Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Intellectual Vacuum Of The Obama Administration

Redux of "Carterism"
This author has lived long enough to have seen the disastrous "statism", ie, government intervention, threats of rising taxes and hyper-regulation of the Jimmy Carter's administration fail in the real economy, and leave candidate Carter with no new ideas for his 1980 re-election campaign.

Now, 30 years later, I have a sense of deja vu as the Obama has recycled many of the same "solutions" as Carter.  Even candidate Obama in 2008 sounded like he was stuck in the 1970s during his campaign although never giving much detail.  It was always just "hope and change".   One time, even McCain puzzled about Obama, "for a young man, you seem to have a lot of old ideas?"

It's as if these people never learn anything?

So, the Obama administration is now out of ideas except trivial ideas like taxing millionaires (which would raise only $4 billion in 10 years according to the CBO) meaning that's only a political ploy.   For 3 1/2 years, Obama has never had any detailed solutions nor has ever offered serious and detailed leadership for any of the legislative initiatives, leaving all the details to the disastrous Pelosi and Reid.   Obama obviously was personally, politically and intellectually unprepared for the job.  The results are legislative abortions of Dodd-Frank and ObamaCare--both are still unfinished, vastly over-complicated and overreaching and not implemented even years after passage.

All of his key staff has moved on with their tails between their legs;  czars, quasi-communists and socialists alike.  Geithner should walk also away in disgrace.

Attacks and Dirty Tricks
Now candidate Obama is showing desperation as he has no record worth running on.  So, it's attack, attack, and attack.   Also, there's lies too.  You can see the dirty "Chicago-style" politics show themselves.  So, Obama is at war with businessmen (but needs their campaign contributions), spouts completely trivial "solutions" and resorts to lies against Romney.  Now we hear of an "enemy list" where the Obama Administration is targeting businessmen who contribute to Romney's campaign by imposing audits from the Dept of Labor and the IRS.   It's reminiscent of the horrible Nixon administration.

Nixon was impeached for dirty tricks and lies.  It's especially disconcerting when I hear of the Federal Government, with unlimited resources, attacking specific individuals for their politic views.   Are we in a Communist Police state?

Where is "Hope and Change"??

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