Monday, January 20, 2014

Obama: Maybe Racism Has Softened My Approval Ratings

Leave it to Obama to get nearly everything wrong.  Wrong-headed is his middle name.

His approval ratings are (finally) in the tank because of the lies, twisting of the truth, failed ideas,  failed performance and an inability to adjust or learn.

Maybe because Obama coasted through life on a wave of affirmative action, being promoted without merit in a truly competitive selection, enjoying the largesse of financial aid by people who actually did real work, and lazily enjoyed his indoctrination into Leftist and even Marxist ideologies found at these elite universities??  Then, with nothing but graduate programs on his resume, we don't even know if he attended class or what grades he received. Now, the whole world has to roll their eyes to the back of their heads why he bumbles and obfuscates and fails in every sphere. Oh, and maybe the fact that he has shown NO capability of learning or adjusting despite 5 years of failure and continued unemployment misery for millions while he "clings" to his historically failed socialist and central planning ideas??   All this because he is black and is "somewhat" intelligent.

Why would I mind??

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