Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Liberal Media and the Myth of Obama's Competence

My previous blog Poll: Obama's Approval Rating down to 47%, showed that the CNN/ORC poll giving Obama only 31% approval rating when it came to Obama's handling of the economy.   Well, I'm glad that there are some realistic opinions in this country.  Overall his approval rating is down to 47%.

After the shameful smear campaign against Romney last year by the Obama camp and the liberal-dominated media, it is at least somewhat satisfying for people to see SOME truth. I mean, how bad does the economy have to get, and for how long, until people realize that Obama is wrong about EVERYTHING when it comes to the economy?

Meanwhile the liberal-dominated media and their TV-consuming, celebrity-obsessed population continues consuming whatever is being fed to them by the administration-friendly, crony-elites in charge of media companies.

MSNBC Not Really a News Network

Remember that last year's smear campaign witnessed last fall against Romney and Republicans was led by MSNBC?  The network is now shown to be a propaganda network for the Democratic party according to a Pew Study.  Only 15% of reported material on that network is factual news and the balance (85%) was commentary supporting guess who?   In fact, there was NEVER any negative coverage of Obama EVER.  ALL of their "news" was really just "pro-administration", "pro-liberal" and "Romney-smearing" propaganda.  See  the results graphically below:,

The Liberal Media Will Never Expose the Myth of Obama's Competence

In my blog Grad Schools: Lower Admissions Standards for Blacks and Less Results, I explain that it is a virtually certainty that Obama coasted into Harvard on a wave of affirmative action and not based on competitive admissions test scores and/or undergraduate GPA.  Because Obama immediately sealed any and all academic records tells me that he is hiding this fact, although he's said openly that he wasn't a great student.  I believe him!  He's still a terrible student!  He continues to show me that he's unable to learn much of anything that conflicts with his leftist ideology--which is nearly everything when it comes to the economy and jobs!!  His inability to learn is consistent with only average to maybe slightly above average intelligence.

Obama might have won a Nobel Peace Prize, but it's just more (liberal) lavishing of praise on a relatively bright black (more accurately a mixed race) guy who had a minimal record of success or accomplishment. The harsher reality, and documented in my blog Blacks Score Much Lower on All IQ and Academic Tests, shows that intellectually "gifted" blacks are quite rare and that 85 to about 90% of the black population is below the white average in intelligence (ie., 85 to 90% have less than 100 IQ).  Maybe Obama is brighter than I think, but in all probability, he's 'just' somewhat above-average intellectually.  But I give all due credit for being a very good "performance artist" (actor)!!

But the press and media desperately want to paint a picture that blacks are doing so well in America. Many are, thank God!  But the election and re-election of Obama is, to some extent, more media "hype" to perpetuate a myth of general black competence. The problem is that it's not really so true.  It's not true here and it's not true in Africa either!  The truth is that a majority of blacks are really struggling and many are barely making it in this country.  The ones that are struggling or aren't making it (the majority) are taught to blame white culture. Obama likes to blame "rich people." Obama is, in fact, not making it better for blacks.

All of this is not to denigrate black folks.  But the unfortunate fact is that intelligence (IQ or academic intelligence) is highly overrated in our current culture, the vast majority blacks aren't equal to whites and this gap appears to be quite persistent.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to do damage to the country with his consistent job-killing ideology and divisive rhetoric.  He's just not that competent!  Why would you expect any more?

MSNBC is Part of the Liberal Agenda Of Painting a False Picture Regarding Race in America

Back to MSNBC, remember, the liberal media will do (and did) anything to support their "man."  Worse, because Obama is (part-)black with "above average" intelligence, nothing can ever be said to criticize his actions or lack of actions.  The entire country must endure (apparently) the interminable effort to never expose the myth of Obama's competence.  Meanwhile, nearly every initiative made by this administration hurts the economy and job creation, fails at every foreign policy initiative, undermines the Constitution and borrows against the future as the nation careens to financial disaster.  But black leaders like Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr., Obama, and virtually all elected blacks parade around inflicting harm on the country with their wrong-headed and corrupted agendas.

To hell with political correctness!  OK, bring on the death threats. 

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