Tuesday, September 11, 2012

36 Good Reasons To Defeat Obama

  1. For rejecting Simpson Bowles bipartisan plan to manage the nation’s finances.
  2. 5 Trillion dollars of new debt and Trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.  There isn’t the slightest interest to even slightly address the out-of-control spending. 
  3. No budgets for the entire administration---the height of irresponsibility and poor administration
  4. For continuing to call for taxes on the rich even though the CBO has shown that it will not make a dent in a $1 Trillion deficit.  
  5. Not enough leadership in light of next debt ceiling and "fiscal cliff".  Repealing the Bush tax reductions will only generate a paltry $80 billion per annum revenue in a $3,800 billion budget and $1,000 billion deficit!  Shows how much spending is out of control.
  6. The Buffet rule would raise only $50 to $150 billion in TEN YEARS.  This is Obama’s only budget agenda.
  7. 46 million food stamp recipients—up over 50% since Obama’s inauguration. Costs have doubled from $37 billion to $76 billion.  Recipients are still rising despite “so-called” recovery.
  8. Social Security disability costs soaring 100% to $200 billion during his time in office.  Enrollment rising 50%.
  9. A 6 month ban on all drilling the US Gulf of Mexico including routine drilling on fixed platforms (not just halting the deep subsea drilling which are a small number of wells), then ignoring a Federal Appellate judge who ruled that the ban was too broad.  He lied about the panel that recommended the drilling ban.
  10. The 104 golf outings—and counting
  11. The Czars
  12. Blocking the Keystone pipeline
  13. No vocal support for Iranians protesting in the streets during their brutal crackdown
  14. No vocal support for Syrians being slaughtered by Assad.
  15. Obama’s intervention in GM bail out and giving GM bondholders the “shaft”, rewarding the UAW and ignoring the "rule of contract law"
  16. The GM bailout cost will cost $40 billion when you add big tax breaks.  Did you know that GM paid no taxes when they earned $7.6 billion last year??
  17. GM loses $49,000 per Volt electric car, the car supported by the administration.  
  18. The $7,000 tax credit to buy the Volt will benefit taxpayers earning $170,000 per year on average
  19. The Volt will provide no significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as coal and natural gas (hydrocarbons) are used for power generation. 
  20. Regulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as “harmful” to human health when it’s only 0.038% in air (and plants need it to live).  Your breath has 100 times more carbon dioxide!
  21. Fast and Furious screw-up and the subsequent sandbagging of the investigation.
  22. Cap and Trade nonsense
  23. The war on coal and coal power plants
  24. Off-mic comments about Netanyahu.  Isn't it against the law to agree with a French President?
  25. Sending the Churchill bust back to the UK.  I guess that makes sense, since Obama is the Anti-Churchill.
  26. Blaming the rich for the actions of a very few. 
  27. Bashing energy companies; the people that are truly leading an energy revolution and expanding energy production in the US and employing 100s of thousands of people.
  28. Meanwhile, Obama only has Solyndra, Ener1 and Sunpower---all bankrupt after having receiving Federal money.
  29. The entire ObamaCare quagmire and all of the 1200 waivers for the politically connected and the State of Nebraska, plus saying the law won’t raise the deficit by a dime!  
  30. That it would be unprecedented if the Supreme Court overturned ObamaCare
  31. Dodd-Frank mess and leaving Pelosi and Reid to do the “dirty work.”  What a mess!
  32. NLRB recess appointments with radical leftist lawyers and delaying Boeing’s plant opening in South Carolina
  33. Joking about shovel-ready projects and still no movement to identify infrastructure projects that could actually do some good.
  34. High speed rail nonsense.  America already has one Amtrak. 
  35. The so-called stimulus package that purported to create or save 2 million jobs.  Cost: $400,000 per job.
  36. No effort after 2009 to do anything to help the economy.

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