Sunday, July 7, 2013

100 Things I Hate About Government

Starting with John Stoessel's "100 things that I hate about government," I've taken his list and modified it to suit.  You know, sadly the government is made up of people and therefore just reflects "us" with all of our problems and beliefs.  Add the problem that money has corrupted too many in our government. Furthermore, groups will always perform poorly compared to individuals. At the end of day, however, the collective "we" is the real problem.

There are far too many idiots in this country who are poorly educated, aren't being properly parented, and haven't been schooled well in general or in the fundamental aspects of American history and our political history. How many school districts, for instance, are teaching the incontrovertible fact that our country's Founding Fathers were nearly obsessed with limiting Federal power in favor of The States?  Knowledge of the unique American political history and our American ideals do not run in our blood. They have to be taught.  Sadly, too many are ignorant of our historic strengths and they are everywhere, including our government. These very people are eager to move our country toward what's been proven to fail elsewhere in the world.  But I digress.

Here's my list:
  1. Inability to get money out of politics; failure to pass campaign finance reform
  2.  "Comprehensive anything" from Washington!
  3. Massive failure of government management and oversight of existing programs, and continuing to start yet more programs!
  4. Government employing 22 million people
  5. Creation of the Government-Industrial-Military complex that Eisenhower warned
  6. Creating the cartel status of the biggest banks, drug and health care companies
  7. NSA spying and excessive secrecy
  8. 16 Federal "intelligence" agencies at a cost of $120 billion per year. How "intelligent" is that? 
  9. The Federal Reserve 
  10. Federal Reserve promoting massive moral hazard
  11. "Money printing" 
  12. Zero interest policy still ongoing for 5 years
  13. The dual mandate of the Federal Reserve (full employment, control inflation) leading to 24 fold increase in prices since it's inception. Get rid of the "full employment" portion of mandate.
  14. IRS targeting people that disagree with the administration 
  15. IRS feeding info to liberal groups
  16. Dictating where kids must go to school
  17. Dictating what kids should learn
  18. Department of Education which does no educating.
  19. Department of Agriculture which should be re-named to Department of Food Stamps
  20. Department of "Energy" which creates no energy and could be renamed to Department of Loans to Political Cronies
  21. Department of Homeland "Security" which is just another waste of money and annoyance
  22. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  23. EPA excesses
  24. Obama's war on coal
  25. Trillion dollar deficits
  26. Spiraling social security disability enrollment with questionable causes
  27. Unnecessary or disastrous wars
  28. Taking almost half our money
  29. Our broken legal system
  30. Creating the biggest prison population in the world: the US has 50% of the world's prisoners and only 5% of the world population!
  31. EEOC Racial and Gender disparity suits
  32. Asset forfeiture laws and abuse
  33. Abusive eminent domain
  34. Arbitrary and excessive jail sentences and mandatory minimum sentences
  35. Student Loan bubble
  36. Student Loan bubble feeding huge college tuition inflation
  37. Enslaving millions of young people in college tuition debt!
  38. The latest un-reform of various College Loan guarantees
  39. Having 175,000 pages of laws, always adding more regulations, expecting people to understand these laws
  40. Obama hurting "rule of law" by selective law enforcement and trying to circumvent Congress
  41. Saying not knowing the law is no excuse
  42. Selective racist enforcement
  43. Cops arresting people who videotape them
  44. Always passing new law without removing old ones
  45. Always growing faster than inflation plus population growth
  46. Funding $100 million trips to Africa
  47. Wrecking Indians lives
  48. Wrecking, not always helping, African American lives
  49. Using junk science...promising zero risk
  50. Promoting moral hazard
  51. Fighting the privatizing of roads and air traffic control
  52. Dodd Frank
  53. Sarbanes Oxley
  54. Laws against so-called price "gouging"
  55. Claiming K-12 education is starved for money
  56. Creating and failing to repeal ethanol mandates when they are causing more harm than good
  57. Labeling carbon dioxide a "health hazard" when the current level of 0.04%  it's essential to life
  58. Funding Acorn
  59. EPA overreach, stepping on people
  60. Stopping Keystone pipeline because of climate concerns
  61. IRS asking Tea Party groups 85 questions
  62. Drug war(s)
  63. Losing the Drug War(s)
  64. Minimum wage laws
  65. Davis-Bacon giving special deals for unions
  66. Intern rules from Labor Depart
  67. The recent Farm Bill--or the Un-reform of Farm subsidies
  68. Corporate welfare for GE and Gen Motors
  69. Banning alternative currencies
  70. Deficit spending and Entitlement bankruptcy
  71. Mismanagement of Medicare and Medicaid
  72. The un-reform of Sallie Mae
  73. Fannie Mae
  74. Freddie Mac
  75. ObamaCare monstrosity that will never be implemented
  76. Inability to take small steps to control medical costs
  77. Not firing anyone
  78. Subsidies for sports stadiums
  79. Subsidies for political buddies like Solyndra
  80. Indifference to consumers: Post Office, DMV
  81. Pompous ceremonies
  82. Excessive Secret Service protection
  83. Complex tax code
  84. Continuing to post 100,000 soldiers in Germany, Korea and Japan
  85. Rich people getting 3 month trials and poor people get squat
  86. Tariffs
  87. Unnecessary, even harmful, sugar subsidies
  88. Unnecessary, uneconomic, even harmful ethanol subsidies
  89. Banning gay marriage at the Fed level
  90. FCC not auctioning off spectrum
  91. GM bailout and subsequent corporate welfare (they still pay zero Fed taxes)
  92. All of the Bailouts
  93. 5 years punished for toy guns
  94. Cafe standards that kill
  95. $17 Trillion debt
  96. Ban of Edison's light bulb
  97. "Free" contraception for all women
  98. Spying on James Rosen and his parents
  99. PBS subsidies
  100. Intrade's disappearance

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