Thursday, May 10, 2012

Washington's Anti-Energy Plan

While the President drifts off onto another relatively irrelevant topic of gay marriage, the real issues of the day are ignored.

There's never been an administration with any real national energy plan in my lifetime.  The difference today is that there's real potential to improve our trade balance and energy security with the shale oil and gas boom increasing domestic production on private lands (land under Federal jurisdiction has seen a decline in production due to slower permitting and the overreaching drilling ban after the BP disaster).

So, why the Congress and President dither on irrelevant issues, some people have serious ideas for substantial improvements in our energy security and trade balance.  See my A Real Energy Plan For America

In an May 10th interview with CNBC, T. Boone Pickens says that he is finished with Washington and national politicians.  He's not finished with business but finished with Washington. He said "that they don't care about energy independence." Pickens has been trying to cajole and promote a plan to the President and Congress to convert the nation's trucking fleet to natural gas and displace as much as 2 million barrels per day of oil with new found shale gas.   His goal is improve the country's national security by reducing our reliance on imported oil.   Saying of Washington, "the whole deal is designed to fail."

I don't how Boone Pickens was to benefit or profit from his negotiation with Washington politicians as the shale oil and gas boom goes on despite Washington.

There has never been any energy plan in my lifetime, but with the hydrocarbon adverse, hand-wringers in Washington, we now have an anti-energy plan with this administration.

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