Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Billy Graham: USA Drowning in a Sea of Immorality

From the Washington Times:
World-renowned Rev. Billy Graham, 94, said President Obama’s campaign promises for “hope and change” are little more than meaningless cliches and the reality is the nation is facing a dire future, about to collapse on its own immorality.

America is suffering from a “sea of immorality,” he said, adding that in his opinion, the second coming of Jesus Christ is imminent. Meanwhile, the trend in America is oppression — increased threats to First Amendment freedoms from an ever-encroaching government that is using digital data and technology to monitor innocent Americans, he told Newsmax.

“Our early fathers led our nation according to biblical principles,” Mr. Graham said, Newsmax reported. ” ‘Hope and change’ has become a cliche in our nation, and it is daunting to think that any American could hope for change from what God has blessed. Our country is turning away from what has made it so great. But far greater than the government knowing our every move that could lead to losing our freedom to worship God publicly, is to know that God knows our every thought. He knows our hearts need transformation.”

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