Friday, April 27, 2012

Bucket List

Do you mind if I brag a bit?

Here's a list of a number of notable things that I've seen or done:
  • Hiked in the Swiss Alps
  • Visited Milford Sound and Franz Joseph glacier in New Zealand
  • Scuba dived at many places including Great Barrier reef, Red Sea, Bahamas, Belize and Indonesia
  • Hiked in The Himalayas up the Annapurna Base Camp
  • Raft trip in Nepal
  • Hiked in the Grand Canyon for 2 weeks
  • Snow skied in Switzerland
  • Visited Petra in Jordan
  • Visited Yosemite and Denali National parks 
  • Hiked many times in Yellowstone NP
  • Traveled around-the-world twice for pleasure taking 3 months or more for both trips
  • Visited Buenos Aires and Iguazcu Falls
  • Visited Macchu Picchu as part of a long trip in South America; seen Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Argentina
  • Traveled to Venice, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Prague and many other places in Europe
  • Worked in 7 foreign countries on 5 continents
What's on my bucket list??
  • Sail around the world (maybe on someone else's boat?)
  • Travel in North America in an RV for 6 to 8 months
  • Visit Lake Louise and Banff Alberta
  • Hike the 2000 mile Appalachian Trail
  • Snorkel or Scuba dive with whale sharks (you know, the filter-feeders that are as big as a bus)
  • Visit Anchor Wat
  • Go back to Argentina and spend time in Mendoza and the southern glaciers
  • Visit southern Chile and the National parks there
What's your dream?  Let me know.

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