Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Americans Have Forgotten What Economic Freedom Looks Like

Most buses, taxis and many cars in Bangkok are fueled with CNG and many stations have a CNG “pump.” Natural gas is cheaper than gasoline there (like here). I imagine some of the other Thai cities there have it too (but don’t know).

Buses in Thailand cities come every 2 or 3 minutes or you just get a taxi for $1 or $2 for local rides—not like the US with very high taxi rates. Because they are so frequent, convenient and cheap, everyone uses the buses and taxis. They are cheap because, in part, they are all using CNG! 

In Thailand, transportation is cheap because there are many bus companies and individuals with vans to offer transportation. It’s all open to intense competition as it's unregulated. The result: you only have to wait 3 minutes for a bus in Thailand. And a bus ride is only 20 cents!

In so-called "advanced" societies, like American cities, whose mass transit bus services are city-run monopolies, you have to wait 45 min or more for any bus (in my town of Houston for instance). So, few people use them except drunks taking a ride or the poor. It takes forever to get anywhere. Then, we continue to build and widen roads for all the personal automobiles because the bus system stinks.

And bus route coverage here is very, very limited. There are far too FEW buses. It’s because “government”doesn't make capital investments well. Government-run buses are expensive. The fare alone is $2 or $3 for crappy service and taxpayers are likely FURTHER subsidizing pensions for overpaid unionized bus drivers! It's corruption. Oh, and taxi medallions are a government monopoly as well which increases the fares!

Meanwhile, we have 19 lanes on a major freeway (I-10) thru Houston and IT’S NOT ENOUGH! Imagine the $BILLIONS that 19 lanes cost??? No one can figure out the problem because we as a people have forgotten the power of economic freedom.  We can't take advantage of cheap CNG. And we can't seem to understand the problem of government and government monopolies.

We have a lot to learn from Thai people. It’s not just their ability to adapt quickly to alternative transportation fuels, but Thai people know MUCH more about economic freedom than Americans or Europeans. There are micro-business stalls lining most streets. Not many Thai people are waiting for corporations to give them jobs; they just go set up a table to sell noodle soup, or trinkets, or tools, or clothes to the passerbys. They know they are responsible for themselves —like America used to be. There's no government programs to sign-up for.

Great things result from real economic freedom and high levels of competition. Most Americans now have no recollection now of what economic freedom looks like! We’ve been led to believe that various governments are the answer to too many things. Governments ARE often the problem. Americans ARE also a big part of the problem. We’ve lost our way!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Orwell's 1984 Fully In Effect in Europe

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
George Orwell

In my blog post Leftists Are Fascists and Nazis, I indicated that Europe's political elite are enforcing a totalitarianism not seen since Communist East Germany and the USSR. They are aggressively prosecuting any person, including Presidential candidates, that dare speak the truth. It's all about radical political correctness by Leftist leaders and their captive mass media to hide the obvious and massive problems that large-scale, non-selective immigration of mostly Muslim men is causing. The ruling elites have CAUSED this, and they refuse to acknowledge or change it! They refuse to see that they are dead wrong. And no one is allowed to speak the obvious truth or you'll be imprisoned. Welcome to Orwellian Europe.

Except for the willfully-blind Leftists and their complicit and corrupt media, it's easy for everyone else to now see why the entire Middle East is in a cultural collapse. It's the Muslims, stupid! Now, these same people are bringing collapse to Europe too. And a big part of that collapse is where EU authorities attack and imprison good people who simply express plain and obvious truths.

From Free Market Shooter:
After countless terror attacks in the name of Islam on European soil, it seems authorities in the EU are more angry over citizen’s freedom of speech and expression…
On Tuesday, Sussex police arrested 50 year-old Nigel Pelham; charged with eight counts of “publishing… written material intending to sir up religious hatred against Muslims”, it’s laughable to consider what he’s being punished for – it’s surreal! The “offensive” posts spanned between February 24 and November 16, 2015.
On that same day, German police raided the homes of 36 people accused of hateful postings over social media. Yes, the biggest problem facing the EU is hate but not the kind they’re punishing. Thus, Mr. Pelham and the 36 who had their homes raided had their fundamental human rights violated…
Totalitarianism combined with severe ongoing economic stagnation, grotesque and failing Central Bank and Government interventions, crushing debt, a failing currency experiment, failing banks, and the high risk of a financial crisis all spell inevitable crisis and collapse.  When everything is wrong, how can that be sustainable? It isn't. 

Thank God that our Founding Fathers of the USA enshrined freedom of speech and other liberties in our Bill of Rights.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Government Fake Data: 93% of Jobs Created Since 2008 Due to Fictitious Birth/Death Adjustment

In my 2014 blog "3.3 Million Jobs Created Thru 'Faulty' Birth/Death Adjustment," I estimated that some 42% of all job gains reported since 2009 were created by the now-fictitious business birth/death adjustment. It may be far worse than that. Morningside Hill has reported that some 93% of all job creation since 2008 are probably fake. 

The Birth/Death adjustment was designed to capture the jobs at new, small firms who are missed in employment surveys. It's important because small start-up firms are the major job creators in the economy. Historically, in a healthy economy, start-up firm's job creation typically exceeds small firm failures by a wide margin. But, this situation hasn't been true since the 2007 crisis. In fact business deaths have exceeded new business births since 2008. This means that the Birth/Death adjustment since 2008 should be nearly zero or negative -- not hugely positive.

Fake Job Creation Compliments of the US Govt-Especially after 2008
But evidence shows that more businesses are dying than being created which means there is no basis for a positive Birth/Death adjustment since 2008. From Morningside Hill:

After the 2007 Crisis More Businesses Are Dying Than Born (The Trend Continued After 2011)
Business "Births" Remained Lower After 2009 To The Present
So, we're left with the situation where fully 93% of all job creation sinced since 2008 and 40% of the jobs in 2016 alone were added through the business birth and death model – a model which is not supported by the data.  Here are the figures from Morningside Hill:

So where are all the reported jobs coming from?  We're told that the number of jobs has recovered and finally exceeded the number of employed in 2007.

Well, full-time jobs are being replaced by multiple part-time positions, and are double and triple counted in the Establishment Survey, so the numbers of jobs sound impressive, but the quality of jobs has declined.

The US has added a net 6.7 million jobs over the past 9 years and most were part-time jobs, while the birth and death model added 6.3 million of these jobs, this means that the actual number of full-time jobs has declined significantly. This explains why wages are mostly declining. It's also why inflation is not heating-up in general. The employment situation is still not good -- despite what the government tells you.

