Monday, February 11, 2013

Total Incompetence: Obama and Clinton Absent During Benghazi Attack

Finally we find out from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, at testimony in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee, that neither Obama or Hillary Clinton were in touch with Panetta and his team after learning of the Benghazi attack.  Panetta said that they left it "up to us."  Mind you, the attack started at about 3 pm in the afternoon---during normal business hours.  So, we find out that BOTH Obama and Clinton received their 3 am call (actually 3 pm) and neither were up to the task.  Meanwhile 4 people died including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

The President didn't care enough to call any of the players at the situation room after he had heard of the attacks!  And we call this guy our "commander in chief?"   I suspect that we're still getting a bunch of lies  from Panetta.  The truth is probably even worse than we now know.  Probably Obama's role was even worse than dereliction of duty.  He probably ordered the forces to stand down and let our own people die---the only thing that could be even more disturbing.  The truth is probably even worse than we know.

The level of incompetence from this administration just amazing. The truth is that Obama doesn't give a shit about other people or even his own Ambassador who was under attack.  The only thing he gives a damn about is himself and his self-aggrandizement.  Whatever he was doing at the time was WRONG since he should have been in charge of events or at least showing some interest!!

So, Obama's so-called 3 directives that he said that he gave to "secure our people and do what is necessary to protect them, find out who did it to bring them to justice, and investigate precisely what happened." are seriously in doubt.  Why?  Because Obama was "missing in action" or AWOL from beginning to end.  HE did nothing to secure anyone! Then he began weeks of lying about the cause of the attacks.  We had to wait 5 months now to find out what really happened, so any claim to "investigate" what happened is complete bullshit.

The behavior of Obama and his administration during and after this tragedy is despicable.  Words like "slacker," "incompetent," and "derelict" are other good adjectives that come to mind.   It's too bad that you can't impeach a President for "dereliction of duty."

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