Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How Do-Gooders Will Ruin Everything

You've heard about the 7 year old "pop-tart" "terrorist" suspended from school?   A 7 year old little boy managed to make a nibbled shape of his pastry into something that vaguely looked like a gun, then he pointed it at someone and said "bang, bang!"  All hell broke loose and school officials made a "federal case" out of this sending the boy home with a note to his parents telling them to shape-up and to shape-up their son.

Notice that the phrase "federal case" means that someone has over-reacted to something minor.

Do-gooders who over-react to such silly things explain why they can't be allowed to do their damage at a national level.  They do enough damage at the local level.  Sending a little boy home for school for "inappropriate" behavior (defined by silly people of course) of playing with his food is a perfect example of silly and hysterical thinking of local school officials.  The very same silliness is found in immature and "do-gooder" congressmen who, if allowed, would over-react and inflict their silliness at a vast scale.  The only way to limit this is a strict interpretation of the constitution to roll back out-of-control government programs and agencies.  Legislation to limit budget insanity will also be required (after all, the States must balance their budgets).

Hello Kitty Bubble-blowing Gun Creates a Do-Gooder 'Federal Case'

Or how about the imbeciles who labeled a 5 year old girl a "terrorist threat" for pointing her bubble making "gun" at fellow students and generally having fun?  They sent her home and was ordered to undergo psychological counseling by other "do-gooders" no doubt.   Here's George Will's take from his recent article:
Nothing surprises after that 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl was labeled a “terroristic threat,” suspended from school and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation because she talked about shooting herself and others with her Hello Kitty gun that shoots bubbles. But looking on the bright side, perhaps we should welcome these multiplying episodes as tutorials about the nature of the regulatory state that swaddles us ever more snuggly with its caring. If so, give thanks for the four Minnesota state legislators whose bill would ban “bullying” at school.
Silly and hysterical over-reaction evident in the "gun control" debate. It is sickening to see the poor thinking of elected officials incorrectly identifying the root causes of gun violence.  If you can't correctly identify the cause of a problem then you will never fix it.  For example, the biggest cause of  gun violence in the US is a portion of black males and their decadent trash "culture" of crime, gangs and drug selling.  If you were able to get rid of all criminal black men, then gun violence and crime would drop 54% and prisons would suddenly and substantially empty!  Gun violence committed during a theft, robbery or drug crime dwarfs all of the incidents and deaths associated with "crazies" who get a hold of a gun.

One last comment.  How about "do-gooder" Michael Bloomberg who is trying to micromanage New Yorkers by banning 32 oz. sodas??   Doesn't he have bigger problems to worry about?  Yes, I know obesity is a big problem, but Mr. Bloomberg can't fix it. Fortunately a court ruled his actions unlawful.

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