Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Poll: Obama's Approval Rating Down to 47%

A CNN/ORC poll showing Obama’s approval rating down 8 points and his disapproval rating up 7 points since the propaganda campaign in September.  Fifty percent of those polled disapproved of Obama’s efforts while only 47% approved.

There's that 47% number again! It also happens to be percentage of the people not paying any taxes or more likely, having NEGATIVE taxes. Yes, I know, many of these people are retirees on social security or veterans retired on military benefits. But there are plenty of 'gimme dats' and 'welfare queens' in that number too.

The poll showed that the Democratic party had a 48% 'unfavorable' rating whereas the Republicans had a 54% 'unfavorable' view.

Here are some other results of the poll:
"Americans still respond positively to the president's personal characteristics - it's his stands on the issues that they disagree with," says Holland. "Fewer than a third approve of how the president is handling the government's budget and fiscal policies, and the White House's 'charm offensive' has not registered with the American public."
Fifty-six percent say Obama is not doing enough to cooperate with the Republicans in Congress. Not great, but less than seven in ten who feel that the Republicans are not doing enough to cooperate with Obama.
Only 31% say they approve of how the president's handling the budget and fiscal policy. Again, nothing to brag about but higher than the 19% who give the Republicans in Congress a thumbs up on the issue. And Americans are divided on whether the White House or congressional Republicans has the better budget and fiscal policies.

To summarize, sheeple respondents said that they disagreed with basically all of Obama's policies and performance but like the guy personally.  But respondents gave Republicans WORSE scores than Obama!  Obviously, Republicans have an image problem when they get worse marks on the budget!!  The do-nothing, head-in-the-sand president  couldn't hold a candle to Paul Ryan (or anyone else for that matter) when it comes to understanding budgets.  Instead, he continues to say "what problem?" while the media continues to applaud "their man."

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