Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Reverse EPA's Carbon Regulation Mandate

The USA should be proud of our accomplishments in cleaning air and water since the 1960s.  I would think most of us are satisfied about the cleanliness of our air and water. I don't hear any public clamoring for additional regulations, do you?  But President Obama is doubling down on carbon regulation while other, MUCH more serious problems, are unaddressed.  Getting and keeping a job is American's biggest concern, but more carbon regulation will reduce jobs and not increase them.

I guess there is a portion of the public that has succumbed to global warming extremism, but much of that extremism is based on exaggerated claims of computer models that have proven themselves wrong.  The extreme scenarios are not happening.  Nearly all of the models have over-estimated warming rates and missed the recent "pause" in temperature increases over the past decade or so.

The Whole Issue of EPA Regulating Carbon Dioxide is a Joke!

The EPA is only doing it under the guise that carbon dioxide is "harmful or threatening to human health". To call 400 parts per million levels of CO2 in the atmosphere "harmful to human or public health" is untrue and should be reversed. It's just not true. Your exhaled breath is 100 times higher at 4% for some perspective. Unlike other gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide is naturally occurring at about 0.030% (300 ppm), plants require it for their photosynthesis and the level has only risen to a less-than-astounding 0.040% in 60 years (or 400 ppm). Plants are growing faster now. Humans have a bit of difficulty breathing in a complete absence of CO2.

At best, you might call the effects an "inconvenience" since nothing drastic is happening quickly. There's plenty of time to adjust.

Yeah, the earth has warmed 1.6 degree Fahrenheit in the past 100 years, but it's not a cause for panic nor an excuse to kill the world economy.  The sea is rising about 1/10th of an inch per year or about 10 inches in 100 years.  We can move cities gradually inland over 100 years!  Most structures don't last 100 years, so building on higher ground can and will become a routine thing. Any forget alarmist claims about acidifying the ocean: the ocean has a pH of 8.0 or already on the basic end of the scale and it will take 100s of years to come down to even neutral pH (still safe), as the sea is a natural carbon dioxide buffer system. See my blog on global warming and related politics:  Global Warming Made Easy, Climate Change UpdateGlobal Warming Extremism, Cap and Trade Is All About Taxing, Not WarmingEPA Carbon Regulation Power GrabBloomberg and Climate Change Politics, Eco-Imperialism Thriving in the Obama Administration

The age of hydrocarbons may be over in 100 years. Thorium nuclear reactors should become our primary carbon-free energy source in the years and decades to come.

Carbon Dioxide is Not Like Sulfur Dioxide

You can see why sulfur dioxide is appropriately regulated. Other than volcanic activity, it is not a naturally occuring atmospheric pollutant. Mostly through burning of coal, man emits sulfur dioxide and, if not regulated and reduced, has shown to cause acid rain, deforestation and harm to human respiration. It is an irritant to human respiration. Carbon dioxide is not an irritant to human respiration at anywhere close to the 400 parts per million level. In fact, your breathing is disrupted without such levels. To this day, sulfur dioxide emissions are reduced and that's largely a good and desirable thing for the public.

Coal doesn't deserve it's "dirty" reputation.  

It's dirty to mine, that's for sure!  But don't be confused by the confusers, coal completely combusts in coal burning power plants. There is a bit of an ash problem with coal, but there are bag-houses to catch those. I've recently heard that some coal has small amounts of mercury, but that can be removed and captured. Sulfur dioxide is already being scrubbed from many coal fired power plants so that the effects of acid rain has been substantially eliminated.

I'll bet you $1,000 that Obama has never been in a coal fired power plant! He doesn't have a clue about this industry or the entire energy business in general. That's the problem with government: the people with the least information and expertise are making decisions!

Reverse the EPA's Mandate to Regulate Carbon Dioxide

The EPA will continue it's self-aggrandizement unless this regulatory mandate is overturned.  They will inject themselves further into the business community and hurt the economy and jobs.  Already this administration is cancelling coal burning power plants and removing permits for existing plants under this regulation.  Now, Obama is trying to put even more of a crimp on US power plants and coal producers.  Fortunately we have an extremely cheap natural gas market thanks to our oil and gas companies--who have created a true energy revolution with fracking technology.

Reverse the EPA's mandate to regulate CO2!  It's based on untruths, over-excited alarmists, still evolving science, faulty thinking and faulty understanding of economics!  The only way to fight this is for Congress to reduce the EPA's budget and wait for Obama to exit stage right.

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