Saturday, September 15, 2012

Socialist Presidents Come From The Same Mold

What is it with those damned socialist Presidents??

Francois Hollande was elected in France having successfully "demagogued" the 'non-austerity' austerity in France. Yes, there has been no budget austerity in France despite all the erroneous information in the media.  The campaign made people think that there have been drastic budget cuts in France under European pressure.   Wrong!

But there's been austerity alright---austerity on the people in the form of taxation! Hollande is all about taxing the people more! 

Despite plenty of misleading headlines, there has been no austerity in Britain either.  (There has been austerity in Greece, Ireland and Spain only).  Remember, a budget cut is only a budget cut when spending actually declines----not when spending increases are less than previously forecast---which is the same nonsense that you hear in American politics.

Now, Hollande reduced the workweek even further (which reduces the country's competitiveness), further reduced the retirement age to 60 years,  pledged new spending, increased taxes on the wealthy, added surtaxes on wealthy, raised the top tax rate to 75%, added taxes on foreign owned homes, increased taxes on rental income (from 20% to 35%), added taxes on energy companies, added new capital gains taxes, and tried to make layoffs too expensive for companies.  He also tried to "strong arm" Peugeot, a French car company to not make their planned layoffs--which they did anyway.   This guy makes Obama look like a dream boat.

These Socialists never learn.  The rich will relocate or find ways to avoid special taxes, budget gaps will not be filled, spending will remain out of control until there is a collapse of confidence.  By the way, French unemployment hasn't been below 8% in many decades.   Sound familiar?  It should.

As if Socialists come from the same school or mold, he's outlined a "green energy" policy including ultimately shutting down 25 nuclear power plants to reduce their enviable nuclear power production share from 75% to only 50%, and rejecting shale gas drilling and created a new biodiversity agency to waste money.   So much for "green" energy as closing nuclear plants means rising carbon dioxide emissions---which in antithetical to greenies.

Let's see, higher and higher taxes, more and more spending, no or low growth, persistent unemployment above 10%,  hostility to new oil and gas technology, slavish devotion to "green" energy, intervention in private business, no-austerity austerity, strong arm tactics, and demagoguery sound familiar don't they?  They should.

Socialist presidents come from the same mold.

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