Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Democrat's Alternate Universe

Democrats have a proud history of leading in the areas of organized labor and the popular safety nets of Social Security and Medicare dating back many decades ago. They also were more committed to racial reform once black revolts in the South raised popular consciousness of the subject. 

Things really have changed.  Labor did more than their share in chasing jobs out of the country and became coercive and corrupt.  The social safety nets are in a demographic crisis with a collapse of the worker-to-beneficiary ratio and Democrats in utter denial.  So much in denial that, despite $1 Trillion deficits, they passed (by tricks and subterfuge) ObamaCare; a vast entitlement expansion and wealth redistribution program where nearly 60% of the population is promised subsidies.  Who's going to pay for all of that?? The other 40%??  Blacks are in worse condition now than ever with the collapse of the family, criminality and corruption.

What's good became bad. 

When I watch documentaries and read about Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy, I come away with the obvious conclusion that these wise Democrats were very conservative compared to the current batch of Dems. In their time, they were hardly different than the Republicans.  Both parties were center to right-of-center.  That's why ALL major social legislation was passed in a bipartisan manner.  This remained true even in Reagan's time.  Reagan was able to rely on relatively conservative Blue Dog Democrats in the South at a minimum.

My goodness have things changed.  I'm afraid that the current Democrats are on the verge of becoming the "Looney Left" in their misreading of history, liberal indoctrination, denial of facts and twisting of truth.  Afterall, Obama is the poster child for twisting the truth and outright lies. 

If you need more evidence of the distance that Democrats are from reality and the political mainstream, just have a look at the results of an IBS/TIPP poll:
  • Regarding the direction of the country,  64% of the public says the country is headed in the wrong direction — 71% of independents say this. But those who identify themselves as Democrats, two-thirds, are perfectly satisfied with the country's direction
  • Nor are Democrats willing to entertain any doubts about Obama. Overall, his approval rating is just 40% — just 31% of independents give him a thumbs-up.  But a ridiculously high 80% of Democrats like the job Obama's doing. [Heads in the sand!]
  • Regarding Obama's Honesty and Trustworthiness, only 42% of independents, and just 15% of Republicans, think Obama is honest and trustworthy — a perfectly reasonable result given his blatant lies about ObamaCare — 93% of Democrats still believe in him.
  •  Regarding the ObamaCare launch, just 27% of Democrats are willing to say he bungled it, in contrast with 97% of Republicans and 70% of independents
  • 61% of the public wants a smaller government with fewer services — among independents,
    68% want this — but 59% of Democrats want a bigger government and more services. 
  • And while 57% of independents and 88% of Republicans want to repeal ObamaCare, only 13% of Democrats want ObamaCare killed.
  • Only 28% of independents and 8% of Republicans say the government can be trusted to run the health care system successfully. Nearly two-thirds of Democrats (64%) put their trust in the government.
What planet are these people on??   And why are they unable to learn anything??

I'd say that the Democrats are listening too much to the liberal arts journalism majors who inhabit all of the important information media. Never has it been so clear that these academic journalism programs, and their graduates, are grossly inadequate for reporting on the issues of our day.  Where are the majors in science, engineering, economics and business to write and report in the media??  There aren't any!!! 

Journalists, just like everyone in the current administration, are just a bunch of liberal arts academics who have been indoctrinated in Liberal viewpoints by other career liberal arts academics.  They seemingly know nothing of economics, business, or even the recent history of their own party (Kennedy and Truman for example).  If they did, they would know about this country's overwhelmingly center-right heritage and how far left we've shifted. They literally know nothing!

I hear Democratic talking heads try to defend the un-defendable on responsible shows such as Larry Kudlow.  There is a serious intellectual deficiency in this administration, in their supporters and in the media talking heads who are all overwhelmingly are Democratic----and not in a good way.

The nation really is on the wrong track. 

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