The sad thing is that all of the highly-paid and PhD educated economists at the Federal Reserve must believe the phony government numbers. Janet Yellen insists that the economy is nearly overheating and that the Fed must increase interest rates to tame inflation.

But it's just a case of errors on top of errors. They (the Fed) really don't know what they're doing.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hooray For White People!

I'm tired of hearing from minorities complaining about "White Privilege" or otherwise denigrating White people as if white people are the big problem in our country. Nearly all of these complainers are minority Democrats; which has become the anti-white party in a country of 70% white people.

The simple truth is that about 95% of all the world's technological, scientific, medical, engineering and philosophical advancements and inventions were conceived and developed by white people. Not only that, but white people, mostly English-speaking people, invented political, personal and economic freedom, religious freedom, rule of law, guaranteed rights and personal liberty that are now uniquely enshrined in our law.

There is a 1000 year history of Anglo ideas and philosophies, dating from Pre-Norman times to the Magna Carta and beyond, that ultimately culminated in the exceptional US Constitution. These outstanding ideas, combined with the work ethic and Judeo-Christian ethic of mostly European immigrants to the US, led to the most successful and vibrant political, economic and social "experiment" ever seen in world history: the USA. Our Constitutional government and our prosperity has been the envy of the world for 230 years now. You could say that it is white people who invented modern civilization. And few nations, except the mostly white nations of the British commonwealth, have successfully emulated the US success.

Yes, history is a brutal, unfair and bloody place for all of mankind, but it was white, mostly English-speaking people, that were the first cultures to eliminate slavery that was a scourge of the earth for 5000+ years. By the late 18th century, in Philadelphia, Paris and London, concurrent discussions about eliminating slavery were taking place and soon after, slavery was eliminated in their countries and colonies.  In contrast and as an extreme example, slavery was only outlawed in Mauritania in 2007!

Here's just some of the zillions of other accomplishments of white people (from Burning Platform):
Look around you. Can you find anything with a moving part that was not invented by whites? Anything electronic? Cars, telephones, computers, aircraft, antibiotics, on and on–all sprang from the minds of white people. You are not supposed to say such things, and could be run out of a university for it–but ask yourself, if you have the courage: Is it true? [Of course it's true.]

The Hubble Space Telescope: twenty-five hundred years of phenomenally complex math, physics, electronics, optics, and chemistry went into the Hubble. It is entirely a white man’s show. Nobody else has come close. Your professors will not want you to think this. They will not want you to think. But you have a mind. Use it.

Look around your university. Who do you see taking the hard subjects–math, chemistry, physics, engineering, philosophy, computer science? Whites and Asians…right? Are they the kind of people who complain constantly about White Privilege? You may notice a pattern here: Those who can, do. The rest bitch and moan.
Take the Hadron Collider, a gigantic particle accelerator at CERN, in Switzerland, a massive instrument for research in subatomic physics. It is one of the greatest and most challenging projects of humanity. The Japanese could do this if they wanted to badly enough and soon, perhaps, the Chinese. They didn’t. The technology is a white man’s show, starting from Athens 2500 years ago. Are you sure you should be ashamed of this?
Here's just a few other mostly-white accomplishments: Euclidean geometry. Parabolic geometry. Hyperbolic geometry. Projective geometry. Differential geometry. Calculus: Limits, continuity, differentiation, differential equations, integration. Physical chemistry. Organic chemistry. Biochemistry. Classical mechanics. The indeterminacy principle. The wave equation. The Parthenon. The Anabasis. Air conditioning. Number theory. Romanesque architecture. Gothic architecture. Information theory. Entropy. Enthalpy. Every symphony ever written. Pierre Auguste Renoir. The twelve-tone scale. The mathematics behind it, twelfth root of two and all that. S-P hybrid bonding orbitals. The Bohr-Sommerfeld atom. The purine-pyrimidine structure of the DNA ladder. Single-sideband radio. All other radio. Dentistry. The internal-combustion engine. Turbojets. Turbofans. Doppler beam-sharpening. Penicillin. Airplanes. Surgery. The mammogram. The Pill. The condom. Polio vaccine. The integrated circuit. The computer. Football. Computational fluid dynamics. Tensors. The Constitution. Euripides, Sophocles, Aristophanes, Aeschylus, Homer, Hesiod. Glass. Rubber. Nylon. Skyscrapers. The piano. The harpsichord. Elvis. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. (OK, that’s nerve gas, and maybe we didn’t really need it.) Silicone. The automobile. Really weird stuff, like clathrates, Buckyballs, and rotaxanes. The Bible. Bug spray. Diffie-Hellman, public-key cryptography, and RSA. Et cetera again and again.
If you talk about these accomplishments on college campuses, in front of black kids, you will be labeled "white supremacist!" But this is just sour grapes. US blacks should also be more realistic about their abilities and they'd be more happy. Their 'sour grapes' attitude brings unhappiness. And miserable they are.

Conversely, most Latinos and Asians correctly respect white people and their unmatched accomplishments. They accept that they are not as accomplished as the Northern Europeans and their descendants. Instead, they work hard to emulate this success. Here's the thing; acceptance of yourself realistically in the "pecking order" of abilities and culture leads to personal happiness. Latinos and Asians are happy people as they leap-frog blacks to prosperity. 

Rather than be angry, black folks should be more grateful too. Black people in modern America are able to enjoy our peace and prosperity. Unlike pre-1960 America, they can freely live in white and/or Latino neighborhoods and enjoy the peaceful, orderly, prosperous communities that whites and Latinos have created. Where they are forced by poverty or choice to live in majority black neighborhoods, the conditions are dangerous, impoverished, unhealthy and unhappy. Keep in mind, it could be worse, they could be living in the still deplorable conditions of Africa!  Count your blessings, people.

On campuses, you hear ignorant, uninformed black and Latino students, most of them unqualified to even be in college, complain about "white privilege" or even try to reverse-discriminate against whites. I am reading more and more cases where blacks are self-segregating meetings, dorms, lectures and speeches etc to exclude whites. It's because these black students can't compete with whites in reasoning and logic and they know it.

I'm still thinking about the all-black cast of the Broadway play "Hamilton" where whites were told not to apply to casting calls! Then those same people, all Black, who only read aloud what others have written and therefore only "appear" to be learned and intelligent, lectured the newly-elected VP, Mike Pence, a man who is actually leading the nation. Sorry, but Blacks for the most part are arrogant, ignorant and know nothing.

