Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Obama: Wrong About Everything

It's almost funny how wrong Obama's Left is, if it wasn't so sad and detached from reality.  Yep, extreme Leftism is a mental illness when it's clash with reality is so striking.  Let me count the ways that Obama is wrong. They are:

Wrong about Russia and Putin, wrong about Libya, wrong about Iran, wrong about tossing Mubarak and Gadafi under the bus, wrong about supporting the Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi (now facing a death sentence in Egypt),  wrong about continued support of Muslim Brotherhood, wrong about trying to restore financial power to Iranian Mullahs, wrong about lending financial support to the Castro brothers (asking nothing in return), wrong to completely abandon Iraq and failing to work with Maliki, wrong about how to fight ISIS and it's entire Middle East (non-)strategy, wrong about Islam and it's ignorance and extremist problem, wrong about Netanyahu and his antipathy to Israel, wrong to insult US allies in Middle East by giving a “big gift” to the Mullahs in Iran.

Wrong to help disarm Ukraine in 2009 (as Senator Obama), wrong not to support the Baltic states after Russian aggression, wrong not to speak up and support Iranian student protests in 2009, wrong to go AWOL during Benghazi attack. Wrong to order the entire executive branch to lie and spin about the real terror nature of Benghazi attack.

Wrong about "they didn't build that," wrong about blaming honest and responsible gun owners for everything, wrong about the VA and his faith in socialized medicine, wrong about IRS abuses, wrong to lie about no 'smidgeon of corruption,'

He's wrong and continues to be wrong in trying to make Congress irrelevant and subverting our Constitutional system just because he's completely incompetent in his job,  wrong about shovel-ready jobs, wrong to heap $8 Trillion in new debt on the next generation (with nothing to show for it!), proven wrong about his unilateral immigration action by multiple Fed Judges overruling his illegal executive order, wrong to ignore public discontent with his immigration policy during the 2014 election, wrong to create chaos at our borders by promising to not enforce existing laws and by promising "free stuff" to the lowest of the low immigrants, wrong about climate change, wrong about wanting expensive energy when we need cheaper energy, wrong about the war on coal and raising income taxes during a recession, wrong about the minimum wage.

Wrong about the UNaffordable Care Act, proven wrong about every supposed benefit, wrong to make non-ACA compliant policies illegal, wrong about mandates, wrong about exaggerating ACA's "success"-- Wrong to destroy America's vibrant free-market healthcare marketplace to help just 1.5% of the US population. Wrong to hide the law’s obvious failures from the public until after the 2012 election.

Wrong about the Cambridge cop, overruled by Zimmerman jury, wrong about thug Michael Brown and overruled by Ferguson cop jury, wrong to secretly agitate in Ferguson and Sanford via the DOJ, wrong to conduct negotiation of trade rules, Iran and climate change treaties in complete secrecy, wrong about drone policy, wrong about claiming a transparent administration. Wrong about Fox News.

Yet, despite being wrong about everything, snubbing Allies, spanked by courts and election losses, this ignorant and supremely arrogant slacker is unapologetic and certain that he's right about everything despite all evidence to the contrary.  Sick, disgusting and disgraceful.

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