Saturday, January 21, 2012

Keystone Pipeline Insanity

Obama had better get some new advisors.   How can his absurd distaste of carbon based energy lead him to such a ridiculous decision? Surely this project will be approved??  Environmental reasons for not approving it are just a canard for those hostile to the project.  The US has 600,000 miles of pipelines including liquid product pipelines.  Nebraska already has a large number of pipelines throughout the state.  
We've managed to snub yet another staunch ally, we've stopped the only real "shovel ready" interstate project on the books, we've stopped job creation in the construction of the line and modifying the gulf coast refineries, we'll be sabotaging a secure energy supply for our country and benefiting China who will ultimately receive the oil.   Canada will continue to develop the tar sands regardless of what the environmentalists want. 
The reality, which this administration can't seem to stomach, is that carbon-based oil and gas energy will remain the vastly dominant energy source for the world far into the foreseeable future.   Yes, there will be small in-roads by alternative fuels and energy but they will remain highly marginal for decades to come even with a breakthrough in solar design/manufacturing.   (I hope there is a breakthrough but solar will always be a 6 or 7 hour per day producer which limits it's impact.  You see, solar cells don't produce much before 9 am or after 4 pm  in the summer and much less in winter and at higher latitudes)  

The global warming issue has been politicized and is now hurting people--with the administration canceling power plant construction permits and the Keystone pipeline project.

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