The entire Leftist culture, blacks, Big Corporate (corrupt) media and Hollywood tries to minimize the wildly successful history of the white northern Europeans who "invented" the social, technological and political foundations for the prosperity, freedom and happiness that a billion people enjoy today in Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. The problem for the Left is that our genius white Founding Fathers had values that are the very definition of Conservative: They founded a culture that champions self-determination, self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, charity that takes care of your own, the primacy of family, community and church, the worship of God, minimal government and minimal regulation. The Left wants to change all that thinking they have a better way. And they have largely succeeded in upending our conservative heritage. Now we have big government and big corruption that is threatening our financial and social stability, We have excessive regulation and too many idle people living at the expense of others causing our nation to careen toward complete financial and social collapse mostly due to corruption and unsound policies of a massive and incompetent government, a government that is unable to fix all the problems that IT caused.

White persons are under attack in this country by ignorant minorities and the Leftists who dominate our schools and universities. The ridiculous complaint of "White Privilege" shows how intellectually bereft blacks and the so-called social justice warriors are. There is so much ignorance in our country-- and it's mostly found in the ranks of Blacks and Democrats.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More Analyses Confirm Solar & Wind Power Is More Of a Problem Than Solution

I just posted an article entitled Large Scale Solar & Wind Power Not The Solution: Too Many Problems and Costs. There I make the argument that these unreliable and low-quality power sources are too expensive to be adopted on a wide scale. Where it is adopted on a large scale, in Europe, electricity prices are three times higher in order to provide the widespread subsidies for both consumers and conventional utilities. These alternative power supplies are not economic in a free market, especially when all the costs are included.

More evidence of how uneconomic these forms of power are is found in an article from Mises Institute called "More Solar Jobs Is a Curse, Not a Blessing" and an article from Zero Hedge.  The Mises article talks about the large employment in these alternative energy industries. More jobs are good right?? Not really. Instead, the large number of jobs shows how inefficient, unproductive and wasteful this industry relative to the small quantity of power that they produce.

From ZeroHedge,
Looking at electricity generated per worker, Coal generated an incredible 7,745 megawatt-hours of electricity per worker; natural gas 3,812 MWH per worker; wind a measly 836 MWH for every employee; and solar an abysmal 98 MWH per worker.
In other words, producing the same amount of electricity requires one coal worker, two natural gas workers — 12 wind industry employees or 79 solar workers.
In truth, about the only thing solar and wind companies do well is collect billions of dollars in subsidies from taxpayers and billions of dollars in much higher electricity rates from consumers. 
And when you look at the overall picture, solar and wind power generation is even worse than this.

Wind and solar's inefficiency extends to the cost to manufacture and install wind and solar power generating equipment. More carbon may be emitted in the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of this equipment than they save!  It takes a lot of land, steel, concrete, transmission lines to build these facilities all requiring fossil fuels to produce and install.

Wind and solar are so unreliable that they require nearly 100% backup by convention fossil fuel power plants which doubles the capital investment (going forward). By this measure alone, wind and solar at least doubles their installed cost. No "experts" will tell you about this. The cost of grid modifications are also never included in any solar or wind energy analysis either. The only way these facilities are built is through various subsidies from various governments. And once subsidies are provided to solar and wind producers, subsidies are also required by the conventional power producers.  Wind and Solar power isn't economic and they probably fail to reduce carbon emissions as well.

Wind and solar power are not our long-term solution for large-scale power. As I stated in my post, the world needs more inexpensive energy not more expensive energy. And these alternative supplies aren't so carbon-free either. Only ideologically blinded people like Obama and Merkel are unable to see these facts. Welcome to more evidence of Western Civilization's death by intellectual idiots.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Movie "Hidden Figures" is Fake History

We live in a time where is everything for public consumption is increasingly fake and propagandized. Much of it comes from the MSM, a huge amount from Washington DC, and a bunch from Hollywood. These are places where professional liars and propagandists are in charge.

Hollywood's latest propaganda is the movie "Hidden Figures" which tries to portray a story that a handful of black ladies were the key to the Apollo moon shot and that they had to battle racism to accomplish their feat.

The problem is that it's mostly not true. Yes, it's true that Katherine Johnson did calculations for NASA and she technically was black. And that is a good thing and I'm happy for her. But Katherine herself said that she was only part of large teams to do hand calculations in a time of limited computer capability. And there were large teams to check the other teams. That the movie tries to portray that Katherine was a key figure in the program is extremely misleading.

And the racism that these heroines supposedly had to battle was largely fabricated. How do I know?  Because no one would even think that Katherine Johnson was black at all. See the photo below. The "rascist white" aspect was mostly made-up for the movie to fit the "narrative" in order to vilify white people in general. White people continue to be under attack in our cultural propaganda.

A Young Katherine Johnson. Does This Nice Lady Look Black?
The real heroes of the moon launch were all white folks. How about Wernher Von Braun who invented the rockets?

Or take Dr. Jack Crenshaw. He was a computer genius and literally invented the trajectory and equations that were used by NASA to circle the lunar vessel around the moon and back.  In other words, Dr. Crenshaw invented the Apollo mission! Without Dr. Crenshaw, there wouldn't have been a moon mission or any need for human "calculation teams" glorified in the movie. See an interview with the real hero here.  Why aren't we making a movie about him?

A bit more about Jack Crenshaw from "The Space Pioneer That No One Every Heard Of:
"Dr. Jack Crenshaw was one of the pioneers in designing the figure-8 trajectory which became known as the free-return trajectory. The early Moon missions set off for our closest celestial neighbor in the free-return trajectory which, if uncorrected, would loop them around the Moon and return them straight to Earth.
In order to orbit the Moon and land on it, the Apollo spacecraft’s Service Propulsion System (SPS) engine had to fire in order to slow the vehicle down and settle into lunar orbit. Delicate calculations were needed in order to ensure the orbit would not bring the craft into a collision with the lunar mountains."
But no one wants to portray one of the real heroes of the Apollo moon mission -- because he was white. Instead, his monumental contribution is being minimized and buried in history rather than memorialized as it should be.  Worse, Hollywood misleads you by claiming 3 black ladies were the real brains in the story! This is because the liars in charge have to make up stories to glorify any black "accomplishments" no matter how small, at the expense of white accomplishments. Welcome to "Fake History"-- compliments of Hollywood propaganda machine.

