Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Capitalism versus Cronyism and Big Govt

From ZeroHedge:

One common claim is that capitalism exploits the masses for the benefit of the few. Many people who think capitalism exploits workers advocate increasing government power over the economy. Professor Matt Zwolinski suggests, however, that government power may be more exploitative than free-market capitalism. After all, in the marketplace, individuals have power over how they spend their money. The government, however, possesses the power to coerce citizens to pay for policies or programs they may not support, like bank bailouts. Zwolinski argues that bigger government makes citizens more vulnerable to exploitation.
Here's his short but good video:

Bigger government ultimately means more corruption and a loss of your liberty. The US Federal government spending was only 8% of our GDP just 60 years ago, was steady at about 19% for decades and has rocketed to 25% thanks to Bush and Obama. Slowly but surely, the reach of Big Brother becomes oppressive and intrusive when Government has virtually unlimited power to tax and fund itself.  To maintain their hegemony over the citizens, Big Government becomes coercive thenWe need a "no growth"or shrinking government (demand more productivity). Ron Paul was always the right choice for President. I have my doubts about Romney, but Obama is, and has been, wrong for America.

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