Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mr. Obama, It's Your JOB to Negotiate!

The next debt ceiling is already looming.  And here we go again.

From Townhall
Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew is telling Congress that he will have only a few weeks after Feb. 7 to avoid an unprecedented default on the nation's debt. He says Congress should act quickly next year to raise the borrowing limit.  Lew said the president will not negotiate over raising the debt limit.
Apparently, ordinary politics of the Presidency overwhelm our intellectually lightweight White House "occupant."   I hate to tell our slacker-in-chief, but it's HIS JOB to negotiate just like every other occupant of the post WWII White House.

Like I said in my previous blog on this topic,
Going back decades, the debt ceiling bills have been linked to campaign-finance reform, Social Security, ending the bombing in Cambodia, voluntary school prayer, banning bussing to achieve integration, and proposing a nuclear freeze. Way back in 1982, then-Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker unleashed a free for all, allowing 1,400 non-germane amendments to the debt ceiling legislation.   Obama himself, when he was a Senator, voted against a debt limit increase for budgetary reasons.  From WP,  then-Senator Obama refused to approve a debt-limit increase in 2006 if there was not a plan to reduce the deficit.
Asking Congress to just rubber stamp debt limits extensions when our nation is careening toward $20 Trillion of public debt is unacceptable.  I personally think that NO debt limit increase should EVER be given to stop the runaway freight train called the federal government.   Such a step would require balanced budgets starting right away and no Constitutional amendment!  Sounds good to me!  Cutting the current spending by 4 percent of GDP is relatively small potatoes compared to cuts in government spending after WWII and after the Korean War.

Just say no.  No more debt.  After all, what part of the term "debt limit" does O-blah blah not understand?

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