The simple truth is that more than 95% of all the major technical, scientific, medical, engineering and all other important intellectual advancements in all fields were accomplished and exploited by white people. 

I've complained about this type of media propaganda in More "Black" Shoved Down Your Throat and Leftist Media Shove "Black" Propaganda Down Your Throat."

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Large Scale Solar & Wind Power Not The Solution: Too Many Problems and Costs

Many people think that the future of large scale energy production lies in "renewables" like wind and solar PV power. This is not true. There are a number of insuperable problems with both of them, especially when it's share of electricity production reaches about 10 to 15%. At this level of intermittent production, the cost of grid modifications adds even more cost to these already costly and low quality energy sources. In our stagnating world economy, every country needs cheaper -- not more expensive energy.

Even with generous government subsidies and mandates, penetration of wind and solar power is still very small with about 4% of world's electricity energy mostly due to Solar PV "religion" in Germany and the rest of Europe. It's only about 1% of the total in the US.

The cost of solar & wind power is a large burden to consumers and taxpayers where there it has been adopted on a large scale, such as in Europe. The average cost of electricity in the US is about $0.10 per KW-h but Germany and Denmark burden it's people and industry with punitive costs of $0.33 per KW-h. It's mostly due to subsidies for the renewables since these expensive forms of power are not economic. Even then, all of the costs are probably NOT included in the unit costs. The reality is likely worse. For example, Germany has installed additional power cables to/from Sweden and France to help cope with the intermittent nature of this alternative power. Subsidizing conventional power companies, who remain partly on standby when there is abundant sun and wind, adds to the burden. Taxpayers are picking up this additional tab.

Countries shown above in "red" are those experiencing severe debt problems. Solar and wind subsidies worsen these problems
All of the intermittent power sources such as wind and solar PV require basically a 100% backup because there is no solar power at nights or during much of the winter (when power demand is highest). Wind power is very intermittent (unreliable) as well. So, going forward, widespread (>10% of total power generation) adoption of such intermittent power basically doubles the capital costs.

How can paying twice the capital cost ever make sense? Yes, existing power plants are already built, so people take comfort in ignoring the conventional utility power companies. But as subsidies rise for homeowner installations, the power utilities find their revenues and profits are down, so THEY begin to require subsidies as well.  This means that subsidies then are required for everyone!  All this to support these low quality and expensive alternatives! How can this ever work?

Many countries, including many in Europe are already having debt problems. Solar and wind subsidies ADD to their problems! It's really insane.

The Figure below shows some of the more obvious problems with Solar and Wind that ultimately limit it's adoption on a wide scale. Gail Tverberg writes frequently about these issues in her blog called Our Finite World.
Numerous Problems and Costs Associated with Low Quality Intermittent Power Generation
The cost of the solar panels (alone) have become much cheaper recently, so if you just do simple math as a homeowner for instance, the panel cost (alone) seems to make economic sense. But add the cost of installation, which doubles the price, starts to diminish the attractiveness. If one integrates the solar power to feed back to the utility grid, that adds more cost. If you try to power large power-intensive appliances such as electric ranges, central air conditioning and/or electric clothes dryers, then the number of panels and costs go up to astronomic levels. Adding batteries and inverters to power your home at night adds even more costs especially if you have significant loads. Oh, and forget powering central air conditioners on batteries --- it ain't going to happen.

On a regional or national level, the example of Germany shows the problems with widespread solar PV power adoption. For 4 months of the year during winter (when their power demand is highest), there is little sun since they are at 50 deg N Latitude with plenty of clouds, so they are reliant on conventional power generation (or purchased power from Sweden or France). In the summer, when the sun comes out, the surge of solar power generation requires that nearly all of traditional power generation to shut down and/or requires them to sell power to neighboring countries. If you don't have neighbors to sell to, then that creates a huge problem due to the time required to start and stop large conventional production. And the electric power grid must be modified to accommodate these variable power flows-- which costs taxpayers money. Then, idling conventional plants in summer cause the electric utilities to lose money where they aren't able to pay investors their dividends, so Germany has to provide assistance to the utilities!

So in Germany, the solar installations don't make economic sense because of their costs. But Germany is in the grip of a climate change/solar energy fantasy which borders on a false religion since solar has never made sense there. Making public policy based on fantasy is not likely to work.

Wind has similar problems too. There are higher maintenance costs for these generators. You will often see many idle windmills in wind farms. They aren't very durable and require frequent repair.

Trying to substitute expensive energy for cheap energy is like trying to make water run uphill. It is virtually impossible to make such a system work. It makes everyone from governments to businesses to citizens poorer in the process.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Epicenters of Ignorance, Bad Ideas and Destruction

Look to African/US Blacks, Muslims and the political Left for the three major groups where ignorance and very bad ideas cause widespread destruction wherever they are found.

It's easy see the destruction of the first two groups with even a cursory look at the Middle East and all of Africa. Nearly all Africans and Middle Easterners are suffering from poverty, stagnation, crime, murder, war, strife, decay, disorder, tyranny, misery and/or starvation. Much of the Middle East and Africa is poorly developed -- often Medieval or even Prehistoric. Middle East Muslim majority countries are devolving dramatically rather than evolving and Africans have made little progress in hundreds of years. Of those Middle Eastern countries not in collapse, low oil prices will eventually collapse the remaining countries that previously enjoyed high oil prices. This means that I am predicting TOTAL COLLAPSE of all of the Mideast and N. African Arab/Muslim cultures.

US blacks are also devolving into chaos and even worse ignorance. Indeed the entire West is intellectually devolving. US black populations have low IQs (80s), but it is Africans, especially sub-Saharan's that have the lowest median IQs in the world--ranging from 60s to 80s. In every population, there are a bunch of "nice" people, but "nice" people can be full of very bad ideas especially in the areas of politics and religion. Low IQ populations know nearly nothing, have little logic, suffer from poor impulse control and have average mental ages of adolescents. This can actually be charming except when it results in chaos, crime and war zones as we often see from Africa to Chicago. I have written about the high correlation of poverty and misery with populations having low median IQs.  Also see my blog examining the lower IQs of US blacks and it's implications.

The Arab/Muslim Crash

Most of Arab/Muslim regions in the Middle East and North Africa are now in a cultural and political collapse. This collapse was made plainly evident in the so-called "Arab Spring" uprisings and wars in recent years caused by major wars in the region started by outside powers, their failed Muslim culture, low intelligence, poor education, chronically failed economies and tyrannical leaders.

