Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Five Big ObamaCare Lies

I recently wrote a blog titled Liberalism Imposed by Lies, Tricks and Doesn't Work as an explanation that, only through tricks, half-truths and even lies, will the liberal agenda be foisted on the American people.

It turns out that ObamaCare is the ultimate example of what I've said.  It was passed by administrative "tricks" (the law wasn't even voted on in the House--it was "deemed to have passed").  Furthermore every single selling point used by the communists in the White House and Congress to sell the law are ALL LIES.

The Five Big Lies Used to Sell ObamaCare

Lie #1:  The promise of Universal coverage.  According to the latest CBO projections, some 50% or 31 million people of those without insurance will still be uninsured by 2023.  This  is a far cry from universal coverage that the president promised.

Lie #2:   No new taxes on the middle class.

According to theThe Weekly Standard article "Health Reform Breaks Bad"
Obamacare’s employer mandate penalties ($106 billion) assuredly will hit the lowest-income workers, since they are the ones least likely to be covered through employer health plans. Similarly, taxes levied on health insurers ($101.7 billion), drug manufacturers ($34.2 billion), and medical device manufacturers ($29.1 billion) nominally are levied on big corporations. But everyone knows these ultimately will be passed along to consumers in the form of premium increases or higher out-of-pocket spending. 
How do we know this? Because the Congressional Budget Office told us so, in November 2009, months before Obamacare was actually signed into law. Oliver Wyman, a well-known international consulting firm, has estimated the health-insurers tax alone is expected to increase premiums for single coverage by a minimum of $2,150 over the next 10 years while boosting family premiums by $5,080 during the same period. Even older people on Medicare Advantage plans, who tend to have lower-than-average incomes, will see premiums go up by $3,590 over 10 years according to the Oliver Wyman calculations.
Even for progressives who might fantasize that these corporate levies will somehow come out of big business’s (presumably obscene) profits, there can be little doubt that the individual mandate ($55 billion)—which, in fairness, wasn’t a tax until Chief Justice John Roberts declared it to be—will hit the little guy. Likewise, the new limits on Flexible Spending Accounts ($24 billion) and the higher threshold for deducting medical expenses from one’s income tax ($18.7 billion) will hit average families squarely in the pocketbook.
So, in summary, about 70% of the new ObamaCare taxes will affect the middle class.

Lie #3:  ObamaCare will save the average family $2,500 per year.

In my blog, ACA Increases Family Healthcare Costs By $7,450 Per Year makes the point that the law will not save $2,500 per year, but INCREASE health care spending by about $7,450 per year.  Big difference.

Lie #4:  "I will not sign a plan that increases the deficit by one penny"

The GAO has said that  Obamacare will add about $6.2 trillion to the long term deficit as reported by Andrew Stiles at the National Review.  Most Americans know that when something sounds too good to be true, that it is not true.  I make the case in an upcoming blog that, because prices of ACA policies are so high that few, if any, young people will sign up on the (non-)functioning exchanges. That means that only sick, older persons will sign up and insurance premiums will go up further next year to cover those persons. Only draconian penalties would have forced young people onto the exchanges--akin to putting a gun to their heads.   It's a cost disaster.  Furthermore, it would have been miles cheaper just to target the very sick persons that find themselves without coverage without all of the new bureaucracy, control, central planning and cost of the law.

Lie #5:   If you like your doctor, you get to keep him/her, If you like your current health plan, you get to keep it.

I wrote a blog called No You Can't Keep Your Existing Coverage that shows decisively that you can't keep your existing high deductible policies.  Nearly every plan will be affected by ACA rules and will raise plan costs.  I've said before that doctor's are fleeing the new law and leaving the profession.

It's becoming increasingly clear to me that the Obama Administration and it's enablers are a bunch of Communists. How do I come to that conclusion? Consider that the  Communists have a long history of lying to: 1) maintain their power: 2) maintain their elite privileged position and benefits, 3)  manipulate public opinion---all through propagandist lying.   Ultimately they manipulate a captive media to keep the people in the dark,  use crony-style bureaucracy to harass the opposition (and influence elections) and ultimately use totalitarian methods to maintain their position, power and privilege at the expense of the people and their country.

I think this is a fair assessment of the ultimate end of the political tactics of the Obama administration.  

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