling back from the traditional strong leadership of the US in the world (abandoning Mubarak and the neutered Qadafi, too much faith in the UN), f) follow the leader.

As a final blow to our declining influence, the hefty US defense budget cuts in the upcoming "fiscal cliff" sequestration underscore the decline of America finances now and in the future.  Nothing is happening to prevent it, so we'll see a permanent weakening of our military that will surely reduce America's global influence well into the future especially if Obama is re-elected.  I think the defense budget can be cut, but it needs to be done in a more thoughtful way--not through some automatic trigger, or "gimmick"---like a pawn in some kind of game being played by Congress.

I guarantee that the world without an active and strong America will not be pretty nor peaceful.  Contrary to Obama's ignorant views, America really is the shining beacon on the hill.  It's a pity that he neither sees it nor understands it.  The world is descending into an abyss due to poor and even evil global leadership--and not just in America.

We are only starting to see the fruits of this projected weakness, naivete and lack of leadership on the international front.

Witness the "gratitude" of Islamists in Egypt and Libya for our support for "hope and change" in those countries.  Gee, in hindsight, we were better off with Qadafi.  But we supported his overthrow!   Surely, since the attacks started on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, is especially galling and may even point to Al Qaeda.  Arab spring was always a misnomer for the very naive.  Arab hell will prove to be more accurate.

Israel and Iran
Obama has said recently that the "US will always have Israel's back".   This is yet another example of empty rhetoric as Obama refuses to take a meeting with Netanyahu later this September.  Yes, I understand that the US doesn't want to invoke a "line in the sand" or a timeline regarding Iran, but to not talk to the Israeli prime minister at all??   This is unacceptable in my view.  Obama has a lot to learn from Netanyahu---which may be part of the problem.  Obama doesn't like to be schooled and it shows.

Israel is feeling more and more exposed to the Islamic idiots in Tehran who have gleefully called for Israel's destruction and are increasingly in a position to achieve this end with nuclear weapons.  It's a fight for Israel's survival.

Obama's snub of Netanyahu is emboldening Iran who are more clear than ever that America will never do anything (as long as Obama is in power).   Without US support if Israel strikes at the enrichment sites, will Israel have to use tactical nukes to permanently put the sites out of commission?  Oh boy.

I guess that America didn't have any choice, but turning our back on Mubarak was a big mistake too.  We were better off with him too.  We were damned if we do and damned if we don't in Egypt as the Arab "Spring" turns predictably into Arab Winter.  Arab hell is next.  So, Israel faces a much more unstable enemy in Egypt and it may get much worse.  Wait until Egypt ties up with Iran.  A meeting is already in the works.

Meanwhile, hell-bent Muslims in Egypt are persecuting Christians now with impunity, crucifying people for religious crimes according to the Koran and the US is going to give Egypt two billion dollars in aid??   

How about that thug Putin working out more "flexibility" (off microphone) with Obama behind the scenes as he clamps down further on human rights, murders political enemies both in Russia and outside and sees himself as President for life?   Obama tossed Poland and the Czech Republic under the bus to appease Putin.  The result??   A big fat goose egg.  Putin still supports the horrible, murderous Assad and the horrible murderous Mullahs in Iran.  And anyone that disagrees with him can go to jail!   Just ask the "Pussy Riot" girls.   Wonderful!  Russia opposes everything that America wants and stands for.  Lovely.

The world keeps getting worse and more dangerous.  All of this is sounding more and more like the feckless Jimmy Carter, who allowed the Shah of Iran into America in 1979 and was rewarded with a hostage crisis in Tehran.

America needs some competent leadership who actually understand these historical lessons.

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