This collapse has set-off the greatest refugee crises in recent memory. The mass migration of mostly young (and poorly-educated and mostly ignorant) Mid-Eastern and African men into Europe is already causing social disruption and crime. It's an entirely predictable clash of civilizations. Deluded Leftist EU leaders are un-fazed and maintain an obviously destructive open-border policy. Leftists are blinded by their ignorant and incorrect ideas (blinded by evil and political correctness). It appears that Leftist governments are somehow aligned with Muslims in some kind of unholy alliance of ruin!

Muslims are full of terrible and ignorant ideas that bring nothing but misery and death to themselves and those around them. Muslims are historically responsible for 10s of millions of deaths, if not 100s of millions, due to their horrible but widespread "Jihad"ideology. They are truly the Medieval Death Cult and STILL ARE. For example, since just 2001, there have been about 250,000 murders and another estimated 250,000 wounded from Jihadi attacks alone (a total which excludes war-related deaths). That equates to ~2 million deaths per century--NOT including wars! So, you can imagine how annoying it is to hear ignoramus Obama saying that 99.9% of Muslims are peace-loving. It's not true.

Muslim's ill-treatment of women is well-known, but their belief in mutilating the genitals of young baby girls is less known. In this practice, they are trying to literally eliminate any possibility of women enjoying sex. These are sick people. Another integral part of their ideology is their belief in "conquering" and dominating the world creating an Islamic Caliphate (of misery). I lived in Jakarta and saw an entire football stadium full of "mainstream" Indonesians celebrating this belief. Islam is a supremacist (and bigoted) ideology.

Hatred of Jews and even Christians is part of their religion and has been since it's inception since it's supported by their Qu'ran. Remember that the Mufti of Jerusalem sat at the right hand of Hitler in WWII.  And where there is Jew-hatred there is gay-hatred. ISIS has been throwing alleged gay people to their deaths off of tall buildings ignoring any kind of due process or anything else that might be called civilized. You would be correct in saying that Muslims REMAIN the Nazis of our day. Hell, many Muslims think dogs are evil! While dogs remain perfect, it is many (8 to 30%) Muslims who are evil. The rest are sheep-like, remain silent and complicit by default. Passive sheep-like behavior is more pronounced in low median IQ populations.

Their widespread emphasis of religious studies in lieu of math, science or any technology just continues widespread backward and massively outdated thinking that results in poor-performing economies. The tyranny in their political leadership also results from weak minds and passive sheep-like behavior. Their tyrannical leaders mirror the authoritarianism in Islam itself. And if you try to leave Islam, they are obliged to kill you! Talk about bad ideas!

The Destruction of Blacks--From Africa to the Americas

The rest of Africa is in total collapse too. It's ruled by a bunch of fools, tyrants, homophobes and evil people. You could see it when Obama invited a bunch of African "leaders" to the White House. It was truly a monster's ball. US black culture is also in collapse.

There is little evidence that any majority black community or nation on earth can adequately govern themselves. This is as true in Baltimore and Detroit as it is from Africa to Brazil. Black populations only tear down and rarely "build up." They literally destroy everything. Black majorities elsewhere in the world are failing and collapsing -- and none ascending. Every black majority city in the Americas is highly dangerous due to murders, crime, chaos and have poor health, lower life expectancy and widespread poverty. This is true even after fairly massive transfer payments for decades from the government to help them! The war on poverty has failed because black culture has failed; in part, because of government intervention.

Ignorant US Blacks believe that White people are actively holding them back. It used to be true but what's holding them back now is what every standardized test in the world says: they are at the bottom of the scale of cognitive ability (low median IQ).  And nothing will change this quickly. They blast white people, but they should be thanking white people for a mostly orderly society that Whites (Europeans) created. They COULD be living in Africa instead!

Brazil has many of the most dangerous and murderous cities in the world and a national murder tally of 50,000 murders in a recent year. It's mostly black-on-black killing just like in America. While the US has 15,000 murders per year, Brazil has 3 times the murder rate of the US and predictably they also have 3 times the blacks than the  US (~50% vs 13% in the US). The Brazil murder problem is black in color --- just as it is in America. Low media IQ means that these people have a mental age of 14 to 16 years old, have poor impulse control and little logic -- leading to murderous results.

South Africa can barely keep the electricity online these days now that blacks are in charge. Their current idiot President Zuma has recently vowed to seize White S. African's land and businesses and re-distribute them to black persons. This same idiocy was tried by Zimbabwe's President Mugabe about 30 years ago. Land and farms held by Whites were seized in Zimbabwe and given to blacks who didn't know how to farm or do anything else. Whites fled of course. It led to starvation, stagnation and ultimately hyperinflation there (also known as collapse). Now Zuma wants that for his country! Radical niggers in South Africa have also recently vowed to wipe out White people there! There is literally no hope.

The Destruction of The Left

Hard-Left (Communist) governments have caused untold suffering in modern history due the failures of their Leftist ideologies.The failure rate is 100%. The rise, spread and subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union and it's empire caused untold suffering, for example. The ongoing stagnation in Argentina is another example. Cuba is a great example. The result is the same every time.

Another hybrid communist nation, Venezuela and their kleptocratic Leftist leaders Chavez and Maduro who are the darlings of the US Black "leaders," is collapsing as we speak with hyperinflation, stagnation, crisis and starvation. Ignorant voters, who repeatedly voted for "free stuff" and "free money" now find that the money is worthless and there is nothing to buy even if they had money. This is always the result of hard-Left governments: stagnation, inflation, crisis, collapse.  Free money lasts only so long.

And the Left never learns or changes and this is what makes them evil. The Pope, as an example, remains an avowed Socialist in outlook even after the damage and destruction caused by Socialism in his own country of Argentina. Fidel and Raul never changed. Why would they? In communism and socialism, only the elites and those "connected" at the top benefit. The "people" just suffer, then suffer even more.

And remember, Socialism is just Communism-lite.  Big government and a predominance of central planning is Socialism. Europe and China are in this category. We have that even it in the USA to a large degree. Socialism results in the same misery as hard-Left Communism, it just takes longer to get to the point of collapse. But collapse it does.

