Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Damage from ObamaCare

I am accustomed to buying high deductible medical policies over many years--when I'm not overseas. Since I worked as a contractor, I would maintain my own policies rather than accept company insurance for continuity sake.  I would get deductibles of $6000 or higher and the monthly premium was about $85 per month.

As soon as Obama floated the idea of government provided health insurance in 2009, my premiums jumped to $145 per month immediately in what felt like a pre-emptive strike from the insurers.

I returned last Dec 2012 from living in Thailand.  I was self-insured there because medical costs are from 5 to 10 times cheaper than in the US.   Plus I wasn't there permanently (but that might change).

Shortly after returning to Texas, I went online to E-health Insurance dot com and purchased a hospitalization-only policy from Aetna with minimal other benefits: no coverage for out-patient procedures, no prescription benefit, no coverage of doctor visits except they would pay for preventative medicine.  But the policy would pay for hospitalization with a $2500 deductible if in-network.   If I were hospitalized, they would also pay for the ambulance if used.  The cost of this premium was $233 per month.  I was OK with all of that.

Yesterday, I got a notice that the same Aetna policy compliant with the increased coverage of ObamaCare will cost $477 per month.  That's up from $85 per month from pre-Obama times.

So, since Obama became president, my medical costs have quintupled.  That works out to medical cost inflation of 40% per year for five years!   I would call that hyperinflation!  

Yeah, there may be more benefits under the ACA compliant policy.  But I'm being forcibly upgraded by the Sebellius' and Obama's notions of what insurance is and their healthcare law.   I've written that Kathleen Sebellius doesn't really understand what true insurance is!    So, I'm being screwed-over by ignorant bureaucrats who think they know best (and they don't) and forced to accept a one-size fits all approach to my health insurance.

This is the ignorance and arrogance of Liberals.   Now, I'm forced to pay the price of their ignorance.

I might just go live permanently in Thailand and get a policy there for about $65 per month rather than pay nearly $500 per month.

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