Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama pulling a Chavez?

The federal government is now expanding it's reach and intervention at an asymptotic rate as federal spending is spiraling out of control.   Are you aware that the Federal deficit in February 2012 was $200 billion??   That used to be the annual deficit only a few years ago.

Now, I'm hearing that a vaguely-worded law called the "National Defense Resources Prepardness Order" was signed on Friday that would give the government a legal basis for seizing resources in times of  "emergency".  Take a look at this link:  Sean Hyman of Moneynews,

On Friday (23rd March '12), when most people were already thinking about their plans for St. Patrick’s Day, Obama signed a new executive order which expands his power and control over all of the resources in the U.S. in times of war or emergency. 
This was convenient timing on his part, being that Israel just got approval to go to war with Iran when their military feels it’s the right time.
So if Israel strikes Iran, all Obama has to do is join in on it and he can seize any “real assets” in the U.S. he’d like. In fact, it doesn’t even take war. Any “emergency” is good enough too. And what determines an “emergency”? 
Anything that he deems an emergency. 
Sounds like Hugo Chavez to me. This is just another sign of rapidly escalating Federal power grabs with no end in sight.  I don't know about you, but I'm preparing to get out of this country before we become a completely totalitarian state.  Wake up America, it's happening before our very eyes!  If Obama is re-elected than that will be the sign to depart.  He can't be trusted for an unfettered 2nd term.

It is up to you to stop this insane movement toward infinite national government power. Vote against Obama and vote for Mitt Romney.  I prefer Ron Paul as the only candidate who has the radical agenda required for our times.  Ron Paul is the very nemesis of big and expanding government.

Furthermore, don't expect the Supreme Court to halt this trajectory in it's ruling on Obamacare with it's vast  new bureaucracy and the new taxes that are coming to pay for it.

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