Leftism is now allied with Blacks and Muslims in the US and Europe. Leftist media promotes pro-black propaganda in the US and shields the public from the true horrific decline of black "culture" in this country. US Media news never identifies the racial identity of criminals, because it's mostly black. They do the same thing in Europe -- they cover-up the criminal activities of the new Muslim migrants to manipulate public opinion. Sweden, suffering after 20 years of importing Muslim Africans and Arabs, now refuses to even collect data on crime activities and arrests. They wouldn't want anyone to get the correct information which might cause outrage and expose government propaganda!

The US Democratic Party is now hard-Left in their politics and are apologists for US blacks and Muslims to form a triumvirate of bad ideas and destruction. Together they may be a majority in this country or might be soon. Can the fall of the US be far away? 

The common denominator here is that all of these groups have weak minds. They can't or refuse to learn the correct lessons of current events or history. They won't or can't change -- even in light of disasters that THEY create. The Left and Islam, in this sense, are evil. Black populations have very low median IQs which means they literally can't learn anything. Also, statistically there are very few highly intelligent persons in these population that could provide competent leadership or start large-scale businesses that would create prosperity or favorable change.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Left Are Fascists and Nazis

Freedom of speech is nearly gone in Europe as Leftist totalitarianism takes hold.

The Left Are Nazis, Not Trump
Remember Geert Wilders who is one of the leading candidates in the Dutch election for president of Holland? Because of Europe's insane and easily abused "hate speech" laws, he was convicted in 2016 of "inciting discrimination" and "insulting a group" by asking a simple question of his audience: "do you want more Moroccans in your city or less?" Wilder's life has been in danger for many years as Islamists have vowed to kill him--- proving that his attitudes against Muslims are entirely correct. Islam is fascist!

He was also charged in 2011 after he correctly called Islam a Fascist religion but was ultimately acquitted of that charge. Marine Le Pen, one of the current candidates for President of France stood trial recently and was acquitted after being charged with “incitement to discrimination, violence or hatred towards a group of people on the basis of their religion.” All of this is warfare by the political elites (disguised as judges) to silence these people.

This is full-on Jihad against truth and truth-sayers by the real Fascists: the political Left. Suddenly the fascist Left is now aligned with fascist Islam!  

The political Left is determined to ruin Europe by allowing uncontrolled, non-selective mass migration of mostly young and ignorant Muslim men to come in and take welfare assistance. Then you have many instances where these devolved people harass local women and children, commit other crimes or become a burden to their highly civilized host countries. This is happening everywhere in Europe now and the political elites have no answer, take no action and refuse to have any plan to stop this.  If you say anything publicly, you risk being charged with "hate speech" or, if you're on TV and you dare speak the obvious truth, you're microphone can be cut off or you're "shussed" by TV hosts (who are usually government employees). 

As I've written, this is a needless clash of civilizations that is entirely obvious and predictable.

What the elites refuse to see is that most of these migrants have lower median IQ and are poorly educated, have few or no skills, and have nothing to offer their "host" countries. Very few of them are getting jobs because they are mostly unemployable. Worse, Muslims from the Middle East have very bad ideas that are extremely incompatible with the liberal Democracy and society in the EU and the West. The entire Arab/Muslim culture in the Middle East and North Africa is in total collapse because of this!  Islamic "cultures" are really medieval. Then these same people are allowed to migrate to London or to Malmo Sweden, get on welfare support, smoke pot, and become a nuisance to the larger community. They congregate in ghettos and recreate the very failed culture from which they are fleeing!!

Take the example of Danish writer Iben Trahnholm, who is widely read in matters of religion and culture in Denmark.  She was secretly put on a blacklist for being a "pro-Russian propagandist" for speaking out against the politicians who favor a continuation of this mass migration insanity in Denmark.  From a fascinating interview at LinkedIn
In 2015 I wrote an article criticizing our politicians who for the most part hate Christianity but nevertheless use Christian values, especially charity and compassion, to promote their own agendas, in particular mass immigration. So I called them out on that.
A few months later I got a call from a politician here who told me that I was on a government blacklist, supposedly acting as a pro-Russian propagandist agent, despite having absolutely no evidence to that effect. I occasionally work for a Russian news outlet, but that’s simply my job as a journalist.

Today, in a society where supposedly there is freedom of speech, if politicians want to silence their critics they simply accuse them of working for the Kremlin, or having some unexplained ties with Russia. That is what happened to me, and it also happening to high profile politicians and journalists in the US, France and Germany. If you don’t agree with the multicultural policies of Europe then you are labeled a Russian agent. Which is really a form of political or character assassination. [Think of the Leftist critics of Donald Trump]

They are so afraid of the rise of what leftist politicians in Europe call “populism”, which threaten the existence of their beloved European Union. And this year the stakes are very high with elections in France and Germany. So they resort to these kinds of tactics to quash any dissenters.

So I find myself in a blacklist in a supposedly free country like Denmark, but if a conflict with Russia emerges I can end up in prison under the pretext of being a foreign agent. Again, with no proof and no judicial process. This is very much how totalitarian societies operate. First they put you on a list, then when there is a problem or a made-up reason they will come for you.
You can see the same tactics at work with The Left in the USA against Donald Trump by inciting an irrational Russo-phobia. It's really a medieval witch-hunt against Trump alleging imagined "crimes" by Trump and some of his staff, just for having routine conversations with Russian officials. It's really madness.

The political Left in the US is willing to start a civil war in this country by either a real assassination or political assassination of Trump. Their hate is so deep that it is The Left who will use violence against anyone who doesn't agree with them. You can also see it the absurd court rulings against Trump's travel ban by Judges who are ruling on their "feelings" or blinded by their prejudices. Suddenly, it shows that many high ranking judges (especially those appointed by Obama) are outing themselves to be hysterical, irrational Leftists.

President Trump is entirely right to ban travelers from lawless, devolved places where their home countries can't or don't provide Intel on travelers. Eventually, Trump should allow only CHRISTIAN migrants from these countries. As you know, Christians (or any other religion groups) are under attack everywhere in the Middle East and beyond. Any other religious group is in danger wherever there are Muslims. Muslim's and their leaders are fascist supremacists who assert their will by force, violence or even murder.  It's truly the Medieval Death Cult. They are the modern day Nazis. The Left are fascists too.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Democratic Party Devolving Along With It's Members and Society

Time Magazine asks a very pertinent question: "Do Democrats Matter?"

