Friday, April 6, 2012

The Angry Left

The political left wing is angry these days...even 'screeching angry.'   The President is lashing out at the Supreme Court and saying incredibly stupid things doing it.   ObamaCare took an astonishing "shellacking" in oral arguments at the Supreme Court last week--so thoroughly was the case defeated in the arguments.  The left is thoroughly shocked!   Maureen Dowd, from the crumbling leftist bastion at the New York Times, called the Supremes "hacks in black robes."   Nice.

It's not just the Supreme Court that doesn't like it.  The polls continue to show public dislike for ObamaCare.   How can that be???   And those pesky Republicans are so wrong about trying to reduce the deficit and slow down the massive power grab by the EPA, Environmentalists and Federal government!  Paul Ryan is evil!  How dare they challenge us because we're so right!   Republicans only love the rich!

The economy is not doing what it's supposed (or promised) to do.  Green jobs are nearly non-existent.  Iran and Russia didn't do what they were supposed to do.   And according to the President, any business NOT in the green energy business is evil.    Taxes must be raised!    There is no tax that the President doesn't love.   It's that and bashing the only success story in the economy, the conventional hydrocarbon energy business, are the President's total scope of vision.    Oh, and government spending must never be cut!

With reality intruding on their world views, the left is sharpening their attack.    Gone is hope and change replaced by attacks and class warfare.  Barack Obama and the Left's entire world view is shattering before their very eyes and it's making them angry.

The problem is that reality is against the Left's views.  America is a politically center-right country.   Although the electorate was wooed (fooled) by rhetoric in the last election to try "hope and change," America is, and always has been, a fundamentally conservative country.   And, after a disastrous experiment with Obama, conservatives are going to take back both houses of Congress and probably the Presidency at the election polls this November.

Expect even more screaming and gnashing of teeth on the left this November.

The President (and the political left) is wrong about nearly everything. They haven't learned the greatest and loudest lessons of the 20th and even louder lessons of the new 21st century.  Rarely has history spoken louder than about the failure of central planning, bloated national governments, government intervention, and statism leading to waste, corruption,  high taxation and economic stagnation if not curbed.

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