Thursday, November 14, 2013

ObamaCare Navigators Helping to Defraud Taxpayers

James O'Keefe, from Project Veritas, has done another investigative exposé after his first report blew the lid off the ACORN organization's fraud during the first Obama campaign.  Obama's use of that fraudulent army should have been the first and last warning to the American people that they were electing a charlatan candidate more suited to a banana republic than the USA.

Jame's latest effort shows how ObamaCare navigators are advising Obamacare applicants to basically lie, cheat and steal to fraudulently and unlawfully receive undeserved benefits from the government. Heck, Obama himself recently set the tone of this fraud by saying that the government would look the other way and not verify income for subsidy calculations.  He was literally inviting fraud.  It's not unlike President Maduro telling the people of Venezuela that it's OK to rob and strip the shelves of Daka stores.  It's exactly the same. 

We already have massive fraud in the Medicaid and Medicare system. We need more fraud?   There are other healthcare reform alternatives that would dramatically increase medical insurance coverage without big government corruption.

The report also finds that these navigators and the Obama administration are breaking other laws too. The group in Texas, Enroll America,  is supposed to be non-profit and non-partisan by it's registered IRS status.  But it's clear from the video evidence that they are breaking the law as they are clearly political and partisan.

After you see the video, you will be able to see the race of the vast majority of the navigators who advise lying on application forms.  Because, sadly, defrauding the government and "gaming the system" is part and parcel of African American culture. Heck, it's an integral aspect of culture in Africa too.  I worked a year in Nigeria and about 4 months in Gabon where "gaming the system" for "free" benefits is THE name of the game! And you see how well it's working over there??  (Hint: it's not!)   Black culture in this country is also a trainwreck and our country is heading down the same path.

Here's the video report from Project Veritas

It's time to bring back tar and feathers and run some people out of Washington on a rail.

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