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It's because Democrats stand for nothing but phony causes, false narratives, wrong ideas and incorrect solutions to fake problems. Since they don't stand for anything, the only thing left is to lie, smear, mislead, and mis-inform. After Trump's surprise election, they've had nothing but pointless rallies and have started a fact-free witch-hunt akin to a McCarthyism to blame Russia for their own and Hillary's incompetence. All that is left for them to do is to stir up trouble.

The Democrats have basically hitched their wagons to the decaying, yes devolving, US black "community" that is mired in stupidity, crime, STDs, derelict dads, murder and a lot of really, really bad ideas. Much of this decay is caused by the Democratic Party itself.

For many Democrats, they are now the "anti-white" party in a country of 70% white persons. Black panther-want-to-be Keith Ellison was almost the DNC chair and, with his connection to Nation of Islam, Farrakhan, etc, I can only imagine what he thinks of white people. Today's epicenter of racism is solidly black in color. The previous DNC chair, Donna Brazile, was a proven liar and cheater who replaced the disgraceful Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Tom Perez is true dolt but slightly better than racist Ellison. What a bunch of losers!

Numerous members of the Congressional Black Caucus have called for impeachment of Trump mere weeks after the inauguration, showing that they are as stupid as can be imagined--only worse. These people are true useful idiots, morons and fools. Idiots!

Dems have also hitched themselves to every other falling star known to mankind. From Morons by Robert Gore:
The Dems have also hitched their wagons double-tight to other falling stars that have already blazed their brightest: the mainstream media (MSM), the intelligence community, and academia. Just like Hollywood, the MSM’s stock in trade is make-believe, and just like Hollywood the MSM’s numbers are dwindling. It shed even the pretense of impartiality this last election, destroying what was left of its credibility while pontificating on “fake news.”
Democrats hate guns and try to portray white NRA members to be a public menace, but it's black Democrats who are the public menace in every major city with a large black community. The real problem is mostly black men, at 6% of the population, who are committing the vast majority of gun crimes and felony murders nationwide. But radical political correctness (lying), another characteristic of the current liberal crowd, prevents any mention of these "inconvenient" facts.

And thanks to the great Muslim apologist Obama, the Democrats are now staunch defenders of the truly devolving Medieval Death Cult (Islam) who have killed or wounded millions of innocents and others worldwide just in recent decades alone. Substantial minorities (8 to 35%) of Muslims overseas believe in violence -- which is obvious to everyone except to Obama and all the other idiot Democrats.

Now, the collapsing, disastrous anti-white party, the Democrats are ALL about irrelevant or phony causes and all of their solutions are completely wrong. For example, at a time when the nation is careening to a debt-fueled financial supernova, Obama Dems focused on the transgendered bathroom non-issue, which might affect the 0.03% of Americans who are transgendered, These people are the very definition of irrelevant.

Another example, there is no "war on women. There is a wage gap but it's not discrimation. Essentially all of the "pay gap"is due to women's choices --- usually family-friendly choices. For example, how many women do you know work on oil drilling rigs, or in a coal mine, or drive trucks? Women aren't doing demanding and dangerous jobs. They work less hours too. The whole "war on women" narrative is bullshit.

But under Obama Democrats started many damaging REAL wars: a war on business (and jobs) by endless barrages of needless regulation, a war on police departments across the nation, definitely a war on WHITE police -- meaning they also started a race war. The entire Obama administration was about agitation, division and fake causes. The end of the Obama/Hillary administration left us nearly with REAL war with Russia over their massively failed foreign policies in general and in Syria.

Democrats are hysterical, irrational and wrong about global warming. Since they have no religion rooted in a real tradition, they worship at the altar of "climate change." Democrats and no one else seems to understand that "fixing" climate change won't be done because it CAN'T be done. Al Gore himself said that it would take $70 TRILLION just to halt any further mild effects global warming. This is so far beyond what is feasible that it's a complete joke. Even if $70 Trillion were somehow managed to be financed and the money spent, the earth might not warm any further, but no one would be able to see or feel a difference as it's so insignificant. The slightly elevated temperatures won't go down. And interest payments on $70 T would be $2 or $3 TRILLION per year. This is the entire US Federal tax revenue collected in a single year! Can't happen!

Democrats hate fossil fuels but, by they oppose any nuclear power opportunities like Thorium MSRs showing they are ill-informed, irrational, anti-progress and wholly unfit to govern!

Free college was basically the only proposal by Hillary or Bernie this past election (other than more government spending, or as they say "investment"--which is bullshit).  But the US government has already vastly inflated college tuition caused by vast amount of Federal loan money flowing into colleges, universities and for-profit schools.  All this money has allowed a vast increase of unqualified kids attending college. It resembles a welfare scheme to keep kids busy because there are few jobs, but an entire generation of young people is now saddled with debt. Over half of these kids aren't even performing at 12th grade academic levels. Some 80% of black kids and 50% of white kids don't measure-up to even 12th grade proficiency levels and therefore probably don't belong at college at all--- unless you think that college should function as remedial high schools. And, yes, colleges are happily taking the money, jacking up tuition fees and are more than happy to be glorified high schools.  But both Hillary and Bernie want even more unqualified kids in "college" through unfordable "free college" promises. Never mind that student loan money has already inflated the cost of college to the moon and priced-out the next generation of students, Hillary and Bernie want even more of the same!!  Fools!! Morons!

Democratic "leaders" show false rage about wealth inequality, but they themselves are millionaires and beneficiaries of millionaire donors. These fakers never mention the out-of-control Federal Reserve (and out-of-control govt spending) that is creating wealth inequality. The truth is they really don't care and don't have a clue either.  Cuba has done a fine job of solving the wealth inequality "problem". After 50 years of glorious revolution, the average wage in Cuba is $25 PER MONTH but the Castro brothers have $billions. Socialists/Democrats want this for America.

ObamaCare was a pack of lies. Every argument for the law was a lie and they knew it. Our national government is failing at everything, but Democrats still want more government. All the entitlements and pensions are rapidly careening to disaster as the worker-to-beneficiary ratio collapses. Debt keeps rising much faster than the economy and financial crisis is nearly assured. Lax immigration policies in our dangerous world is literally insane, but "open borders" are the platform of the Democrats. Democrats see as worthy martyrs the likes of thug Michael Brown in Ferguson or Eric Garner despite that those guys proven to be thug-ass criminals.

Hillary, Schumer and Bernie and all the rest are just morons with no real solutions and don't even acknowledge or understand our real problems.

Democrats are devolving right along with their constituents and our society. It's no wonder that they are no good.

