Sunday, September 30, 2012

One Day; 5 Muslim Murders In S. Thailand

The following is a story in the Sunday, September 30th Bangkok Post newspaper.   It is just one story of one day of unprovoked Thai Muslim atrocities against innocent Thai citizens: mostly women, children and elderly people.
Seventeen people, one of them a policeman, were injured when two M79 grenades were fired into local fair in Narathiwat's Bacho district Saturday. Police said the grenades were fired into the crowded fair selling products native to the area opposite Bacho district police station at about 7.20pm. Four security volunteers and 12 fair-goers sustained shrapnel wounds.
Some of them were also trampled by panicked people trying to flee the scene. The injured, who were not identified, were taken to Bacho Hospital. Authorities closed off the fair venue as forensic experts were due to arrive at the scene this morning.
Meanwhile, five people died in separtate attacks in the far South yesterday.
In Pattani, Sen Sgt Maj Mustorfa Laehae, 44, of Pattani police station, was killed in a drive-by shooting in Ban Sue Dung in Sai Buri district. He was shot in the head and died later in hospital.
In Yala's Muang district, a woman was killed and her husband seriously injured in a drive-by shooting. The victims were identified as Saowaluck Sitthiphan, 29, of Ban Na Tham in Muang district, and her husband Prinya Sitthiphan, 31, a technician at the Yala irrigation office.
They were travelling on a motorcycle around 8am in Ban Kampan in tambon Tha Sab when a gunman riding pillion on another motorcycle fired at them with a handgun.
Also in Yala, a woman was seriously wounded in a drive-by shooting on the Yala-Batong road at Ban Ka Sode in Bannang Sata district. Duangnate Kamsri, 34, of tambon Tham Thalu in Bannang Sata, was shot in the torso.
In Yaha district, Kuem Sukkarn, 72, a resident of tambon Tachi, was shot dead as he rode his motorcycle to a market.
In Pattani's Muang district, a traditional medicine trader was shot and killed outside the central mosque.
Mama Arwae, 43, was selling medicine at his stall when two men on a motorcycle fired shots at him. Police said Mama worked as a police informant.
In Southern Thailand, there have been 5,000  Buddhist citizens murdered by Islamic idiots since 2004.  In peaceful Thailand, this is an incredibly outrageous and ignorant calamity. Relative to the Thai population, it is similar to the total US fatalities in the Vietnam war.  The violence is supposedly to promote a regional separation from Thailand or possibly to join Malaysia (Malaysia doesn't want them).

As in all other parts of the Muslim world, this violence continues because no citizen informs the authorities of sons, friends, brothers or cousins that are making bombs, buying grenades, hiding guns and plotting attacks.  These people are criminals plain and simple.

Because no citizen stands up for what is right, the entire community is complicit in the violence! 

It's not just the "radical element" like the "politically correct" would like you to believe.  The violence is supported by Muslim scripture, teachings and many religious leaders everywhere and tolerated by the entire Muslim community.

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