Monday, October 1, 2012

Links October 1 2012

  • You Can't Trust the Media or Polls.  The link is the long story of the stunning failures of presidential polling and media "spin" during 1979 election season.  The Media hated Reagan and did everything they could to create the illusion of the 'inevitability' of a Carter win.  It should sound familiar.
  • Here's another set of reasons why you can't trust mainstreet Media--A collapse of competence is evident in nearly every area of our lives these days including the Media outlets.. They say that an informed electorate is necessary to maintain democracy.  That's certainly true but a skeptical, vigorous, and investigative media is necessary too.  We no longer have that.  We no longer have an informed electorate either.
  • Opinion polls are being manipulated to show an 'inevitability' of a Obama re-election despite a good deal of evidence that his campaign is in trouble. How
  • ObamaCare's administrative nightmare that only the Federal Government could conceive.
  • Chavez endorses Obama
  • The ObamaPhone lady.  Just in case you haven't heard, the FCC program has given out 1 million phones in Ohio suspiciously close to the election.  Hmmm, sounds like bribery to me.
  • White House tells contractors to hold off on layoff notices.  The White House has told government contractors that they will cover their legal costs if they must fight Federally mandated (WARN) laws that require 60 days termination notice.  Hmm, doesn't Congress spend the money?  The WH is encouraging Gov't contractors to violate the law?   How desperate are they?  How irresponsible are they? 

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