Monday, February 27, 2017

A Swede's Take On Their Government's Disastrous, Deluded Immigration Policies

Below is a comment from a Swede in a recent article that tried to downplay the extent of immigration problems caused by 20 years of importing mostly Muslim men from N. Africa and the Middle East into Sweden. 

If you skip down to the comment section, very few commentors agreed and many complained bitterly.  What you may not know is that, if you're Swedish and question the sanity of their obviously insane immigration policy in the past 20 years in Sweden, your microphone is cut off or you are "shusshed" by TV personalities (Gov't employees?) that are immediately eager to censor any and all dissent. 

The comment by "Joe Slater":

"Sweden is in the process of destroying a civilization that took 1,000 years to build. It floods its cities with aliens who dislike the food and climate, feel uncomfortable with the taciturn, reserved Swedes around them, mostly cannot work for months or years for language reasons, and end up festering in angry and unemployment-plagued parallel societies in the suburbs. I don’t care what the stats are made to say. What I know is this. When I first stayed in Sweden, three decades ago, crime of any kind was a rarity. When I last stayed there, a few years ago, it was a daily occurrence. I don’t need BRAA reports to know that everything in Sweden has changed. You name it: murder, non-fatal shootings and stabbings, burglary, rape, rioting, vandalism, molestation, benefit swindling: all of these things are now daily occurrences in large parts of most cities, and in nearly all of Malmo. In cities, young women do not dare to go out alone at night. That’s a banal observation that hides an awful truth: Sweden has lost the most valuable thing any society can have: civic trust. For decades Swedes could trust strangers to do the right thing. Well, they can’t any more. In fact, a lot of them simply avoid certain parts of town, and look away from certain faces. That too is new. The old Sweden—the real Sweden--never really had places you could not feel safe in. But thanks to mass immigration, all that has gone, as it has gone in our country too.

In response to this disaster, the government doubles down and the left-leaning middle classes, in a country so unused to having to face colossal failure, are forcing themselves to smile and pretend to like all the new excitement. Meanwhile, dissenters are persecuted with a zeal that echoes East Germany (google the ritual front page “hanging out” of hacked Disqus commentators by Expressen). Swedish schoolgirls are subliminally encouraged to mate with Afro-Asian immigrants, not with Swedish boys (see this video, in Swedish but you get the picture  http://www.ur.se/Produkter/161....

What is happening there is a comprehensive tragedy that has only one upside: they are making the mistakes for everybody else. This is exactly how the rest of Scandinavia has come to view Swedes, who are now regarded by Finns and Danes as having almost lost their reason.

But don’t take my word for it. I leave the last words to this plaintive, anonymous internet post by a Swede summing up the feelings of millions of his compatriots. Translated from Uriaposten website (sorry for reposting if you have read it):
“At the beginning of each depressing thread, I look nonetheless at relatively encouraging comments; "Now things are changing!" Or “(PM) Löfven is waking up from his dream world." Personally, I feel just a huge darkness, hatred and sadness.
My country is ruined and there will never be the same. The welfare system will be destroyed, crime is increasing markedly, my future children will grow up in a much less safe society, the wages of low-paid jobs will plummet, Islam will gain an increasingly important role in Swedish society, housing queues will become enormous, and the white homogeneous neighborhoods are disappearing at a furious pace. In time, ethnic Swedes will be outnumbered by Arabs in this country.
It does not matter that the borders are closed or that the public debate has finally become more open. The last fifteen years have completely destroyed my beloved country. What has happened is irreversible, and it will only get worse. I'm just so very sad."

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Martin Armstrong: Mainstreet Media Has Become Just Liars


Thomas Friedman of the New York Times demonstrates why mainstream media is just becoming so bought and paid for. You have to wonder if they should not be in prison for attempting to overthrow the government and start a revolution. Here he is still ranting about how Russia hacked the election and asserting that this is somehow a Pearl Harbor and 911 event. I suppose this is implying we should start world war III because Hillary lost.

The Homeland Security and the FBI both said that Russia’s hack of the DNC did not involve altering the vote. In fact, it was his own paper that reported on November 25, 2016: “The Obama administration said on Friday that despite Russian attempts to undermine the presidential election, it has concluded that the results “accurately reflect the will of the American people.”

The constant lies and manipulations seem intent upon creating war exactly as took place with the Spanish American War. We have returned to yellow journalism which is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration. Pulitzer and Hearst went head to head. I remember grade school history class blaming the Spanish American War on fake news. There is one such story that male Spanish officials were strip searching American woman tourists in Cuba looking for claimed messages from rebels. This was the front page of Hearst’s newspaper showing what has become known as “yellow journalism” whereby the illustration was by Frederic Remington published in the New York Journal, February 12th, 1897.

Hearst’s New York Journal was called out for this fake news by its rival Joseph Pulitzer’s, New York World, reporting that this story was erroneous and its graphically illustrated strip-search of a woman aboard U.S. passenger steamer was fake. The Journal article was written by Richard Harding Davis, who reported that Spanish authorities boarded the U.S. steamer, the Olivette , as it prepared to leave Havana and searched several passengers for contraband. Among the passengers was a young Cuban woman named Clemencia Arango, whose brother was a leader in the insurgency against Spanish rule. The Journal’s article was ambiguous, implying the woman was strip-searched by men, which was created by the accompanying illustration of Frederic Remington.

The New York World attacked the Journal’s fake news, quoting Arango as denying that men had strip-searched her. That task, she said, had fallen to a matron, or “inspectress.” The Journalist Davis, in a letter to the World, then blamed Frederic Remington for having drawn “an imaginary picture” and insisted his dispatch had not report that men had conducted the search.

Nevertheless, this story of the strip-search discredited the Journal as being unreliable and prone to publishing “fakes” and other thinly documented reports. Welcome to the present where the New York Times and Washington Post seems to be carrying on in the same unreliable manner as well as ABC, CBS, NBC, and of course – CNN.

Of course, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times has won the Pulitzer Prize three times – it seems it has become the award that does celebrate yellow journalism for whom it was named. 
If the Democrats were clean, then even if Russia hacked the DNC, there would have been nothing to release. Moreover, nobody has accused Russia of altering one single email. This is outrageous blaming Russia for their candidate losing instead of admitting they got caught.

This interview is a disgrace to the New York Times and to MSNBC. Comparing the hack of DNC to Pearl Harbor and 911 where thousands of people died is just insulting.