Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lies, Half-Truths and Idiots Everywhere

There's no future for this country when the majority of the people are idiots and liars.  It's especially disturbing when the nation's opinion leaders are the biggest idiot-liars of them all.

Idiot "Shutdown" Talk

The idiot-liar media kept saying the government is shutdown when only 800,000 (then down to about 400,000) employees out of 2 million Federal employees were furloughed. There are 20 million persons working in government direct and indirect, so 1/2  million furloughed out of 20 million is hardly even a slowdown much less a shutdown.

Nonsense "Default" Talk

Then came media hysteria about the government "default."  When federal government revenue is $250 billion per month and interest payments on the debt is only $20 billion, it's pretty clear that there is not much risk that bondholders won't be paid.  There was never a risk of default.

Despite that, Obama was irresponsibly warning about Armageddon and literally threatening default.  He tried to crash the stock market to increase the drama.  He was looking to create the maximal damage to the citizens like he did when the sequester cuts took effect.  All of this is extremely un-presidential and amateurish.

Politicians Are Nearly All Idiot-Liars

Obama is one of the biggest "idiot-liars" out there--the great truth-twister. One minute he's touting that the gov't deficit is coming down, then in the next sentence denouncing the sequester spending cuts which is partly responsible for the improvement (also the payroll tax increase).  He also said that the deficit is coming down because the economy is improving, but the economy is not improving.  It's a flat economy at best.

The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), and most administration economists are basically lying when they say that employment is improving when the number of jobs is stagnant.  The "improvement" in the unemployment rate only reflects a huge drop in people looking for work and therefore they are no longer counted as unemployed.  Statistics lie.

CBS News and the Rest of the Media Is Irresponsible Too

I turned on CBS Evening News last night and the first report was that Ted Cruz caused the debt limit standoff which "threatened default."  First, wrong about default.  And misleading about the extent of shutdown.  Yeah Ted Cruz, in trying to defund ObamaCare, did overreach but that demand quickly morphed into a reasonable request to delay the ObamaCare individual mandate.

But CBS doesn't have the integrity to mention that Obama abdicated his constitutional duties by "not negotiating."  They didn't report that Obama was not acting lawfully when he unilaterally delayed the employer mandate.  They rarely mention that only 36% of persons polled want ObamaCare--far from the mandate that Democrats claim.   From the beginning, more than 50% don't want it.  Approval numbers are dropping daily as the price of ACA compliant policies becomes known.

Obama and Democrats Purposefully Crashing Our Constitutional System

Obama and Democrats are purposely crashing our Constitutional system when they tried to ignore the House of Representatives during the debt ceiling debate.  The Republicans, who inconveniently control the House of Representatives, happen to represent about half the people in this country.  Reid and the President tried to make them completely irrelevant, as if they have no say.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  They are trying to smash our Constitution.  This is what Communists do.

They want to propagate the myth that Republicans are in a permanent winter and irrelevant.   I hate to tell the Democrats, but there are more Republicans in this country than Democrats.  Fully 60% of state governors are Republicans.  There are more Republicans in Congress than Democrats when you add up both houses. The majority of Americans have leaned Conservative for many, many decades.

Climate Change Nonsense

Last night, I turned on Nova on PBS.  The show was about "super storm" Sandy.   Within one minute of the start of the program, the announcer began, "because carbon dioxide is rising in the atmosphere...."   At that moment, I instantly turned the channel. 

No one will ever  report the fact that this year's hurricane season is one of the slowest on record.  There are only 2 minimal hurricanes so far this season---both barely hurricane force--and the season is finished.  Only one weak storm struck Central America.  Normally there are 9 hurricanes and 3 are major storms (Cat 3 or higher).  This year, 2 very weak hurricanes and 0 major storms.  It must be climate change!!  Right?

You'll never hear that reported on PBS.

Superstorm Sandy Wasn't That Super

Another comment about that NOVA program. Sandy was NOT a particularly strong storm. In fact, Hurricane Sandy was downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone as it made landfall in New York City.  It wasn't even a hurricane at all, but now it's a "super-storm" in the media. It was a nor'easter.

Northern NJ and NYC rarely gets a direct hit, so they rarely get such the tidal surge that is typical of minimal hurricanes.  Untested coastal structures were hit very hard.  In fact Sandy was the first storm in modern history (year 1900 or later) whose eye hit just west of NYC on the northern NJ coast.  Most storms hit eastern Long Island.   Even the severe 1938 storm hit east of the city sparing NYC the brunt of the storm. 

The 1938 storm was truly deserving the title super storm.  It was a huge and powerful storm with 130 mph sustained winds.   That storm's tidal surge was 17 feet (measured at Rhode Island).  The subways were flooded in NYC during that storm as well. 

Sandy's 13.9 foot storm surge was high in northern NJ and southern NY but not unusual or abnormal compared to other minimal hurricanes.   And coastal structures and homes do get wiped out.  But people continue to build as if these storms don't happen.

Yes, Sandy was a strong storm, but there were other weather systems in place when the storm struck. For instance, there was widespread snow in inland areas due to a weather systems already in place and intensified by Sandy.  In that one sense, it was a very large storm. But it was more like a Nor'easter than anything else.

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