Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Washington Is Corrupt All The Way To The Top

We've heard Obama and the administration were going to go after the bad actors on Wall Street back in the "bail-out" days of 2009.   But why are there no prosecutions?  No one is in jail.  The SEC remains completely asleep at the wheel and Eric Holder's department of justice prosecutions of fraud and securities violations are at a 20 year low.

Well, it turns out that Obama's talk is just  rhetoric:  hypocritical and cynical politics---Chicago style.

From's "Justice for Sale at Holder's DOJ"

Holder and Obama’s anti-Wall Street “law and order” rhetoric has turned out to be a smokescreen that allows the Obama campaign to talk the talk of the 99% while taking money from Wall Street’s 1%.  The result is extortion by proxy.  As President Obama put it to the Big Finance executives who met with him at the White House just two months into his presidency, “My Administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”
Not surprisingly, of the elite bundlers who made up Obama’s 2008 campaign, the second most represented industry after law was the securities and investment industry.  It’s a level of hypocrisy that has outraged even committed leftists.  Industrial Areas Foundation activist Mike Gecan put it squarely: “I’m from Chicago, I’ve seen this game played my whole life."
So what have the securities and banking industries received for their political contributions? 
As Boyer and Schweizer report entitled "Why can't Obama Bring Wall Street to Justice?", Department of Justice criminal prosecutions are at 20-year lows for corporate securities and bank fraud.  And while large financial institutions have faced civil prosecution, those typically end in settlement fees with the major banks that represent a fraction of their profits, often paid through special taxes on mortgage-backed securities.  
It’s the most crass and cynical brand of politics imaginable, the Chicago Way writ large: pay to play justice from the nation’s highest law enforcement official. 
Washington is, in part, in the hands of Chicago mobsters.

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