Saturday, May 11, 2013

Obama COULD Learn Much From Texas

Obama could learn something about economics from Texas---but won't.   He reminds me of the saying "there is none so blind as he who cannot see."

From his inability to learn from the cop in Cambridge to his stubborn and ineffective efforts to create so-called green jobs, which are a complete bust--even fraudulent, this President, time and time again, proves incapable of learning or adjusting.  He's not smart.  He just appears smart since he's a good "performance artist."

To be honest, if I had to choose an actor for the job as president, I might have preferred Morgan Freeman. He played a great role as President in "Deep Impact."  What the heck, he'd be just as qualified as Obama.  You can't be any more unqualified!

Back to learning from Texas and economic policies that actually work,  Have a look at the article from John Merline at Investor's Business Daily,
President Obama went to Texas on Thursday. Since taking office, Obama has pushed more government as the way to get the economy moving. He dramatically boosted spending, imposed massive amounts of new regulations, ran enormous deficits, and has imposed more than $1 trillion in tax hikes.  At the same time, Obama has berated those who advocate tax cuts and deregulation as key ingredients for economic growth and prosperity, saying such policies have "never worked." [It's Obama's brain that doesn't work ]
But Obama's policies have produced the most sluggish economic recovery since the Great Depression. GDP growth has topped 2.5% in just four of the 15 quarters since the recovery started. The country is still 2.6 million jobs shy of the previous employment peak set back in January 2008. Poverty rates are up; real household incomes are down.
Texas, meanwhile, has pursued a far different path from the one Obama advocates.
The Lone Star state has the 6th lowest tax burden in the country, according to the Tax Foundation, and has the third smallest government per-capita in the country, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.
It also consistently ranks as one of the most business-friendly states in the country. Chief Executive magazine, for example, has ranked Texas No. 1 for eight years in a row, citing "its business-friendly tax and regulatory environment."And since the recovery started in June 2009,
Texas has outperformed Obama on every important economic measure:
Jobs: Private sector jobs have shot up 10% in Texas since June 2009, which is twice the national growth rate. And while U.S. employment is still 2% below its pre-recession peak, in Texas it's 5% above the state's previous high.
Labor Force:  Nationwide, the labor force — the number of people who have jobs or are actively looking — has remained virtually flat since the recovery started, climbing just 0.3% over the past 45 months. Texas, in contrast, has seen its labor force climb 6.2%, as workers flood the state.
Wages: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average annual wages in the U.S. rose 5.4% from May 2009 to May 2012. In Texas, they rose 6.1%.
Per Capita Income: Texans have also seen their per capita personal income grow faster than the nation as a whole, increasing 13.3% compared with 10.5% nationwide, Bureau of Economic Analysis data show.
GDP: And Texas' economy has grown faster than the overall economy since Obama took office. Between 2009 and 2011, real GDP in Texas expanded 8.7%, while the nation's overall GDP managed just 4.6% growth, according to the BEA.
And while Obama and his backers complain that austerity is now standing in the way of economic growth, Texas proves that more government spending and government jobs aren't needed to grow the economy. Overall state spending has been flat since 2010, according to the National Association of State Budget Officers, and BLS data show that state and local government jobs dropped 16,500 since the recovery started.
Rick Perry has, in fact, presided over a terrific economy and Texas has a significant budget surplus.  Liberals love to paint Perry as being "stupid."  If he's stupid, I want to be stupid! That's alright, they got it wrong about Ronald Reagan too.  Liberals, when it comes to economics, are idiots.  This is proven time and time again, and Obama is the prime example.

Who's the stupid one? Has Obama suceeded in anything?

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